Google Maps: News

21 Sep 2023


Google sued over negligence after man drives off collapsed bridge

The family of a US man who died after driving off a collapsed bridge, due to following Google Maps directions is suing the tech giant for negligence.

20 Sep 2023

Google Bard

Google's AI chatbot Bard can now double-check its answers

Google has announced a significant expansion of its AI chatbot, Bard's capabilities.

08 Sep 2023


How to save locations on Google Maps using emojis

Google Maps has unveiled a new feature that allows you to save your favorite locations with emojis, making the app more user-friendly and personalized.

29 May 2023


Explore India virtually: Google Street View now covers entire country 

Google Maps Street View gives users a panoramic 360-degree view of different locations. The feature was banned in India due to security reasons.

24 Mar 2023


How to use Google Maps without an active internet connection

Google Maps always comes in handy when you are figuring out how to navigate the streets of your city or a new town.

04 Nov 2022


Google to discontinue Street View app due to redundancy

Google's Street View has long let us have a detailed 360-degree look at almost any street on the planet. The company provides this feature on Google Maps and a standalone namesake app.

13 Oct 2022

Air Quality Index

Avoid pollution with Google Maps' air quality tracker: Here's how

Are you thinking about going out this weekend and are worried about the air quality in your area? Well, Google Maps has a trick up its sleeves that can make your worries disappear.

09 Aug 2022


Google outage affects over 41,000 users; services now back

Alphabet Inc's Google suite of services faced a brief outage on Tuesday, i.e., August 9, at around 6:37 am (IST).

01 Aug 2022


Bengaluru joins hands with Google to ease traffic woes

Bengaluru's Traffic Police has tied up with tech giant Google to resolve traffic woes in the city.

27 Jul 2022

Tech Mahindra

Google Street View returns to India; live in 10 cities

Roughly six years ago, Google's attempt to launch Street View in India was blocked by the government due to security concerns.

07 Jul 2022


Google Maps: Latest tips and hidden features you should know

Google Maps is the world's most popular mapping app, available in both desktop and mobile versions.

29 Jun 2022


Assam floods: Google introduces SOS alert system on Maps, Search

As the flood situation in Assam remains grim, Google has launched an SOS threat alert feature on its Maps to help crisis-ridden communities and people.

14 Jun 2022


Google Maps now shows toll prices in India: Details here

Have you ever seen a route with a toll booth on Google Maps and wondered what it'd be like to have the Maps show you the toll prices as well?

New Google Map feature shows air quality index around you

Ever wondered what the quality of the air around you is? Well, Google Maps has come to your rescue with a new air quality layer.

13 May 2022


AR glasses to Immersive Maps: Google's upcoming hardware and software

Google I/O 2022 saw several announcements, including the all-new Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro and upcoming devices like the Pixel Watch.

26 Aug 2021


Google Maps will offer real-time navigation only to crowdsourcing contributors

Soon after hinting at the possibility of bringing a Waze feature to Google Maps, the latter has begun pushing notifications to Android and iOS users of the app that explain how crowdsourced data is key to navigation and mapping.

24 Aug 2021


Google Maps' new feature will show you toll prices

Search giant Google is behind both Google Maps and Waze. Although these navigation apps appeal to different demographics, but features from the driver-centric Waze app have gradually made their way to Google Maps over the years.

15 Jul 2021


Google will provide real-time information about buses to Delhi commuters

The Delhi Government on Wednesday joined hands with tech giant Google to provide real-time information about buses to commuters and make public transport in the national capital more user-friendly.

18 Apr 2021


Google Assistant driving mode's early preview now available in India

Google's recent app updates indicate that it wants Android Auto to be a car-only system while your phone functions as a separate entity.

02 Apr 2021


Google Maps' new AR feature will help you navigate indoors

Google Maps' brand new augmented reality-powered feature will help users navigate indoor areas like airports and malls in a pinch.

13 Jan 2021


#CES2021 fitness tech round-up: Workout from home

CES 2021 saw the release of many products for the health conscious people out there, from brands such as Amazfit and Myx Fitness.

24 Sep 2020


Google Maps will show region-wise COVID-19 data for safe navigation

As COVID-19 cases are surging exponentially, it is more important than ever to be fully aware of the situation prevailing in your local area.

20 Sep 2020

Ather 450

Ather 450X Collector's Edition to be launched on September 26

Ahead of delivering its 450X e-scooter this November, Ather Energy has announced that it will unveil a collector's edition of the two-wheeler on September 26.

10 Sep 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: TikTok tries to dodge sale, and more

Last night, TikTok was reported to be considering a way out of selling its US business to an American company.

16 Aug 2020


Huawei phones may lose Android update support: Here's why

If you own a Huawei-built phone with Google's Android operating system, there is something you should know.

11 Aug 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: Russia orders Apple to stop its 'power abuse'

In the updates since last night, Russia's competition watchdog slammed Apple for abusing its App Store dominance by requiring third-party developers to distribute apps through the marketplace and then blocking them unlawfully.

04 Aug 2020


Planning a vacation? Note these five cool travel hacks

Have you heard anyone saying no to a vacation? But the preparations needed to make the traveling easier give us the biggest headache.

You can locate COVID-19 testing centers using Google Maps, Search

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Google is introducing the ability to find the nearest COVID-19 testing centers in Maps, Search, and Assistant.

10 Jun 2020


Amitabh Bachchan may soon guide you on Google Maps

You may soon be traveling with Amitabh Bachchan, or at least his iconic voice.

09 Jun 2020


Amid COVID-19, Google Maps gets features to ensure safe travel

As countries like India begin to come out of lockdown and restart economic activities, Google is racing to launch tools to protect the general public from COVID-19.

06 Apr 2020


Google starts showing food, night shelters on Maps: Details here

In a bid to support the underprivileged during the nation-wide lockdown enforced by the Indian government, Google has started showing the location of food and night shelters on Maps.

26 Mar 2020


Now, Google allows marking businesses as 'temporarily closed' on Maps

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, Google Maps' listings have become a little unreliable.

16 Mar 2020


Google testing more prominent 'Live View' AR directions for Maps

Over the last two years, Google has been developing and testing augmented reality-based 'Live View' directions to help walkers navigate easily using Maps.

21 Feb 2020


New Google Maps: Handy things to try out right away

Recently, Google celebrated the 15th birthday of Maps by pushing a major update for the navigational service.

13 Feb 2020


This man's epic marriage proposal showed up on Google Maps

From New Year to Christmas, Google keeps treating its users with interesting new surprises packed in Search and several other products.

03 Feb 2020


Using 99 phones, he 'hacked' Maps to show fake traffic

When it comes to exploring a city or looking up places, Google Maps serves as the one-stop shop to find routes/directions.

20 Jan 2020


Now, Huawei's phones will feature TomTom's maps

Huawei has struck a deal with TomTom to use its maps and navigational services on its phones.

15 Jan 2020


Google's latest acquisition will make local businesses discoverable online

With the growth of e-commerce and changing online shopping habits, more and more businesses are coming online, taking their products to the public.

16 Dec 2019

Delhi Government

Now, Google Maps will show auto rickshaw stands in Delhi

Google has been introducing a number of capabilities to make Maps better for daily commuters, especially pedestrians.

07 Dec 2019


Soon, Google Maps may show well-lit roads for pedestrians' safety

Over the last few months, Google has been improving Maps with features aimed at helping pedestrians find their way around.

05 Dec 2019


Man duped of Rs. 95,000 after ordering pizza via Zomato

In a shocking case, a Bengaluru-based man has been duped of Rs. 95,000 after ordering a pizza via Zomato.

15 Nov 2019


Now, Google Maps can speak place's names in local language

Among the wide range of products that Google offers, Maps is an essential one.

12 Nov 2019


Now, Google Maps lets you manage public profile data, contributions

Continuing the effort to give users full control over their data, Google has added a new 'profile management' feature into Maps.

02 Nov 2019


Incognito mode launched for Google Maps: How to use it

In a major move, Google is rolling out dedicated Incognito mode for Maps.

12 Oct 2019


Now, Google Maps will help visually-challenged people navigate: Here's how

Just a day after upgrading Chrome with a handy visual accessibility tool, Google is doing something similar for Maps.

02 Oct 2019


Is Google finally serious about users' privacy? We doubt

On the eve of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Google announced new features for its three key products - YouTube, Assistant, and Maps.

14 Sep 2019


22-year-old mystery of missing man solved, thanks to Google Earth

Florida resident William Earl Moldt disappeared off the face of the Earth 22 years ago, after a night of drinking in November 1997.

12 Sep 2019


#NewsBytesExplainer: How Google shows real-time traffic congestion in Maps

For anyone using Google Maps, it's pretty easy to find the fastest, traffic-free route to a particular destination.

21 Aug 2019


These are the five must-have apps for motorcycle riders

Surely, no one wants to get bugged by notifications when they set out to enjoy the thrill of the ride and the brush of the wind.

15 Aug 2019


Apparently, Huawei is also building an alternative for Google Maps

Just a few days after revealing HarmonyOS, the official alternative for Android, Huawei is gearing up to take on Google Maps too.

09 Aug 2019


Now, you can use augmented reality directions in Google Maps

After keeping users hanging for months, Google is finally making AR-based navigation available in Maps for Android and iOS.

08 Aug 2019


What are OTP frauds and how to avoid them

PM Modi's Digital India push has prompted more and more Indians, even first-time internet users and senior citizens, to opt for digital payments.

01 Aug 2019


Here's how you can find your lost phone using Google

Given our smartphones are our wallets, our e-book readers, our means of socializing, and our single point of contact, losing them can be disastrous and tracking them, all the more difficult.

31 Jul 2019


Bengaluru: Google Maps-powered 'dynamic traffic signals' are now active

The worst thing about Bengaluru, as many of you may have already heard/noticed, is its traffic.

29 Jul 2019

Google Assistant

#NewsBytesExplainer: What is KaiOS and why is it so popular

From Maps to AI assistants, Android/iOS smartphones bring everything into the palm of our hands.

04 Jul 2019


#TechBytes: How to turn on speedometer in Google Maps

Whether you are walking or driving, Google Maps offer plenty of features to complement the entire navigation experience.

29 Jun 2019


Now, Google Maps can tell if next bus/train is crowded

No matter where you are, Google Maps is the ideal partner for day-to-day travel.