Google Maps: News

06 Jun 2024


Google Maps now stores location history on your mobile device

Google Maps is introducing a significant update to its privacy settings, changing how it handles user location data.

29 May 2024


Google to discontinue Business Messages in Maps and Search

Google has announced that it will be discontinuing its Business Messages feature within Search and Maps.

01 May 2024


Google services disrupted: Users encounter 502 error

A recent global disruption in Google's services has left users struggling to access the search engine.

27 Apr 2024


Google Maps's Wear OS Tile now lets you access map

Google Maps has updated its Wear OS Tile, allowing users to instantly access the map.

21 Apr 2024

Apple CarPlay

How to disable 3D buildings feature on Google Maps 

Google Maps has long offered the ability to display buildings in 3D during navigation.

14 Apr 2024


Google developing unified location-sharing feature for Android: How it works

Google is currently working on a centralized location-sharing feature for Android users, according to reports by PiunikaWeb.

08 Apr 2024

Android Auto

Android Auto glitch redirects all voice commands to Google Maps

A newly identified glitch in Android Auto is causing all voice-activated navigation commands to be processed solely through Google Maps.

29 Mar 2024


Gemini now automatically starts Google Maps when asked for directions

Google's phone assistant, Gemini, has recently been updated to automatically initiate Google Maps navigation upon user requests.

21 Mar 2024


No internet connection? You can still drive without getting lost

Google Maps is a critical navigation tool that offers directions and traffic updates in real time.

19 Mar 2024


Tips to ace Google Maps 'Lists' feature for easy navigation

Google Maps is not just a navigation tool; it's a daily guide for millions.

28 Feb 2024


Google Maps introduces 'Glanceable Directions While Navigating': How it works

Google Maps has launched a "Glanceable directions while navigating" feature for Android and iOS users.

26 Feb 2024


Now access transit directions on Google Maps for Wear OS

Google revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2024 that Wear OS users can now access public transit directions on Google Maps.

04 Feb 2024


Google Maps on Android Auto widely rolling out 3D buildings

Google Maps on Android Auto is widely expanding its 3D buildings feature, making it more accessible during navigation to enhance the car driving experience.

02 Feb 2024


Google Maps embraces generative AI to enhance local discovery

Google Maps is launching a new AI-powered feature to help users discover exciting places based on their search queries.

21 Jan 2024


Google Maps' new feature helps diners make informed decisions

Google Maps has rolled out an innovative feature that connects user-generated food photos with their respective menu items.

16 Jan 2024


Google Maps's latest feature enhances location accuracy for tunnel navigation

Google Maps has stepped up its game by adding Bluetooth beacon support for tunnel navigation on its Android app.

28 Dec 2023


Google Maps could lose 'Driving mode' in 2024: Here's why

Google Maps might discontinue its Driving Mode feature for Android devices from February 2024. This change is indicated by code snippets found in the latest Google Maps app v14.52, per 9to5Google.

19 Dec 2023


Google Maps introduces India-first feature called Address Descriptor

Google Maps is introducing a variety of updates in India, such as Lens in Maps, Live View walking navigation, and fuel-efficient routing.

13 Dec 2023


Top 5 new Google Maps features you must know

Google Maps has introduced new updates to give users more control over their personal information.

08 Dec 2023


Android Auto just made finding your parked car a breeze

Google has rolled out a handy new feature for Android Auto that helps users save their parking location upon arrival at their destination.

26 Nov 2023


Google Maps for Android Auto receives color scheme update

Google Maps recently introduced a refreshed color palette for mobile and web clients, and this change is now visible on the Android Auto platform, too.

14 Nov 2023

Social Media

Delhiites mark 'Yaha police wale hote hai' on Google Maps 

Delhi is known for having a notorious, Tom-and-Jerry-like love affair with traffic cops.

29 Oct 2023


How to use Immersive View for routes on Google Maps

In February 2023, Google unveiled a cutting-edge feature within its Maps application known as "Immersive View."

26 Oct 2023


Google Maps to become more like Search with AI-powered features

Google Maps is incorporating various AI-driven features to become more akin to Search.

19 Oct 2023


Google Maps to offer metro ticket booking in India

Google Maps is gearing up to offer metro ticket booking for users in India, thanks to a partnership with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC).

21 Sep 2023


Google sued over negligence after man drives off collapsed bridge

The family of a US man who died after driving off a collapsed bridge, due to following Google Maps directions is suing the tech giant for negligence.

20 Sep 2023

Google Bard

Google's AI chatbot Bard can now double-check its answers

Google has announced a significant expansion of its AI chatbot, Bard's capabilities.

08 Sep 2023


How to save locations on Google Maps using emojis

Google Maps has unveiled a new feature that allows you to save your favorite locations with emojis, making the app more user-friendly and personalized.

29 May 2023


Explore India virtually: Google Street View now covers entire country 

Google Maps Street View gives users a panoramic 360-degree view of different locations. The feature was banned in India due to security reasons.

24 Mar 2023


How to use Google Maps without an active internet connection

Google Maps always comes in handy when you are figuring out how to navigate the streets of your city or a new town.

04 Nov 2022


Google to discontinue Street View app due to redundancy

Google's Street View has long let us have a detailed 360-degree look at almost any street on the planet. The company provides this feature on Google Maps and a standalone namesake app.

13 Oct 2022

Air Quality Index

Avoid pollution with Google Maps' air quality tracker: Here's how

Are you thinking about going out this weekend and are worried about the air quality in your area? Well, Google Maps has a trick up its sleeves that can make your worries disappear.

09 Aug 2022


Google outage affects over 41,000 users; services now back

Alphabet Inc's Google suite of services faced a brief outage on Tuesday, i.e., August 9, at around 6:37 am (IST).

01 Aug 2022


Bengaluru joins hands with Google to ease traffic woes

Bengaluru's Traffic Police has tied up with tech giant Google to resolve traffic woes in the city.

27 Jul 2022

Tech Mahindra

Google Street View returns to India; live in 10 cities

Roughly six years ago, Google's attempt to launch Street View in India was blocked by the government due to security concerns.

07 Jul 2022


Google Maps: Latest tips and hidden features you should know

Google Maps is the world's most popular mapping app, available in both desktop and mobile versions.

29 Jun 2022


Assam floods: Google introduces SOS alert system on Maps, Search

As the flood situation in Assam remains grim, Google has launched an SOS threat alert feature on its Maps to help crisis-ridden communities and people.

14 Jun 2022


Google Maps now shows toll prices in India: Details here

Have you ever seen a route with a toll booth on Google Maps and wondered what it'd be like to have the Maps show you the toll prices as well?

New Google Map feature shows air quality index around you

Ever wondered what the quality of the air around you is? Well, Google Maps has come to your rescue with a new air quality layer.

13 May 2022


AR glasses to Immersive Maps: Google's upcoming hardware and software

Google I/O 2022 saw several announcements, including the all-new Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro and upcoming devices like the Pixel Watch.

26 Aug 2021


Google Maps will offer real-time navigation only to crowdsourcing contributors

Soon after hinting at the possibility of bringing a Waze feature to Google Maps, the latter has begun pushing notifications to Android and iOS users of the app that explain how crowdsourced data is key to navigation and mapping.

24 Aug 2021


Google Maps' new feature will show you toll prices

Search giant Google is behind both Google Maps and Waze. Although these navigation apps appeal to different demographics, but features from the driver-centric Waze app have gradually made their way to Google Maps over the years.