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Bing or Microsoft Bing is a search engine owned and operated by software giant Microsoft. It is available in over 40 languages and was launched in June 2009. Just like Google search, Bing provides a variety of search services including web results, video results, image results, and map search results. Bing was designed to replace Microsoft's Live Search. At the time of its launch, notable new features in the search engine included listing search suggestions dynamically as the query was being entered, and a list of related searches known as "Explore pane". Microsoft and Yahoo announced a partnership in which Bing would power Yahoo! Search. Yahoo! transitioned completely by 2012. Interestingly, and 2016, Microsoft declared various components of the Bing search engine as open source. This included the BitFunnel search engine indexing algorithm. Thanks to Google's monopoly, as of August 2021, Bing is the world's third most popular search engine behind Google that answers 77%, and Baidu that answers approximately 15% of search query traffic.

06 Oct 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: Google defers 30% commission in India, and more

Last night, Google deferred the enforcement of its Play Store billing policy that requires certain app developers to pay a 30% commission to the tech giant.

14 Jul 2020


Microsoft cleverly slips in Bing search on Android phones

Even though Microsoft is a leader in the desktop OS market (thanks to Windows 10), it has a long way to go in other consumer-focused categories such as Search.

23 Jun 2020


Hollywood producer Steve Bing dies by suicide at 55

Hollywood film producer, screenwriter and philanthropist Steve Bing has passed away at the age of 55.

16 Mar 2020


Microsoft launches dedicated tracker for COVID-19 outbreak

In order to keep the general public informed about the global outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19, Microsoft's Bing team has launched a dedicated online tracker.

07 Mar 2020


#TechBytes: How to keep WhatsApp group links from being exposed

Recently, DW's Jordan Wildon flagged a major bug in WhatsApp - an issue that allowed Google and other search engines to index invitation links to private groups on the messaging service.

24 Nov 2019


Unlike Google, Mojeek lets you search by 'emotions'

From Google to Bing, there are plenty of search engines available.

20 Dec 2018


Facebook gave user data access to 150 companies: Details here

Facebook had a rough year in terms of privacy, but even now, the problems for the social network don't seem to end.

29 Oct 2018


Bing pushed malware when users tried downloading Chrome: Details here

Microsoft's Bing search has been caught serving malware to users who tried downloading Chrome using the company's Edge browser.