Windows 10: News

04 Apr 2024


Microsoft to charge for extended Windows 10 updates: Check prices

Microsoft has declared that free support for its Windows 10 operating system will end on October 14, 2025.

01 Apr 2024


Dropbox is now available on Microsoft Store: Check download instructions

Dropbox has officially launched on the Microsoft Store, providing Windows users with simplified access to the cloud storage service.

24 Mar 2024


Microsoft Copilot now rolling out to more Windows devices

Microsoft Copilot is gradually making its way to more Windows 11 users, while those on Windows 10 will have to wait a bit longer.

23 Feb 2024


Microsoft introduces Google Pixel-like Magic Eraser feature for Windows users

Microsoft has announced Generative Erase, an AI-powered feature for the Photos app on Windows devices.

22 Nov 2023


Microsoft's Copilot for Windows 10 now available for testing

Microsoft has made its AI-powered Copilot feature available for Windows 10 users to test, even though it was initially exclusive to Windows 11.

07 Oct 2023


Microsoft unveils new web-based app store for Windows

Microsoft has unveiled a redesigned web-based version of its Windows app store to enhance the process of discovering Windows apps and Xbox PC games online.

12 Mar 2023


WhatsApp feature drop! New abilities coming to iOS, Android, Windows

WhatsApp is busy expanding its list of features to offer users a more seamless in-app experience.

09 Oct 2022


#DealOfTheDay: Get attractive discounts, bank offers on RedmiBook 15 Pro

Xiaomi's RedmiBook 15 Pro is currently selling with great discounts and bank offers in India.

19 Jul 2022


#DealOfTheDay: MSI Katana gaming laptop available with Rs. 19,000 off

Gaming laptops are indeed a better option than most standard laptops, as they deliver a power-packed performance and come with improved cooling and graphic rendering.

24 Sep 2021


Windows 11 now available on Windows Insider Release Preview Channel

Microsoft on Thursday announced that members of the Windows Insider Program in the Release Preview Channel can finally start testing out the new Windows 11 build ahead of its public release.

02 Sep 2021


Microsoft announces Windows 11 will be released on October 5

After months of growing anticipation, Microsoft has finally revealed that Windows 11 will be available on October 5, 2021. The operating system will be available for new computers shipping with Windows 11 pre-installed and as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users.

07 Jul 2021


Microsoft issues critical security update to patch PrintNightmare vulnerability

Microsoft was recently notified of a critical zero-day vulnerability on all computers running recent versions of Windows.

13 Jun 2021


Microsoft announces Windows 10 retirement, teases launch of next-generation Windows

Microsoft has recently announced that it will end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025.

26 May 2021


Microsoft's Satya Nadella teases 'next generation' Windows announcement 'very soon'

Earlier this week, we had reported that Windows 10 could see significant user interface (UI) changes at Microsoft's Build 2021 virtual conference.

13 May 2021


Google begins rolling out dark mode for Search on desktop

Google had been working on implementing dark mode for its Search service for Windows and Mac machines for quite some time, after introducing the much-requested feature to Android devices last year.

06 Apr 2021


Windows 10 could soon unlock automatically by detecting your presence

Remember the Dynamic Lock feature that made its way to Windows 10 a few years ago? It automatically locks your PC when you move away from it.

24 Aug 2020


#BugAlert: Latest Windows update causes 'Blue Screen of Death' error

Over a week ago, Microsoft pushed an incremental Windows 10 update as part of its Patch Tuesday tradition.

17 Aug 2020


Microsoft patents technology to enable touch control on older PCs

Modern-day laptops offer on-screen touch controls to deliver a smartphone-like navigational experience.

15 Aug 2020


RedmiBook Air 13, with 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, launched

Expanding its range of laptops, Xiaomi's sub-brand Redmi has launched a new RedmiBook Air 13 model in China.

20 Jul 2020


#BugAlert: Windows 10 is messing with internet connectivity

Microsoft's Windows 10 has been plagued by a myriad of issues, and now, the Redmond giant has acknowledged another severe bug in the operating system.

07 Jul 2020


How Windows 10 Insiders can try the new Start menu

A few days back, Microsoft unveiled a revamped avatar of the Start menu for Windows 10.

02 Jul 2020


Microsoft is changing the Start menu of Windows: Here's how

Since the early days of Windows, the Start menu has been a core element of the operating system, something we all love to have and use.

29 Jun 2020


Windows 10 update is slowing down some PCs: Details here

Microsoft has been facing a lot of criticism due to buggy Windows 10 updates.

21 Jun 2020


#WeeklyRecap: Cyber attack warnings, Chrome spyware, voice tweets, and more

This week's technology updates were marked by major cybersecurity threats from Chinese and North Korean hackers and some really annoying bugs in Apple and Microsoft's products.

15 Jun 2020


Why Windows 10 is signing out Google Chrome users?

Within a few weeks of its roll-out, Microsoft's May 2020 Update has broken several Windows 10 features, including its ability to connect to Bluetooth devices, print pages, and manage the hard drive.

14 Jun 2020


Don't update! Latest Windows 10 release can break your printer

Microsoft is having a hard time getting a grip on Windows 10 issues.

29 May 2020


Windows 10 May 2020 Update is brimming with annoying issues

A few hours ago, Microsoft released Windows 10 May 2020 Update with a revamped Cortana experience and several new features.

17 May 2020


#BugAlert: Windows 10 update causes data loss, broken audio issues

A few days back, Microsoft released a cumulative update to fix security glitches on Windows 10.

15 Apr 2020


Coronavirus outbreak: Microsoft extends support for older Windows 10 versions

In light of the existing coronavirus situation, Microsoft has decided to extend support for select older versions of Windows 10.

13 Apr 2020


Now, Windows users can send files wirelessly to Samsung phones

Even with all the advancements and tools, we don't have a native solution to quickly transfer files between Windows 10 and Android.

24 Mar 2020


Hackers are exploiting an 'unpatched' vulnerability in Windows 10

If you are using a Windows 10 PC, better be careful while downloading anything from the internet.

17 Mar 2020


Now, Netflix is testing hosted web app on Microsoft Store

Netflix appears to be working on a hosted web app as part of an effort to match its competitors and boost its user-base.

This wooden, mini computer is available for Rs. 12,000

Personal computers don't need to look ugly and bulky in this era.

29 Feb 2020


Cortana loses key skills as Microsoft focuses on 'personal productivity'

Cortana, the Microsoft-built digital assistant that goes against the likes of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, is backing out of the match now.

17 Feb 2020


#BugAlert: Don't update! Windows 10 hides your personal files

Microsoft is just not getting a grip on Windows 10 and its issues.

10 Feb 2020


Windows 7 bug preventing shutdown: How to fix it

Within a month of losing official Microsoft support, Windows 7 has started creating major problems for its users.

03 Feb 2020


Don't update! Latest Windows release causes 'blue screen of death'

Microsoft recently pushed a cumulative update fixing a long-existing File Explorer glitch on Windows 10.

30 Jan 2020


You can fix Windows 10's broken file explorer: Here's how

A few months back, Microsoft released Windows 10 November 2019 Update (version 1909) with a few bug fixes and handy new features.

29 Jan 2020


#TechBytes: Tricks to become more productive while using Windows 10

Now that Windows 7 has lost support and Windows 10 is the only option to stay in Microsoft's ecosystem, you need some essential hacks to get the most out of the OS.

18 Jan 2020


Soon, Microsoft could enable wireless phone-to-PC content transfer capabilities

When you have to move some data from your phone to PC (or reverse), the go-to options are fairly limited - Bluetooth, USB cable, or a third-party transfer like via SHAREit.

19 Jan 2020


#NewsBytesWeeklyRecap: Living robots, Windows 10 bug, AI-based Maths Solver, more

This week, we have witnessed some major developments in tech.

15 Jan 2020


#BugAlert: Critical security vulnerability flagged in Windows 10; update now

After Firefox, Windows 10 has been plagued by a security vulnerability.

13 Jan 2020


Windows 7 losing support! Get free Windows 10 upgrade immediately

If you are still using the decade-old Windows 7 operating system, now is the time to upgrade to the newer, fancier Windows 10.

10 Jan 2020


Flipkart forays into laptop segment with a mid-range offering

Flipkart has forayed into the laptop segment by launching a new mid-range Falkon Aerbook model under its private brand MarQ, which already sells home appliances, televisions, and other electronic goods.

07 Jan 2020


CES: Foldable PCs are here, Intel shows its concept prototype

Alongside the launch of its new 10nm Tiger Lake architecture, Intel has unveiled Horseshoe Bend, a folding PC concept with a whacky name.

07 Jan 2020


Dell Concept UFO: A portable Nintendo Switch-like windows gaming PC

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is not just about new upcoming technology, but it's also a great place for companies to showcase interesting concepts/ideas that may not release anytime soon.

04 Jan 2020


Microsoft will soon fix Windows 10 File Explorer bugs

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 10 November 2019 update, users of the platform have been experiencing certain issues with File Explorer, the core of the OS.

Chewing gum-sized X96s is perhaps the smallest Android PC

Shenzhen based B2GO, which manufactures X96, a popular entry-level Android and Windows 10 thin client, has introduced a new TV stick that is almost as small as a pack of chewing gum and can smarten your dumb TV or computer monitor.

25 Dec 2019


Soon, Microsoft could change how Windows Updates are delivered

Microsoft has long been pushing biannual feature upgrades for Windows 10.

This gaming laptop is available with Rs. 1.55 lakh discount

If you are looking for a new laptop with modern design, display, and flagship-grade hardware, then this might interest you.

12 Dec 2019


Xiaomi launches RedmiBook 13, with a "full screen" experience

Alongside the Redmi K30 5G, Xiaomi has launched an all-new RedmiBook in China.

02 Dec 2019


You can upgrade to Windows 10 for free: Here's how

As Microsoft plans to kill support for Windows 7 - one of its most-loved operating systems - in January 2020, it has become more important than ever to upgrade to Windows 10.

12 Nov 2019


HP Elite Dragonfly convertible laptop launched at Rs. 1.5 lakh

Expanding its line-up of business laptops in India, HP has introduced the all-new Elite Dragonfly in India today.

12 Nov 2019


Windows 10 getting major change to prevent inadvertent data deletion

Microsoft is planning to introduce a major change into Windows 10 as part of an effort to prevent users from deleting their data mistakenly.

11 Nov 2019

Ben Affleck

A hacker just installed Windows 10 on a calculator

Many techies have a knack for 'reinventing' gadgets with new tricks, workarounds.

07 Nov 2019


Windows 10 November 2019 Update: Here's what you will get

In a matter of days, Microsoft will push the next big iteration of Windows 10- the November 2019 Update.

14 Oct 2019


This Lenovo gaming laptop is available at Rs. 57,000 discount

Thinking to buy a new gaming laptop? Well, here is an unmissable deal for you.

09 Oct 2019


Now, you can answer calls on your Windows PC

Answering an incoming call (or message for that matter) while being busy at work is the hardest thing to do - for each one of us.

05 Sep 2019


Don't update! Latest Windows 10 release hits performance, search functions

The problem of Microsoft releasing botched Windows 10 updates isn't coming to an end.

01 Sep 2019


Soon, you'll be able to reinstall Windows 10 via cloud

Over the years, Microsoft has given us plenty of reasons to ditch the dated Windows 7 operating system for a more advanced Windows 10.

27 Aug 2019


Windows 10 users can't connect any Bluetooth device now

Despite trying so hard, Microsoft has been failing at delivering completely stable and bug-free updates to Windows 10 users.

21 Aug 2019


Now, you can try Microsoft's Chromium-powered Edge browser: Here's how

Microsoft has released the revamped Chromium-powered version of its Edge browser in beta.

05 Aug 2019


Soon, you will be able to recover Windows via internet

Microsoft is building a new capability for Windows, one that would let you recover the operating system via the internet.

25 Jul 2019


Microsoft is changing Windows 10's Start menu in big way

Microsoft works round the clock to develop useful Windows 10 features and test them with the insiders.

18 Jul 2019


Hackers can track you via Fitbit, other smartbands: Here's how

If you own a Fitbit, chances are your device has a critical Bluetooth vulnerability, one that could allow hackers to track you.

15 Jul 2019


Microsoft shutting down iconic games for older Windows users

Despite having an option to upgrade to a fancier Windows 10, a number of users still use the older versions of Windows.

08 Jul 2019


Microsoft just released Windows 1.11 with Stranger Things' flavor

Just last week, Microsoft started teasing Windows 1.0, an operating system it had launched more than 30 years ago.

03 Jul 2019


Why Microsoft is teasing 'Windows 1.0' in 2019

Microsoft has a knack of teasing new products and services, but just recently, the Redmond giant did something pretty weird.

26 Jun 2019


Windows 10 slow shutdown? This bug might be the reason

Microsoft has confirmed that certain Windows 10 computers are marred by a USB-C bug, an issue that can slow down the shutdown process on the machines.

Raspberry Pi, priced at Rs. 2,500, can power 4K video

The fourth generation of Raspberry Pi mini-computer, aka Raspberry Pi 4, has finally been revealed.

31 May 2019


Microsoft launches 'unlimited access' game subscription service for Windows 10

Xbox players have long been exploring, enjoying a humongous catalog of games through Microsoft's exclusive subscription service - the Xbox Game Pass.

30 May 2019


#SneakPeek: How will Microsoft's Windows 11 look like

If we look at recent iterations of Windows operating system, Windows 10 has to be the undisputed winner.

25 May 2019


Top 5 laptops available in India under Rs. 35,000

Given the ever-increasing competition between OEMs, choosing the right laptop can be difficult, especially when you are running on a tight budget.

09 May 2019


How to enable dark mode on your smartphone and laptop

If you're a heavy user, you may feel the need to enable dark mode at some point.

02 May 2019


Loved Snake on Nokia? Now try 'Snakeybus' for something better

For every youngster, entertainment on a Nokia phone meant 'Snake', the game that revolved around controlling a snake and collecting points.

01 May 2019


Selling your PC? Here's the way to remove data permanently

When you use a computer for years, you naturally keep a lot of personal and professional stuff on it.

29 Apr 2019


Now, your Android phone's notifications will appear on Windows 10

Microsoft's 'Your Phone' app for Windows 10 is getting a handy new feature - notifications.

26 Apr 2019


These features are coming in next big Windows 10 update

In a matter of weeks, Microsoft will release the next big update for Windows 10 operating system.

24 Apr 2019


Want to enable dark mode on Chrome? Here's the way

Google has launched Chrome 74, the latest version of its browser, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.