Microsoft Edge: News

29 May 2024


Microsoft Edge gets speed boost with WebUI 2.0 architecture migration

Microsoft is taking significant steps to enhance the speed and responsiveness of its Edge browser.

22 May 2024


Microsoft Edge will instantly dub YouTube videos in your language

Microsoft Edge is set to revolutionize the way we consume online video content with its new real-time video translation feature.

01 May 2024

Microsoft Windows

Arc web browser debuts on Windows, challenging Chrome and Edge

The Browser Company has announced the launch of its innovative Arc browser on Windows.

11 Apr 2024


Apple iOS 18 may feature new Safari browsing assistant

Apple's upcoming iOS 18 might introduce a new Safari browsing assistant, as per backend code discovered on Apple's servers by coder Nicolas Alvarez.

16 Feb 2024


Microsoft Edge bug stealing Google Chrome data is now fixed

Microsoft has fixed a glitch in its Edge browser that was importing browsing data as well as tabs from Google Chrome without users' permission.

30 Jan 2024


Microsoft Edge accused of importing Google Chrome tabs without permission

Microsoft Edge has been found to import Chrome tabs without user permission, as discovered by Tom Warren, a Senior Editor at The Verge.

06 Oct 2023


New Microsoft Teams app is faster, more efficient: Check features

Microsoft is releasing an upgraded version of its Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac users, featuring major performance enhancements.

21 Sep 2023


Microsoft Surface and AI Event 2023: Here are key announcements

US tech giant Microsoft held its Surface and AI Event 2023, today in New York.

14 Sep 2023

Google Chrome

Critical security patches issued for Chrome, Edge, Firefox: Update now

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Brave have issued crucial security patches to address a serious vulnerability. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to gain access to users' computers or execute malicious malware.

10 Jun 2023


Microsoft's Bing Chat now supports voice input on desktop platform

Microsoft is adding a long-requested feature to Bing Chat, which changes the way we interact with the chatbot on desktops.

07 Apr 2023


Microsoft Edge gets DALL-E-powered Image Creator: How to use it

Microsoft Edge is getting better and better. If you are an Edge user and are in need of a particular image, you may not need to go any further than the browser's sidebar.

23 Mar 2023


Can Opera disrupt browser market with ChatGPT and ChatSonic integration

Opera is not a household name in the world of browsers. It has never been able to challenge Google Chrome, the hegemon.

22 Mar 2023


Here's how you can generate pictures using Bing Image Creator

Microsoft is adding an AI-powered image creator to its search engine Bing. With the Bing Image Creator, you can now generate an image by simply describing the type of picture you wish to see.

13 Feb 2023

Internet Explorer

Starting tomorrow, Internet Explorer will redirect you to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft will deactivate Internet Explorer on Windows 10 via a software update, which will be pushed tomorrow (February 14).

13 Feb 2023


Opera integrates ChatGPT with browser for article and webpage summaries

Opera has boarded the ChatGPT hype train. The company announced plans to add a tool powered by the chatbot to its browser's sidebar.

15 Jun 2022


#EndOfAnEra: After 27 years, Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, Microsoft's 27-year-old iconic browser, is finally bidding adieu.

17 Nov 2021


Microsoft blocks Windows 11 workaround that helps avoid Edge browser

With Windows 11, Microsoft rubbed Microsoft Edge in our faces even more desperately and made it harder to change the default browser. Thankfully, third-party workarounds were developed to save users the inconvenience.

23 Aug 2021


How to change your default browser on Windows 11

Microsoft retired Internet Explorer earlier this year in favor of its Chromium-based Edge browser ahead of Windows 11's debut. However, the operating system will make your life difficult if you prefer using third-party browsers.

20 May 2021


After 25 years, Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer

After silently retiring its Windows 10X operating system, tech giant Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will not be supported after June 15, 2022. The browser has served Windows users faithfully since 1995 until Chromium-based browsers took over with more modern features, security, better user interface, and compatibility.

16 Apr 2021


Microsoft Edge adds Kids Mode for safer browsing experience

Microsoft has been making constant improvements to its Edge browser since it shifted to Chromium—the same engine that powers Google's Chrome browser.

07 Feb 2021


Microsoft will remove Edge browser, replace it with open-source avatar

In a news that will affect virtually no one, Microsoft is sending its existing Edge browser to the scrap heap.

23 Jan 2021


Microsoft's new Password Monitor feature coming in Edge browser update

Microsoft is rolling out the stable build (version 88) of its Chromium based Edge browser. The new features in this update include a Password Generator and Password Monitor.

29 Jun 2020


Windows 10 update is slowing down some PCs: Details here

Microsoft has been facing a lot of criticism due to buggy Windows 10 updates.

21 Aug 2019


Now, you can try Microsoft's Chromium-powered Edge browser: Here's how

Microsoft has released the revamped Chromium-powered version of its Edge browser in beta.

15 Aug 2019


Now, Microsoft Edge reads websites like a human: Here's how

Though Microsoft Edge never received the attention it deserved, the Redmond giant is not giving up on it.

26 Jun 2019


Windows 10 slow shutdown? This bug might be the reason

Microsoft has confirmed that certain Windows 10 computers are marred by a USB-C bug, an issue that can slow down the shutdown process on the machines.

09 Apr 2019


Now, you can try Microsoft's Chromium-powered Edge browser: Here's how

Months after announcing the plan to shift Edge to Google's Chromium platform, Microsoft has finally started making a move towards ditching its own browser engine.

03 Oct 2018


Here's how you can get Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Yesterday, Microsoft released the latest iteration of Windows 10, officially dubbed October 2018 Update, with a host of new features, improvements.

30 Apr 2018


Everything you should know about the big Windows 10 update

Microsoft has released the latest version of Windows 10 for PCs and tablets called Windows 10 April 2018 update.

12 Apr 2018


Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox to support biometric login

Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox have agreed to support a new standard called Web Authentication API that uses fingerprints/facial recognition for login.

17 Mar 2018


Microsoft wants you to use Edge-browser, nevermind what you want

Microsoft has released two new test-build versions of its Windows 10 operating system which feature a major change regarding the company's Edge browser.

26 Jul 2017


Adobe to pull the plug on Flash Player in 2020

Adobe Systems is going to end an era by retiring its once-popular Flash Player plug-in by 2020.