Internet Explorer: News

13 Feb 2023

Microsoft Edge

Starting tomorrow, Internet Explorer will redirect you to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft will deactivate Internet Explorer on Windows 10 via a software update, which will be pushed tomorrow (February 14).

15 Jun 2022


#EndOfAnEra: After 27 years, Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, Microsoft's 27-year-old iconic browser, is finally bidding adieu.

20 May 2021


After 25 years, Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer

After silently retiring its Windows 10X operating system, tech giant Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will not be supported after June 15, 2022. The browser has served Windows users faithfully since 1995 until Chromium-based browsers took over with more modern features, security, better user interface, and compatibility.

12 Feb 2020


Internet Explorer (if you haven't abandoned it) is not safe

Even though Internet Explorer is a thing of the past, Microsoft is requesting Windows users to install a major update associated with it.

16 Jan 2020


Microsoft is playing a catch-up game, launches a Chrome-like browser

More than a year after announcing the plan to switch Edge to Chromium, Microsoft has made the stable version of the upgraded browser available on Windows and macOS.

25 Sep 2019


You need to update Internet Explorer right now: Here's why

If you haven't seen Microsoft's Internet Explorer in a while, now is the time to search and open the dated browser!