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07 Jun 2023

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Flights to have double-decker seats? Check out the details

Get ready to witness double-decker seats on flights hopefully in the near future.

04 Jun 2023

Social Media

Mona Lisa enjoying Indian meal? Chef Vikas Khanna unveils masterpiece

We are undeniably in the wild era of artificial intelligence (AI), where creative possibilities are immense!

15 May 2023

Travel And Tourism

Essential trekking apps: 5 must-haves for adventurous smartphone users 

Trekking is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind energized.

11 May 2023


What are 'platform' frauds and how can you be safe

A recent report reveals that a whopping 57% of fraud incidents in India are happening on social media, e-commerce, enterprise, and fintech platforms.

11 May 2023


New features of Android Auto: Zoom calls to YouTube streaming

First introduced in 2015, Android Auto slowly started to gain popularity in the Android community.

26 Apr 2023

Space Science

How the first-ever space-based voice call was done

For the first time, a two-way space-based call was made and interestingly, it was done using a regular smartphone.

25 Apr 2023


Cognizant's ex-CEO Brian Humphries was laid off without cause

Brian Humphries stepped down as Cognizant CEO in January this year. Although there were speculations about the company firing him, Cognizant did not make any statements then.

28 Mar 2023


Kerala: 11-year-old girl develops AI app to detect eye diseases

There's no age for brilliance!

24 Mar 2023

Android Auto

Android Auto explained: How to connect and use key features

Google introduced Android Auto in 2015 to provide seamless smartphone connectivity and access to your favorite apps in the car.

23 Mar 2023


Tech layoffs continue: Accenture to axe 19,000 employees

Irish IT services firm Accenture has announced its plans to cut 19,000 jobs. This would be one of the biggest rounds of tech layoffs in the past few months.

This Raspberry Pi-based device lets you control computers with brain

The ability to control computers with our brains is a skill that we are still mastering. The technology is beneficial but is expensive more often than not.

13 Mar 2023


Planning to upgrade to LED headlights: Is it advisable

With almost all automakers shifting their focus to LED headlights, many OEMs and parts manufacturers have started flooding the Indian market with replacement/aftermarket LED units.

01 Mar 2023


These tricks can drastically improve your Google search experience

There are probably millions of people who use Google every day for a variety of reasons, but most of them don't know how to search for Google properly.

23 Feb 2023


Mercedes-Benz and Google join forces to develop 'supercomputers' for cars

Mercedes-Benz has partnered with the technology giant Google to develop "supercomputers" for its cars to run the new Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS).

06 Feb 2023


How to stay relevant in the era of ChatGPT?

By now you must already be aware of ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model that generates human-like text responses.

01 Feb 2023


India gets its first-ever smart food court in Pune

Cloud kitchen operator Rebel Foods has launched India's first smart food court in Pune by the name EatSure.

PagerDuty CEO quotes Martin Luther King Jr. in layoff email

The CEO of a United States-based company PagerDuty is facing backlash for quoting civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. in an email informing employees that the company was laying off 7% of its workforce.

27 Jan 2023


Google employee returns after mother's death, only to get fired

A Google employee was sacked by his employer just days after returning to work following the death of his mother.

20 Jan 2023


Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Chassis previews the future of automotive industry

Technology giant Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon Digital Chassis concept vehicle at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the US.

20 Jan 2023

United Kingdom

Future is here: World's largest hydrogen-electric aircraft completes maiden flight

ZeroAvia, a British-American hydrogen-electric aircraft developer, successfully carried out the maiden test flight of the world's largest hydrogen-electric aircraft.

19 Jan 2023


Hollywood movies that explore dark side of social media

You wake up, and you scroll. You eat, and you scroll. You want to sleep but, you scroll!

03 Jan 2023

Home Decor

Smart technologies to give your home a facelift in 2023

The intersection of technology and design is causing an upheaval in the world of home decor.

02 Jan 2023


AI-generated images: A powerful tool or a potential danger

A viral social media post shared by Twitter user Madhav Kohli shows the perfect stereotypical descriptions of Indian men and women from various regions of India.

19 Nov 2022


Zomato to fire nearly 3% employees in performance-based layoffs

Amid the layoff season across the globe, especially in the tech world, homegrown food aggregator and delivery platform Zomato has confirmed that it will lay off around 3% of its workforce across various departments, Livemint reported.

16 Nov 2022


Top 5 mirrorless cameras available under Rs. 80,000

Mirrorless cameras open up a whole new level of possibilities in the world of photography. As the name indicates, these cameras capture images without using a mirror in the camera body.

05 Nov 2022

Samsung Galaxy

Top 5 smartphones to experience 5G under Rs. 20,000

Last month, the India government launched 5G connectivity with an aim to bring positive change across sectors.

19 Oct 2022


At DefExpo 2022, PM announces launch of Defence Space Mission

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is all set to launch India's Defence Space Mission with seventy five challenges as India is celebrating Azadi ka Amrit Mohatsav on its 75th year of independence from British rule.

05 Aug 2022


OxygenOS 13, based on Android 13, announced: Check features, compatibility

OnePlus has announced OxygenOS 13, the company's custom skin based on Android 13.

26 Jul 2022


Best smartphones for content creators, designers, photographers, and game streamers

From content creators and designers to photographers and cinematographers, a vast number of creative individuals are relying on smartphones nowadays because of all the advanced features you get in modern-day handheld devices.

19 Jul 2022


Digital minimalism 101: Get a focused life with digital declutter

Dealing with overflowing inboxes, e-commerce, social media, and news notifications, your smartphone can make you feel as though your time spent online isn't in your hands.

12 Jul 2022

Android 11

Best tablets in India under Rs. 40,000

When it comes to tablets, there is a vast number of options available in the Indian market. Hence, finding the right one can be a time-consuming task.

11 Jul 2022

Google Assistant

#DealOfTheDay: This robotic vacuum cleaner is cheaper by Rs. 45,000

Amazon's best-seller ECOVACS DEEBOT U2 PRO robotic vacuum cleaner is currently available for purchase with a massive discount. In fact, with this deal, you can get one for under Rs. 20,000.

04 Jul 2022


Over 12,000 start-up employees in India lost jobs this year

The global economic meltdown has resulted in job losses for over 22,000 people in the technology and start-up sector this year in the US. More than 12,000 workers in Indian start-ups have also lost their jobs.

29 Jun 2022


Top 5 truly wireless earbuds with ANC under Rs. 10,000

The market for truly wireless earbuds in India has expanded rapidly in recent years.

12 Jun 2022

Father's Day

Father's Day 2022: 5 unique gift ideas for your dad

Father's Day is just around the corner and it is time to show some love to your dad and tell him how much he means to you.

23 May 2022


Fintech is poised to revolutionize the finance landscape

Financial technology, or Fintech, is one of the fastest-growing global businesses.

05 May 2022


World Password Day: Reiterating the importance of passwords

World Password Day was created by Intel in 2013 to raise awareness about the importance of strong passwords.

22 Mar 2022


Zomato to deliver food in just 10 minutes: Here's how

Zomato founder-CEO Deepinder Goyal on Monday announced the company will launch a 10-minute delivery service called Zomato Instant in India soon.

11 Feb 2022

Bharti Airtel

Airtel down: Internet services restored after major outage across India

Hundreds of users of Airtel from various locations in India Friday took to social media to complain that both its broadband and mobile data services were down.

24 Jan 2022


Addicted to Wordle? Here's how to ace it

The new online sensation Wordle literally has millions of people in its grip.

25 Dec 2021


How can MBA help you get ahead in tech?

MBA courses provide high-standing education to efficiently lead and manage companies. A Master's in Business Administration meets the need to train professionals in business management, planning, and organization.

15 Dec 2021


Apple iPhone, MacBook users beware! Government warns of new vulnerability

The government has issued a "high severity" advisory for those using Apple products such as iPhones, MacBooks, Watches, and Apple TV.

19 Nov 2021


#NewsBytesExplainer: Understanding different types of display technologies

Our life is dominated by screens. We start the day by checking our phones, then work on laptops, and find entertainment in televisions.

17 Nov 2021

Power Bank

5 best gadgets to own under Rs. 3,000 in India

With the fast-paced technology and changing lifestyle needs, tech brands are coughing up new products almost every other week.

04 Nov 2021

Latest automobiles

#NewsBytesExplainer: Types of car transmissions and how do they work

All vehicles with an internal combustion engine require a transmission aka a gearbox.

13 Sep 2021


How Taranjeet Singh's AgNext Technologies is revolutionizing food value chains

India is an emerging technology hub and an established agrarian economy. At the intersection of these worlds, Taranjeet Singh Bhamra is redefining horizons for agriculturists and technocrats alike with his leading agritech start-up AgNext Technologies.

Largest known Triceratops dinosaur skeleton goes under auction in October

The reconstructed skeleton of a 66 million-year-old Triceratops dinosaur could soon belong to a passionate enthusiast ready to part with around €1.2 million (roughly $1.4 million).

07 Sep 2021


#NewsBytesExplainer: What are CAPTCHAs and how do they work?

In all the years you have spent browsing the internet, you have surely come across those annoying verification pop-ups that ask you to identify images, solve simple arithmetic problems, and re-type distorted text.

07 Sep 2021

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, Yuri Milner invest in start-up for anti-aging research

Elon Musk might be pioneering brain-machine interfaces at Neuralink but Jeff Bezos doesn't appear to be stopping after flying to space. His latest crazy bet on technology is nothing short of a science fiction flick.

19 Aug 2021


WhatsApp spotted testing new 90-day limit for disappearing messages

Earlier this year, Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp released a privacy-centric feature called disappearing messages that automatically made messages disappear after a fixed amount of time.

09 Aug 2021


Microsoft is testing feature-rich Night Mode for Xbox consoles

Following in the footsteps of the other popular smartphone and desktop operating systems, tech giant Microsoft has revealed that it is working on a new Night Mode for its Xbox gaming consoles.

30 Jul 2021


Google kicking out 'sugar daddy' dating apps from Play Store

Google has recently changed its Play policies including refinements and some aspects of advertising IDs. The policy update also brought an updated inappropriate content policy into force. It bans "compensated sexual relationships" or sugar daddy dating apps.

21 Jun 2021


Google Messages app to get pinch-to-zoom feature, years after Samsung

Google's Messages app that comes installed by default on Pixel smartphones and other Android devices has silently been receiving updates this month. After the ability to star messages was announced last week, a pinch-to-zoom feature has been added to the app.

19 Jun 2021


New AI-enabled drone helps locate disaster victims by their screams

The world is only beginning to grasp the significance and applicability of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones in real-world situations.

19 Jun 2021


New software developed to identify patients who require ventilator support

The government on Saturday said that new software - Covid Severity Score -has been developed to identify patients who require ventilator support as well as to detect emergency and intensive care unit needs early.

24 May 2021

Space News

Here's how 16-year-old Pune boy created this viral Moon photograph

Prathamesh Jaju, a tenth-grader from Pune, made waves on the internet with a tack-sharp image of the Moon. The teenager claims to have processed 50,000 images over 40 hours to create the final picture.

02 Apr 2021

Google Maps

Google Maps' new AR feature will help you navigate indoors

Google Maps' brand new augmented reality-powered feature will help users navigate indoor areas like airports and malls in a pinch.

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