Microsoft Windows: News

16 Jun 2022


Best Slack features and customizations you should try

Slack, a communication platform designed specifically for the workplace, has been a great boon to businesses during the pandemic.

15 Jun 2022


#EndOfAnEra: After 27 years, Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, Microsoft's 27-year-old iconic browser, is finally bidding adieu.

17 Nov 2021


Microsoft blocks Windows 11 workaround that helps avoid Edge browser

With Windows 11, Microsoft rubbed Microsoft Edge in our faces even more desperately and made it harder to change the default browser. Thankfully, third-party workarounds were developed to save users the inconvenience.

29 Aug 2021


Microsoft may not provide Windows 11 updates to older computers

Microsoft has clarified that it won't block the installation of Windows 11 on computers with older CPUs if you update using the ISO disk image.

16 Jun 2021

Windows 11

Windows 11 leaked ahead of launch! Here's everything that's changed

Remember how Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that he had been testing a new version of Windows? The company even announced Windows 10's official retirement date alongside a Windows-related launch event slated for June 24.

21 Sep 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: TikTok ban delayed, WeChat ban blocked, and more

Over the weekend, the US ban on TikTok, WeChat saw major developments.

02 Feb 2020


iPad Pro vs Surface Pro: Which one is better?

Apple's iPad Pro is one of the most powerful tablet-laptop hybrids out there, and it has become only better with the new iPadOS that enables a desktop-like experience.

27 Aug 2019


PUBG debuts at IIT Roorkee's annual sports festival: Details here

Immensely popular mobile game PUBG made its debut at the annual sports festival of IIT Roorkee, this year.

30 May 2019


#SneakPeek: How will Microsoft's Windows 11 look like

If we look at recent iterations of Windows operating system, Windows 10 has to be the undisputed winner.

15 May 2019


Using Windows 7? Install this update to avoid WannaCry-like attack

Back in 2017, the infamous WannaCry ransomware plagued hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe.

01 May 2019


#GamingBytes: Giving 'Endgame' spoilers could get you banned from games

One of the worst things you can do today is spoiling the suspense of a cultural phenomenon.

24 Mar 2019


Best laptops available in India under Rs. 50,000

Given the ever-increasing makes/OEMs of laptops, choosing the right one can be difficult, especially when you are running on a tight budget.

15 Jan 2019


Microsoft will soon end support for Windows 7: Details here

In a major, albeit expected, move, Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Windows 7 - its much-loved desktop operating system.

12 Dec 2018


Multiple bugs left Microsoft accounts vulnerable to attacks: Details here

A series of bugs left millions of Microsoft accounts - Office, Outlook, Onedrive, etc - vulnerable to attacks.

02 Dec 2018


Soon, you'll see which apps use microphone on Windows 10

Microsoft is bringing a new security-focused feature into Windows 10 - the ability to check which apps are using your machine's microphone.

25 Oct 2018


Windows Zero-day vulnerability capable of deleting files uncovered

A new zero-day vulnerability that can be exploited to delete Windows system files has been uncovered by a security researcher.

03 Oct 2018


Here's how you can get Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Yesterday, Microsoft released the latest iteration of Windows 10, officially dubbed October 2018 Update, with a host of new features, improvements.

25 Aug 2018


#TechBytes: 5 best antivirus softwares to protect your PC

Sensible and safe browsing is the need of the hour for every computer user. We spend a huge number of hours on internet which is an obvious invite for viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. that can infect PCs.

09 Aug 2018


#TechBytes: How to officially install Windows on Mac

It's not common knowledge that Microsoft Windows can be installed on MacBooks, but Apple officially supports running both macOS and Windows on its devices.

02 Aug 2018


5 top-rated Virtual Reality games released in 2018 so far

Virtual Reality is a digitally-created, artificial environment that provides the experience of a surrounding 3D world with which people can interact through a headset.

29 Jul 2018


Top 6 highly addictive casual games for every platform

Simple video games created for people to just have fun and de-stress are called casual games. They don't demand a lot of time and can be played anytime.

26 Jul 2018


These are the best videogames released in 2018 so far

The video gaming industry has evolved immensely over the years to become one of the most profitable entertainment businesses.

30 Apr 2018


Everything you should know about the big Windows 10 update

Microsoft has released the latest version of Windows 10 for PCs and tablets called Windows 10 April 2018 update.

17 Mar 2018


Microsoft wants you to use Edge-browser, nevermind what you want

Microsoft has released two new test-build versions of its Windows 10 operating system which feature a major change regarding the company's Edge browser.

03 Sep 2017


Microsoft confirms the date for next major Windows 10 upgrade

It's official! Microsoft's next major update for Windows 10 is set to be released on 17th October this year.

21 Jun 2017

South Korea

S.Korean firm pays $1m ransom to hackers, founder turns bankrupt

Paying ransom to cyber terrorists to get back stolen data- many have done it but none has ever openly admitted it.

20 May 2017

North Korea

WannaCry- Researchers develop last-chance protection key

A team of researchers said they had found a last-chance way to protect systems from WannaCry, which first hit computers in 99 countries a week ago.

18 May 2017

North Korea

WannaCry- Shadow Brokers promise to release more hacking tools

Shadow Brokers, the group which released parts of US national security agency (NSA)'s cyber weapons stockpile, forming the basis of the WannaCry ransomware, promised to keep releasing hacking tools every month to those willing to pay for the same.

17 May 2017


Ransomware attacks in India attempted over 48,000 times

Quick Heal Technologies, a cyber security firm, detected over 48,000 ransomware attack attempts in India; West Bengal witnessed the most incidents.

16 May 2017


WannaCry- Some ATMs shut, but no major impact in India

Sources said operations were suspended in some ATMs running on old versions of Windows, to keep them safe from the WannaCry ransomware attack.

15 May 2017


WannaCry Effect- Open ATMs only after updating software says RBI

The RBI has issued a directive to all banks to open their ATMs only after they have updated their software to protect against the recent WannaCry malware attack.

13 May 2017

North Korea

Massive ransomware attack hits computers in 99 countries, including India

A massive cyber-attack has struck organizations around the world which is believed to have used tools made by the US National Security Agency.

28 Apr 2017


Microsoft finally solves its bug problem, nine months after discovery

When a Windows bug without a fix is on the prowl, mayhem is inevitable.

30 Nov 2016


New tax-levy on content providers

The central government is in the process of introducing a new 'e-service tax' that will impact content providers such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple and several more.

17 Nov 2016


Indian smartphone maker Lava set to raise $100 million

Pitched to be one of the biggest domestic smartphone manufacturers in India, Lava International is reportedly raising investments of $100 million from chip makers.