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08 May 2024


Google Messages rolls out redesigned audio recorder and Voice Moods

Google's Messages is broadening the reach of its recently revamped audio recorder interface and Voice Moods feature, specifically targeting beta users.

07 May 2024


Google revamps two-factor authentication for enhanced security, user experience

Google is redefining its two-factor authentication (2FA) setup process, to increase security and improve user experience.

01 May 2024


WhatsApp working on account limitation feature to promote responsible usage

WhatsApp is set to roll out a new feature in an upcoming app update, as revealed in the latest version via the Google Play Beta Program.

30 Apr 2024


Bumble's new feature aims to streamline messaging for women

Bumble, the women-centric dating app, is set to introduce a series of enhancements in its upcoming app relaunch.

16 Apr 2024


Meta announces new educational hub for Quest VR headsets

Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, is set to launch a new educational hub for its Quest virtual reality (VR) headsets.

12 Apr 2024


Google Messages rolls out Custom Bubbles for RCS chats

Google Messages is gradually rolling out a new feature, Custom Bubbles, that allows users to personalize the color and backdrop of their Rich Communication Services (RCS) chats.

12 Apr 2024


Meet Tiantong Project: China's revolutionary leap in satellite communication

In response to the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake, which claimed over 80,000 lives and was exacerbated by communication failures, the Chinese government initiated the Tiantong Project.

09 Apr 2024

Social Media

Meet Palmsy: A journaling app with social media spin

Palmsy, an innovative app, is redefining the concept of journaling by integrating it with social media elements.

08 Apr 2024


Apple mulling dip into personal robotics with home assistants

Apple, the US-based tech giant, is venturing into the realm of personal robotics, as per Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

07 Apr 2024


Google Wallet rolls out 'automatically add linked passes' feature

Google's mobile payment service, Google Wallet, is expanding its capabilities with the introduction of a new feature called "Automatically add linked passes."

Opera unveils feature to access large language models locally

Opera, a leading web browser developer, has introduced a groundbreaking feature, that enables users to access and utilize large language models (LLMs) directly on their personal computers.

Stability AI launches enhanced audio generation model, Stable Audio 2.0

Stability AI has introduced Stable Audio 2.0, an upgraded version of its audio generation model.

02 Apr 2024


Alternative app shop AltStore to offer Patreon-backed apps in EU

The European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) has instigated a significant shift in Apple's App Store ecosystem, enabling the emergence of alternative app stores.

28 Mar 2024


Israel launches extensive facial recognition initiative in Gaza: Here's why

Israel has reportedly initiated a comprehensive facial recognition program in the Gaza Strip, as per The New York Times.

29 Feb 2024


WhatsApp rolls out pop-out chat facility for Windows beta

WhatsApp is introducing a new pop-out chat feature for its Windows native app, via the official beta channel on the Microsoft Store.

22 Feb 2024


Apple's new encryption for iMessage can repel quantum computer attacks

Apple has revealed a major security upgrade for iMessage, introducing its post-quantum cryptographic protocol, PQ3.

21 Feb 2024


Signal's new feature helps users keep phone numbers private

Signal, the popular encrypted messaging app, is gearing up to launch support for usernames in the coming weeks.

20 Feb 2024


Meta to launch deepfake fact-checking helpline on WhatsApp next month

Meta and the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) are teaming up to launch a WhatsApp helpline in March 2024.

16 Feb 2024


Google Messages to let users edit what they've recently sent

Google is said to be developing a new feature for its messaging app, allowing users to edit recently sent messages, according to TheSpAndroid blog post.

14 Feb 2024


Meet Stract: An open-source search engine taking on Google

Stract is a new open-source search engine created by Mikkel Denker, a coder from the Technical University of Denmark.

13 Feb 2024


Apple releases Vision Pro update for easy passcode reset

Apple has released a new update for its Vision Pro mixed reality headset, tackling a major issue that had left users puzzled.

08 Feb 2024


Apple develops AI image editing tool with text prompts

Apple has teamed up with the University of California, Santa Barbara, to create an AI-powered image editing tool called MGIE (MLLM-Guided Image Editing).

07 Feb 2024

Data Leak

Mozilla's new paid tool scrubs leaked personal info from web

Mozilla has launched a new subscription service called the Mozilla Monitor Plus.

06 Feb 2024


Google Chat for Android introduces ability to star messages

Google Chat's Android app now offers users the facility to star messages in one-on-one, group, or Spaces conversations.

02 Feb 2024


Amazon introduces Rufus, an AI-powered shopping assistant: How it works

Amazon has introduced Rufus, a cutting-edge AI shopping assistant, currently accessible to a select group of customers.

AI learns curiosity during OpenAI experiment, gets hooked on TV

A team of researchers has discovered that when an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is given a basic definition of curiosity, it can successfully explore and even conquer over 50 video games without human input.

31 Jan 2024


YouTube TV lets users pick which games to watch simultaneously

YouTube TV has revamped its multi-view feature, giving users the ability to personalize their sports viewing experience by selecting their preferred combination of broadcasts.

Yelp introduces AI-powered review summaries for food deliveries, restaurants

Yelp is stepping up its game with a new AI-powered feature for its iOS app that condenses user reviews into short summaries.

29 Jan 2024


First Chromecast with Google TV update of 2024 rolled out

Google has released the first Chromecast with Google TV 4K update of 2024, labeled STTL.231114.004.

29 Jan 2024


These Xbox projectors let you play games on 100-inch screen

California-based ViewSonic has unveiled world's first prjectors designed for specially for Xbox gaming consoles.

25 Jan 2024


Now buy Chennai Metro QR tickets on WhatsApp: Here's how

Chennai Metro is revolutionizing the way passengers purchase tickets, by introducing a new WhatsApp-based QR code ticketing service.

24 Jan 2024


This NVIDIA AI tool converts SDR content to HDR

NVIDIA has introduced a cool new feature called RTX Video HDR for all RTX GPU owners.

24 Jan 2024


WhatsApp to offer cross-platform messaging facility on iOS app

WhatsApp is introducing a chat interoperability feature in compliance with new EU regulations, as spotted in the recent WhatsApp beta for iOS

24 Jan 2024


Microsoft Teams is making video calls hassle-free: Here's how

Microsoft Teams is working on an update to make audio and video controls more user-friendly during meetings.

18 Jan 2024


Google Chat's revamped version rolling out on Android: What's new

Google Chat's revamped homescreen is now widely available on Android devices, following the release of its new icon.

18 Jan 2024


Google's Circle to Search does exactly what the name suggests 

Google has announced Circle to Search, a nifty feature that lets users circle an object on their phone screen to instantly receive search results about the selected item.

Auracast is the next big thing in Bluetooth technology

Auracast, the Bluetooth broadcasting feature, is making waves in the tech world by allowing users to stay connected without removing their headphones.

11 Jan 2024


WhatsApp rolls out new feature, fixes for Android and iOS

WhatsApp has introduced new text formatting tools in its Android beta version, aimed at enhancing user experience.

09 Jan 2024

Health & Wellness

Meet MindEar, an app offering hope for tinnitus patients

A team of researchers from Australia, New Zealand, France, and Belgium has created MindEar. It is a revolutionary smartphone app designed to help people manage their tinnitus symptoms.

09 Jan 2024


Mercedes-Benz unveils next-gen MB.OS with AI virtual assistant: What's special

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its latest operating system, MB.OS, at CES 2024. It boasts an AI virtual assistant, a 3D gaming engine, and a variety of audio and gaming partner apps.

This wearable gaming glove can help stroke patients gain mobility

US-based Palmplug, known for building wearable tech products, has revealed its latest product, the Palmplug One, at CES.

04 Jan 2024


Google disables cookies for 30 million Chrome users: Here's why

Google has started disabling third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users, roughly 30 million people, as part of its mission to improve online privacy.

03 Jan 2024


How Starlink's 'Direct-to-Cell' satellite connectivity service for smartphones works

SpaceX has successfully launched 21 Starlink satellites aboard the Falcon 9 rocket today, including six with groundbreaking Direct-to-Cell technology.

03 Jan 2024

Latest Gadget Launch

U-Tec introduces world's first fingerprint smart lock with Matter-over-Thread support

US-based U-Tec, a smart lock manufacturer, has unveiled the Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter. It is the first deadbolt smart lock with a fingerprint reader that supports Matter-over-Thread.

AI can read emotions as well as a therapist does

A groundbreaking AI model has demonstrated the ability to accurately recognize and interpret facial expressions, conveying emotions, even the most fleeting ones. This could potentially enhance psychotherapy practices.

18 Dec 2023


Xiaomi HyperOS debuts globally in Q1 2024: Check compatible devices

Xiaomi has announced the global rollout timeline for its new in-house operating system, HyperOS.

18 Dec 2023


WhatsApp Web introduces filters for personal and group chats

WhatsApp is introducing a new chat filter feature for its web client, designed to help users better organize their group and personal conversations.

Agility Robotics's Digit warehouse robot demonstrates AI-enhanced natural language understanding

Agility Robotics has revealed a demo video featuring its AI-enhanced Digit robot, which can now understand and carry out natural language commands.

11 Dec 2023


Google Messages may soon allow editing sent texts like WhatsApp

Google is developing a new facility for its Messages app, that would allow users to edit sent messages, as revealed by code found by TheSpAndroid.

30 Nov 2023


TikTok rolls out artist accounts to boost fan engagement

TikTok is stepping up its game for musicians by launching artist accounts, packed with features to boost fan engagement and make it easier for fans to discover new music.

30 Nov 2023


WhatsApp introduces 'Secret Code' feature for enhanced chat privacy

WhatsApp is stepping up its privacy game with a new "Secret Code" feature, adding an extra layer of protection to your most sensitive conversations.

Voicemod rolls out AI voice creator facility: How it works

Voicemod, a popular AI voice cloning software among gamers and streamers, has rolled out new features that let users create and share custom AI voices.

30 Nov 2023


Critical Google Chrome security update to patch zero-day vulnerability released

Google has rolled out a crucial security update for Chrome users on Mac, Linux, and Windows to tackle a zero-day vulnerability called CVE-2023-6345.

30 Nov 2023


Firefox's Android browser to regain extension support on December 14

Starting December 14, Firefox's Android browser users will have access to a ton of new extensions.

30 Nov 2023


Amazon launches AI model evaluation on Bedrock: How it works

Amazon has unveiled Model Evaluation on Bedrock, a new service that lets businesses test AI models before implementing them.

28 Nov 2023


Alibaba Cloud's second outage in a month sparks reliability concerns

Alibaba Cloud, the leading cloud vendor in China, experienced a service outage lasting nearly two hours on November 27.

22 Nov 2023


Microsoft's Copilot for Windows 10 now available for testing

Microsoft has made its AI-powered Copilot feature available for Windows 10 users to test, even though it was initially exclusive to Windows 11.

22 Nov 2023


Anthropic's Claude can now analyze 150,000 words in one prompt

Anthropic, an AI start-up supported by Google and founded by ex-OpenAI engineers, has launched an update for its chatbot, Claude.

17 Nov 2023


Discord's AI chatbot won't be available from December 1

Discord has announced that it will discontinue its experimental AI chatbot, Clyde.

16 Nov 2023


Everything to know about Qi2 wireless charging

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has revealed that the initial devices supporting the new Qi v2.0 wireless charging standard are nearing the end of their certification process.

10 Nov 2023

YouTube Music

YouTube Music now lets users add podcasts via RSS feeds

As Google's Podcasts app shuts down next year, YouTube Music is stepping up its game by introducing the option to add podcasts through RSS feeds.

09 Nov 2023


WhatsApp introduces new text formatting tools for web client

WhatsApp has introduced new text formatting features for its web version, which include code block, quote block, and lists.

09 Nov 2023


Online chat website Omegle shuts down after 14 years

After 14 years of operation, Omegle has officially closed its doors. The well-known free online service connected strangers for video and text chats, without requiring registration.

08 Nov 2023


Chrome lets you track memory usage across tabs: Here's how

Google Chrome has introduced a handy new feature that enables users to track how much memory each active tab is consuming.

06 Nov 2023


OpenAI unveils GPT-4 Turbo: How it is better than GPT-4

OpenAI has unveiled GPT-4 Turbo, an upgraded version of its leading AI text generator, GPT-4, during its developer conference.

06 Nov 2023


Sam Altman-backed start-up to unveil 'Ai Pin' on November 9

Humane, a start-up founded by ex-Apple executives, is set to unveil its much-awaited wearable device, the "Ai Pin," on November 9. The Sam Altman-backed start-up showcased the device recently at a Paris fashion show.

31 Oct 2023


WhatsApp may soon let you set an alternate profile picture

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is working on an alternate profile feature in the beta version.

31 Oct 2023


Google to test Duet AI side panel in Workspace Labs

Google is gearing up to test the Duet AI side panel in Workspace Labs, following enhancements to its "Google Workspace Labs Privacy Notice and Terms" to bolster user privacy and data.

28 Oct 2023


How Google plans to use ANC earbuds for heart-rate monitoring

Google has unveiled its research into audioplethysmography (APG), a method that can incorporate heart rate monitoring features into active noise-canceling headphones/earbuds "with a simple software update."

27 Oct 2023


Threads adds polls and GIFs to compete with X

Meta is incorporating polls and GIFs into Threads, as the company persistently pursues X (previously known as Twitter).

26 Oct 2023

Google Maps

Google Maps to become more like Search with AI-powered features

Google Maps is incorporating various AI-driven features to become more akin to Search.

25 Oct 2023


Grammarly to launch personalized voice detection feature: How it works

Grammarly, the popular cloud-based writing assistant, is gearing up to launch a new AI-based feature called "Personalized voice detection and application" for its business tier users.

25 Oct 2023


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 tracker launched at Rs. 2,800: Check features

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy SmartTag2 in India, a revamped version of the SmartTag boasting a new design and enhanced tracking capabilities for personal items.