Cybersecurity: News

08 May 2024


Hackers can crack average 8-character passwords in under a minute

A recent revelation from IT company Hive Systems has raised concerns about cybersecurity.

07 May 2024


Google announces its AI-driven cybersecurity strategy: Everything we know

Google recently announced its plan to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its cybersecurity initiatives.

06 May 2024


'Dirty Stream' attack: Tips to enhance security on Android devices

Android smartphone users are being warned about a significant security risk, known as the "Dirty Stream" attack, present in their device applications.

Ransomware attack on UnitedHealth Group's subsidiary affects millions of Americans

UnitedHealth Group, a leading health insurance provider in the US, has confirmed a significant ransomware attack on its subsidiary, Change Healthcare.

23 Apr 2024


Nothing confirms data breach of community profiles: Everything we know

UK-based smartphone manufacturer, Nothing, has confirmed a security vulnerability that led to a data breach.

22 Apr 2024


Proton Mail introduces 'Dark Web Monitoring' feature: How it works

Proton Mail has launched a unique cybersecurity feature, called 'Dark Web Monitoring,' exclusively for its premium users.

13 Apr 2024


Cybersecurity professional sentenced to prison for $12 million cryptocurrency theft

Shakeeb Ahmed, a seasoned cybersecurity expert, has been sentenced to three years in prison for stealing an estimated $12 million in digital currency.

12 Apr 2024


Instagram trials new auto image-blurring feature to combat sextortion

Instagram is set to test a new facility aimed at tackling sextortion on its platform.

08 Apr 2024


Major data breach hits boAt, 7.5 million customers affected

In a significant cybersecurity incident, the data of more than 7.5 million customers of boAt, a leading manufacturer of smartwatches and audio products, has been exposed on the dark web.

03 Apr 2024


Microsoft could have stopped 2023 Chinese email breach: US government

An investigation by the US Cyber Safety Review Board has revealed that a significant breach of government emails in 2023, could have been prevented by Microsoft.

29 Mar 2024


Activision investigating a hacking campaign targeting player credentials

Activision Blizzard, a prominent player in the video game industry, is currently investigating a hacking campaign aimed at stealing player credentials.

27 Mar 2024


Apple users facing the brunt of sophisticated phishing attacks

In a recent wave of sophisticated phishing attacks, Apple users have found themselves in the crosshairs.

US and UK sanction alleged Chinese cyber espionage entities

The US and the UK have taken punitive measures against Chinese individuals and groups, believed to be behind a widespread cyber espionage campaign that targeted politicians, journalists, and critics of Beijing.

24 Mar 2024


Hackers could get past any digital door lock this way

A group of cybersecurity experts has uncovered a technique that enables Android phone users to unlock countless hotel rooms across the globe in mere seconds.

23 Mar 2024


Why Mozilla has severed ties with its privacy partner

Mozilla has officially ended its partnership with data removal service, Onerep, following revelations about the company's CEO, Dimitri Shelest, and his connections to a data broker.

TAC Security gears up for India's first cybersecurity IPO

Backed by renowned investor Vijay Kedia, cybersecurity firm Tac Security is all set to launch its Rs. 29.99 crore initial public offering on March 27.

18 Mar 2024


Tech giant Fujitsu acknowledges cyberattack, signals possible data breach

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has acknowledged a cyberattack on its systems.

12 Mar 2024


X now overrun with 'Sydney Sweeney leak' malware scams

X is currently grappling with a surge in malware scams, specifically those linked to the trending topic 'Sydney Sweeney leak,' as reported by 404 Media.

12 Mar 2024


Tesla EVs vulnerable to theft via Wi-Fi hijacking, say researchers

Security researchers at Mysk Inc. have discovered a significant cybersecurity flaw in Tesla's charging stations, which could potentially allow hackers to steal vehicles.

05 Mar 2024

Indian Government

Using 'Chakshu' portal, you can curb online fraud: Here's how

The Indian government has launched a new 'Chakshu' portal as part of the Sanchar Saathi initiative.

UnitedHealth identifies Blackcat as culprit in healthcare cyber attack

Health insurance provider UnitedHealth has pinpointed the cybercriminal group 'Blackcat' as the culprit behind a cyber attack on Change Healthcare, according to Reuters.

28 Feb 2024


Sony rolls out passkey support on PlayStation: How to use?

Sony has announced its plan to introduce support for passkeys on PlayStation platforms worldwide.

Blackcat ransomware gang responsible for pharmacy outage in US

The 'Blackcat' ransomware gang is allegedly responsible for a recent cyberattack on UnitedHealth's tech division, Change Healthcare.

23 Feb 2024


Privacy-focused Avast fined $16.5 million for secretly selling user data

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has slapped cybersecurity firm Avast with a hefty $16.5 million (nearly Rs. 1,368 crore) fine for secretly storing and selling customer data without permission.

23 Feb 2024

Indian Government

I-Soon leak: Chinese hackers target India's government offices, corporates

A Chinese hacker group with ties to the Beijing government has reportedly targeted key Indian government offices, including the Prime Minister's Office, and corporates like Reliance Industries and Air India.

CERT-In probing potential data breaches at India's PMO and EPFO

India's government is looking into potential data breaches involving the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO).

15 Feb 2024


Hackers utilizing LLMs like ChatGPT to enhance cyberattacks, says Microsoft

Microsoft and OpenAI have uncovered that hackers are taking advantage of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, to enhance their cyberattacks.

10 Feb 2024

US Government

'Warzone RAT' malware service dismantled, suspects arrested: Check details

United States (US) officials have revealed that they seized websites involved in selling a dangerous malware called "Warzone RAT," which allowed cybercriminals to steal data from victims' computers.

29 Jan 2024


How to safeguard yourself from dumpster diving attacks

Dumpster diving attacks might sound like a comical plot twist from a detective movie, but the risks they pose are far from amusing.

24 Jan 2024


Meta neglected children's safety on its platforms, claims whistleblower

Arturo Béjar, a former Meta senior engineer, asserts that the company hasn't done enough to shield young users from harmful content following Molly Russell's tragic death in the UK.

18 Jan 2024

JP Morgan

JPMorgan Chase faces 45 billion daily cyber attack attempts

JPMorgan Chase, the US's largest bank in terms of assets, is currently battling a staggering 45 billion daily hacking attempts, which is twice the number from last year.

03 Jan 2024


Who is Nikesh Arora, IIT-graduate who just became a billionaire

Nikesh Arora, the CEO of cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks, has entered the billionaires' club after a hefty paycheck he received from the firm.

03 Jan 2024


What is 'cyber kidnapping'?

Kai Zhuang, a 17-year-old Chinese exchange student in Utah, US, was recently found alive after going missing in what police are calling a case of "cyber kidnapping."

15 Dec 2023

Indian Government

Government issues security advisory for Samsung phones: What it means

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has sounded the alarm for Samsung mobile users.

07 Dec 2023


Governments spying on smartphone users through push notifications: US senator

US lawmaker Ron Wyden has sounded the alarm on foreign governments using push notification data from Apple and Google to spy on users.

30 Nov 2023


Critical Google Chrome security update to patch zero-day vulnerability released

Google has rolled out a crucial security update for Chrome users on Mac, Linux, and Windows to tackle a zero-day vulnerability called CVE-2023-6345.

14 Nov 2023


What are Pig Butchering scams? Zerodha's Nithin Kamath explains

Nithin Kamath, CEO of Zerodha, raised alarm over rampant financial scams, particularly the "pig butchering" ones.

13 Nov 2023


What China's ICBC is doing to recover from ransomware attack

Last week, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's (ICBC) US broker-dealer, ICBC Financial Services, experienced a severe ransomware attack, resulting in a $9 billion debt to BNY Mellon.

10 Nov 2023


China's biggest bank ICBC falls victim to ransomware attack

The US division of China's Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), called ICBC Financial Services, fell victim to a ransomware attack causing disruptions in US Treasury trades, reported Reuters.

31 Oct 2023


MPs receive state-sponsored iPhone hacking alert; Apple says can't verify

Apple has issued a statement on the notifications sent to various Indian Opposition MPs, warning them of potential state-sponsored attacks on their devices.

30 Oct 2023


What is 'SIM Swap' scam and how to protect yourself

In an unusual event, a woman from Delhi lost Rs. 50 lakh to a new scam on the rise in India called 'SIM Swap' scam.

ICMR leak: COVID-19 test data of 81.5cr Indians on sale

In a massive data breach, personal details of 81.5 crore Indian citizens, including COVID-19 test data and Aadhaar and passport information, have been put up for sale on the dark web, per News18.

02 Oct 2023


National Logistics Portal (Marine) suffers breach, exposing crew's sensitive data

A recent data breach at India's National Logistics Portal (Marine), exposed sensitive personal information of crew members and trade records, due to misconfigured Amazon S3 buckets and a JavaScript file containing login credentials.

25 Sep 2023

Indian Government

Centre urges defense personnel to be vigilant against Pakistani cyberattacks

The Indian government has issued a cybersecurity warning that Pakistani cyberattackers are targeting Indian defense personnel using websites registered under the .IN domain.

11 Sep 2023


Indian government warns Android users of high-risk vulnerabilities

The Indian government's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a warning about "multiple vulnerabilities" in Android phones, affecting millions of users in India.

08 Sep 2023


New flaw in Apple devices allowed spyware infection, researchers claim

Researchers at digital watchdog group Citizen Lab said on Thursday that they have discovered a critical flaw in Apple devices.

07 Sep 2023


LastPass data breaches behind crypto heists worth Rs. 300cr: Experts

Security experts are sounding the alarm as they uncover a concerning connection between a series of cryptocurrency heists and the 2022 LastPass data breaches.

05 Sep 2023


New malware targets Indian Android users; steals data, makes payments

The Indian government has issued a security advisory warning Android users about DogeRAT, a dangerous malware that gains unauthorized access to sensitive data, including contacts, messages, and banking credentials.

04 Aug 2023


Ransomware attacks surged by 133% in India amid global decline

India experienced a massive surge in ransomware and IoT cyber attacks in H1 2023, while countries like the US and UK saw a decline, according to SonicWall's mid-year cyber threat report.

04 Aug 2023


Microsoft criticized for irresponsible and negligent cybersecurity practices

Microsoft recently disclosed a massive breach on its Azure platform, affecting around 25 organizations and traced back to Chinese hacking group Storm-0558.

29 May 2023


Cybersecurity best practices: Follow Microsoft's tips to prevent attacks

In today's data-driven world, IT security has emerged as an essential driver for an organization's success.

27 May 2023

Latest Tech News

'Daam' malware attack on Android: How to protect your smartphone

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued an advisory regarding malware 'Daam,' which is spreading rapidly and infecting Android mobile devices.

02 Mar 2023


Cybercrimes surged in 2022; crypto, malware attacks led the way

Cybercrimes have been a cause of worry worldwide over the past few years, and the figures from 2022 are especially worrying.

15 Feb 2023

Data Leak

Ex-employee stole staff data of thousands, says Credit Suisse

Switzerland's second-biggest bank, Credit Suisse, has come under fire yet again.

09 Jan 2023


Russian hackers target 3 US nuclear labs in phishing attack

Cold River, a Russian hacking group, targeted three nuclear research laboratories in the US in an attempt to obtain the passwords, as per Reuters.

05 Jan 2023


Data of 200mn Twitter users on sale for just $2 

Last month, a hacker attempted to sell a data set containing the email addresses and phone numbers of over 400 million Twitter users to CEO Elon Musk.

Toyota Kirloskar suffers cyberattack that might have leaked customers' data

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) reported on Sunday that it was the victim of a cyberattack. The company is yet to confirm the extent of the data breach.

13 Aug 2020

Pakistan News

Beware of calls from unknown numbers starting with +92

If you ever receive a phone call from any unknown number starting with +92, avoid it at all costs, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs' handle for cyber-safety and cybersecurity has previously urged Indian citizens.