Malware: News

08 Oct 2022


Beware, Android smartphone users! GB WhatsApp may contain malware

India is one of the largest markets to be exploited by Android malware, says a new report by internet security firm ESET.

21 Aug 2022


Beware! These malicious apps can harm your Android smartphone

Romania-based internet security researcher Bitdefender has identified 35 malicious applications on Google Play Store that can affect Android smartphones.

18 Jul 2022


Android users beware! Delete these 8 malicious apps immediately

Android users are urged to delete eight applications that might cause severe damage to their devices. There are also chances of fraud.

05 Jul 2022


'Toll Fraud' malware detected: How are Android users getting affected

US tech giant Microsoft is warning Android users about a type of malware that can subscribe them to a premium service without their knowledge.

31 Oct 2021


AbstractEmu Android malware can root your device, lock you out

Security researchers at the Lookout Threat Lab have alerted app stores and the general public of an Android malware dubbed AbstractEmu masquerading as a fully functional security, utility, or privacy app.

25 Oct 2021


'Squid Game'-themed apps on Android could steal your money

Netflix's Squid Game web series is all the rage these days and Google's Play Store has not been spared from the hype. There are over 200 Squid Game-themed apps on Android's official app store.

20 Oct 2021


Using dating apps on iPhone? Crypto-scammers could hack your device!

Leading cybersecurity firm Sophos has recently published a report that highlighted how a cryptocurrency trading scam targeting iPhone users is now bigger than ever.

17 Oct 2021

Data Leak

Cyberattack targets Acer's Indian aftersales systems, steals 60GB of data

Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer Acer, on October 15, confirmed that it had been the victim of a recent cyberattack that targeted its aftersales service systems in India.

01 Oct 2021


Dangerous malware targets over 10 million Android users: Details here

Numerous mobile applications—functioning as Trojans—have been subscribing unsuspecting users to paid services since November 2020, discovered researchers with mobile security company Zimperium.

24 Sep 2021


New Android malware steals banking data: Here's how it works

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), the Indian government's cybersecurity agency, has warned of a potential threat to Android users.

03 Sep 2021


Should you install WhatsApp mods for personalization features they offer?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services in the market today but for many, its feature set doesn't quite cut it. Enter WhatsApp variations developed by third parties, colloquially called WhatsApp mods (modifications).

01 Aug 2021


Website impersonating Brave browser caught distributing malware via Google ads

Recently, bad actors were caught using Google ads to promote a malware-laden website that impersonated the official website for the Brave browser.

31 Jul 2021


Researchers demonstrate that malware can be concealed in neural networks

In our pursuit to develop better software that powers our everyday lives, we seem to have forgotten that malware can be hidden in almost anything that runs on a computer.

05 Jul 2021


Play Store delists nine apps spreading Facebook credential-stealing Chinese Trojan

In yet another instance highlighting how easy it is to fall prey to cybercriminals and trojans, Google has just delisted nine apps from the Play Store when they were found to be stealing users' Facebook login credentials.

22 Jun 2021


Uninstall these eight apps with Joker malware immediately!

The infamous Joker trojan is back to haunt Android devices. Eight applications that were known to be spreading the malware have since been removed from the Google Play Store. However, that just prevents new downloads.

01 Mar 2021

India China Border

Chinese hackers targeted 12 Indian organizations; infiltrated power sector: Study

Chinese state-sponsored hacker groups have targeted over 12 Indian state-run organizations, primarily power utilities and load dispatch centers since mid-2020, a cyber intelligence company has said in its report.

21 Sep 2020


Iranian hackers develop malware to steal 2FA codes

Often, security experts recommend two-factor authentication (2FA) as a way to add an extra layer of security to your online accounts and services such as Facebook and Instagram.

21 Sep 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: TikTok ban delayed, WeChat ban blocked, and more

Over the weekend, the US ban on TikTok, WeChat saw major developments.

06 Sep 2020


OnePlus is sneakingly installing its app on phones, without permission

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is drawing flak for sneaking an app on its existing devices, without the permission of users.

30 Aug 2020


Google removes deceptive giveaway apps from Play Store

Despite Google's strict review and removal practices, malicious apps have been making their way to the Play Store.

26 Aug 2020


Some Chinese smartphones shipped with malware, stole money

Chinese smartphone maker TECNO, known for taking on the likes of budget players in emerging markets, has landed in a major controversy.

30 Jul 2020


New Android malware can steal your banking credentials, Government warns

The cybersecurity agency working for the Government of India has raised alarms over a dangerous new strain of malware on Android.

16 Jul 2020


This malware can steal passwords, card data from 300+ apps

After Joker, a new strain of malware called 'BlackRock' has surfaced on the internet.

16 Jul 2020


Police probing origins of money-stealing 'Joker' malware: Details here

Officials from the Maharashtra Police are looking into the origins of a dangerous new malware called 'Joker'.

23 Apr 2020


COVID-19 scams are rising drastically: How to protect yourself

In the wake of COVID-19, hackers have started using public fears around the pandemic to carry out malware and phishing attacks.

12 Mar 2020


Hackers are infecting PCs, stealing passwords with coronavirus maps

With the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, organizations have resorted to creating maps indicating the continually evolving situation in every country.

28 Feb 2020


'Cerberus' malware can steal 2FA codes from Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator offers a secure way to get codes for two-factor authentication, the technique that protects online accounts from third-party hacks.

04 Feb 2020


Hackers using fears over coronavirus to spread malware, steal data

After using late basketball legend Kobe Bryant's wallpaper to make money, hackers are now exploiting the deadly outbreak of coronavirus to spread malware.

16 Jan 2020


#AndroidAlert: You should delete these 17 apps asap

Even after plenty of complaints/reports over the last few years, Google hasn't been able to get a grip over the problem of malicious apps slipping into the Play Store.

09 Dec 2019

North Korea

Watch out! This Mac malware can carry out stealthy attacks

Often, we run into malware strains designed to compromise computers, steal data from them.

07 Nov 2019


Now, Google has a 'defense alliance' to fight malware-laced apps

Every now and then, we see reports of malware-laced apps slipping into the Google Play Store.

30 Oct 2019


WhatsApp is suing an Israeli firm for spying on users

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has sued Israeli security firm NSO Group for developing and injecting malware into its messaging service and using the same for spying on over 1,400 people.

18 Oct 2019


Your PC can be hacked using simple audio files

We have seen cases of malicious images being used to break into computers and steal their data.

04 Jul 2019


Tourists visiting China are being forced to install 'data-stealing' malware

If you are a privacy freak (like me), visiting China shouldn't be on your travel bucket list.

27 Jun 2019


14-year-old creates dangerous malware, starts bricking thousands of IoT devices

In a strange case, a 14-year-old kid has created a dangerous strain of malware, a program that is spreading in the wild and bricking devices worldwide.

29 Apr 2019


When 'Invisible malware' infect your PC, antivirus can't do anything

If you think your computer's antivirus is strong enough to deal with all sorts of malware and virus attacks, think again!

30 Mar 2019


Watch out! Hackers are exploiting WordPress sites to spread malware

Next time, when you click on a link served via email, better look at the website it is redirecting you to - as it may install a ransomware/malware on your PC.

26 Mar 2019


How hackers infected several ASUS PCs using official software update

ASUS, a leading player in the personal computing arena, has suffered from a sophisticated espionage operation.

27 Jan 2019

Google Chrome

Watch out! This Trojan spoofs search results to steal cryptocurrency

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have flagged a new form of Trojan, one that uses disturbing new tricks to steal cryptocurrency.