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As the name suggests, Google Calendar is a calendar and scheduling service run by search giant Google. The beta version of Google Calendar debuted in April 2006 followed by a general release in 2009. As of August 2021, Google Calendar is available on several platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and the web. The platform allows users to create and manage events, set reminders, invite other Google users to collaborate on events, and other such useful collaborative features making it a lifesaver for G Suite and Google Business account users. Google also incorporated machine learning-enabled features such as “Events From Gmail” where information from emails can be used to automatically create Calendar events and “Smart Suggestions” where the app recommends titles, contacts, and locations when creating new events. Google Calendar comes preinstalled on most Android devices. The service remains free to use but G suite and Google Business customers get a few additional services and features.

17 Jun 2020

Now, you can have Google Meet calls via Gmail app

As the need for video-conferencing continues to surge due to the coronavirus pandemic, Google is doubling down on Meet, its premium virtual meeting platform.

02 Jan 2020

Want to keep your schedule private? Try the fully-encrypted ProtonCalendar

If you have grown tired of using Google/Microsoft's Calendars (and sharing personal data with them in the process), there is a new solution on offer - from the house of Proton.

02 Sep 2019

Gmail can stop co-workers from emailing when you're on vacation

Though nobody likes to be bombarded by work emails while sipping cocktails on a beach vacation, we all know that things like that can happen.

Google Calendar's bug: Here's how scammers can fool you

From the Pixels to the all-new Mi A3, every stock Android phone runs Google Calendar, one of the neatest calendar apps on the Google Play Store.

24 Jun 2019

How scammers are using Google Calendar to steal money

Scammers have a knack of coming up with nifty ways to con money out of people.

25 Aug 2018

#TechBytes: 5 new Gmail features worth checking out

Gmail recently revamped its service with a redesigned UI, new features, added functionalities, and of course, AI support to make your emailing experience better.

15 Jun 2018

Google's online tool for building business apps becomes available

Google has announced that its low-code tool for building business apps called "App Maker" is now available to use for all G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Education customers.

26 Apr 2018

Google launches new to-do app called Google Tasks

As part of Gmail's latest redesign, Google has added a new productivity application in its G-Suite called Tasks.

14 Apr 2018

Google to bring self-destructing emails in new Gmail

It has been reported that Google is working on a major Gmail redesign for the web.

12 Apr 2018

Google working on redesigning Gmail for web

Google is working on redesigning Gmail for the web.

27 Mar 2018

Here's how to find out what Google knows about you

Due to the recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, it has been highlighted how much of our data is stored and used without our knowledge.