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30 Nov 2021


Indian CEOs now manage these leading Silicon Valley technology companies

Parag Agrawal's transition from the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Twitter to the microblogging platform's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a landmark moment for the company.

03 Jan 2020


Five successful Indian-origin CEOs in Silicon Valley to know about

Indians have been making a mark in the global tech space for many decades, playing an important role in the industry and contributing in various ways.

14 Oct 2019


Don't upgrade! macOS Catalina is breaking app support

Ever since macOS Catalina started rolling out, users from different parts of the world have been complaining about broken app support.

15 Jun 2019

UC Berkeley

Adobe built an AI to spot photoshopped faces: Details here

Fake media content, particularly photos and videos, is seen as the next wave of misinformation.

24 Feb 2019


Bug damaging MacBook Pro speakers can be fixed: Here's how

Software bugs can render modern-day hardware unusable, but it is pretty unusual to see a bug capable of killing the hardware.

13 Oct 2018


Cryptocurrency mining malware found hidden in Adobe Flash updater

A windows installer carrying legit Adobe Flash update has been flagged as a potential source of cryptocurrency mining malware.

05 Oct 2017


Adobe integrates Aadhaar-based authentication on Adobe Sign

American multinational software firm Adobe Systems said that in order to promote e-signatures in India, it will now start integrating Aadhaar-based authentication into its e-signature feature "Adobe Sign".

26 Jul 2017


Adobe to pull the plug on Flash Player in 2020

Adobe Systems is going to end an era by retiring its once-popular Flash Player plug-in by 2020.