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Adobe won't use your content to train its AI anymore

Adobe has updated its terms of service agreement, following recent criticism over perceived changes.

Adobe Acrobat Reader introduces AI-powered image generation and editing

Adobe has updated its Acrobat Reader with new generative AI features, allowing users to create and edit pictures in PDFs using text prompts.

18 Jun 2024

US Government

US government sues Adobe over 'deceptive' subscription practices

The US government has initiated a lawsuit against Adobe, a leading software company.

06 Jun 2024


Social media users allege Adobe's policy update compromises privacy

Adobe's recent policy update has sparked concerns among social media users, who allege that the company now has full access to all user content.

Adobe faces backlash for selling AI-generated 'Ansel Adams-style' images

Adobe, the software giant, has come under fire from the Ansel Adams estate, for selling AI-generated imitations of the late photographer's work on its stock image platform.

Adobe Lightroom unveils AI-powered object removal tool: How it works

Adobe has announced the introduction of new generative AI tools to its photo editing platform, Lightroom.

04 May 2024


Adobe announces discontinuation of Photoshop Mix and Fix on Android

Adobe has recently disclosed its plans to discontinue the Photoshop Mix as well as Photoshop Fix apps on Android.

Adobe's AI-powered Photoshop tools to be available later this year

Adobe is set to transform its Photoshop software with the introduction of advanced AI tools, supported by the company's state-of-the-art Firefly Image 3 foundation model.

How Adobe aims to combat deepfakes during US presidential elections

Adobe is taking significant steps to combat the spread of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated videos or deepfakes in the upcoming US presidential election.

Adobe is purchasing video content to train its AI model

Adobe has launched a new initiative to acquire video content aimed at improving its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, according to Bloomberg.

04 Apr 2024


OnePlus releases AI photo-editing tool similar to Google's Magic Eraser

OnePlus has introduced an innovative photo editing tool called AI Eraser. This artificial intelligence-powered feature works similarly to Adobe's Generative Fill and Google's Magic Eraser.

03 Apr 2024


Adobe's Prativa Mohapatra lauds India's booming digital literacy

Managing Director of Adobe India, Prativa Mohapatra, on Wednesday highlighted the significant growth of digital literacy in India, despite ongoing challenges with conventional literacy.

26 Mar 2024


Canva's biggest acquisition yet will aid in taking on Adobe

Canva, Australia's leading start-up, has recently made its biggest acquisition yet.

Adobe Substance 3D debuts AI-driven 'Text to Texture' feature

Adobe has unveiled innovative beta features for its Substance 3D design software suite, made to simplify the 3D design workflow.

07 Mar 2024


Adobe Express introduces Firefly AI features in mobile beta app

Adobe has unveiled a mobile beta for Adobe Express, its cloud-dependent design platform, introducing Firefly-powered generative AI features to iOS and Android devices.

29 Feb 2024


Adobe's new AI tool can generate audio using text prompts

Adobe has unveiled Project Music GenAI Control, a cutting-edge AI tool that enables users to create and personalize music, sans any professional audio expertise.

Adobe Acrobat introduces AI assistant in beta: How it works

Adobe is revolutionizing the digital document experience with its latest addition to Acrobat PDF software - the "AI Assistant in Acrobat."

Google, Meta, OpenAI, others unite to combat AI election interference

The swift expansion of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has raised concerns that emerging technology might influence global elections this year.

03 Feb 2024


Apple Vision Pro gets Adobe's AI-powered services, crypto-focused metaverse app

Apple Vision Pro has debuted in the United States (US) market, accompanied by numerous app and service providers announcing their dedicated applications for the mixed-reality headset.

11 Oct 2023

Latest Tech News

Adobe's new AI feature can upscale low-resolution videos and GIFs

Adobe has developed an innovative AI-powered upscaling tool called "Project Res-Up" that aims to enhance the quality of low-resolution GIFs and video footage.

Adobe teases Project Stardust, AI-powered tool that promises effortless editing

Adobe is set to reveal Project Stardust, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered photo editing tool, at the Adobe Max event next week.

Adobe's Photoshop now available on web with AI editing tools

Adobe has just launched Photoshop on the web, a user-friendly online version of its popular photo editing software.

20 Aug 2023


John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe, passes away at 82

John Warnock, the visionary co-founder of Adobe, has passed away at the age of 82, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of innovation in computing and design.

28 Jul 2023

Latest Tech News

Photoshop gets an AI-powered 'uncropping' tool: How it works

People crop images to remove unnecessary parts from them seamlessly. What about the opposite of cropping?

30 Nov 2021


Indian CEOs now manage these leading Silicon Valley technology companies

Parag Agrawal's transition from the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Twitter to the microblogging platform's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a landmark moment for the company.

03 Jan 2020

Shantanu Narayen

Five successful Indian-origin CEOs in Silicon Valley to know about

Indians have been making a mark in the global tech space for many decades, playing an important role in the industry and contributing in various ways.

14 Oct 2019


Don't upgrade! macOS Catalina is breaking app support

Ever since macOS Catalina started rolling out, users from different parts of the world have been complaining about broken app support.

Adobe built an AI to spot photoshopped faces: Details here

Fake media content, particularly photos and videos, is seen as the next wave of misinformation.

24 Feb 2019


Bug damaging MacBook Pro speakers can be fixed: Here's how

Software bugs can render modern-day hardware unusable, but it is pretty unusual to see a bug capable of killing the hardware.

13 Oct 2018


Cryptocurrency mining malware found hidden in Adobe Flash updater

A windows installer carrying legit Adobe Flash update has been flagged as a potential source of cryptocurrency mining malware.

05 Oct 2017


Adobe integrates Aadhaar-based authentication on Adobe Sign

American multinational software firm Adobe Systems said that in order to promote e-signatures in India, it will now start integrating Aadhaar-based authentication into its e-signature feature "Adobe Sign".

26 Jul 2017


Adobe to pull the plug on Flash Player in 2020

Adobe Systems is going to end an era by retiring its once-popular Flash Player plug-in by 2020.