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#CareerBytes: Top online courses that computer science engineers can pursue

Computer science is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world and has also become a popular career choice as it offers lucrative opportunities.

#CareerBytes: Top online courses that techies are pursuing on Coursera

E-learning has been on the rise in recent years, and online courses have become hugely popular, especially in the tech field.

28 Jul 2019


#CareerBytes: Top online courses to pursue to land IT jobs

Working in the field of information technology (IT) is one of the most popular career choices among youngsters as it is quite rewarding.

10 Aug 2018


#CareerBytes: Top 5 websites to help you become a blogger

If you've always been fascinated by a career in blogging, stop thinking and make it happen.

06 Aug 2018


#CareerBytes: Top 5 websites to learn the basics of finance

Whether you want to be able to manage your finances better, mean to complement your college studies, or are just passionately curious to learn finance, learning the basics of finance becomes instrumental to further advancement.

21 Jul 2018


#CareerBytes: Channelize your inner Shakespeare with these online creative-writing courses

The way to a person's intellect is through good writing. When you write creatively, you are telling your audience a story asking them to believe in the world you have created.

03 Jul 2018


#CareerBytes: These 6 online-courses will make you a Game Programmer

Over the decades, the gaming industry has evolved immensely and is one of the world's most profitable businesses today.

01 Jun 2018


6 technologies you must know for a job in IT-sector

As a software engineer, if you are beginning your career, or thinking of a change, web technology is the space to be in.

24 May 2018


Google and Coursera launch advanced online course on machine learning

Google and Coursera have launched a new online course on machine learning (ML) called "Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization."

21 Jan 2018


Google's certificate course for IT beginners in 8 months!

Dreaming of working with Google, Microsoft and other IT giants but no experience? No worries. Google is now bringing an exciting opportunity.

29 Nov 2017

Bharti Airtel

Airtel joins hands with Coursera for creating future-ready workforce

Bharti Airtel has partnered with online education/learning tech company Coursera for teaching advanced skills to its employees as the largest Indian telco aims to become a future-ready organization.

20 Jun 2017


Scholarship of Rs. 1cr for UG programs in Australia

Good news for Indian students. Sydney-based Macquarie University is launching the second edition of 0the Big History International Student Undergraduate Scholarship.