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10 Sep 2023

G20 Summit

'Ukraine issue didn't hijack agenda': Russia lauds India's G20 Presidency

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, on Sunday, praised India's G20 Presidency, reported NDTV.

25 Jul 2023

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden may face impeachment probe

Amid serious financial strains in the United States (US), the country is facing a fresh challenge as calls for President Joe Biden's impeachment grow louder.

19 Jul 2023

Donald Trump

Donald Trump's poll promise: 'Will end Russia-Ukraine conflict in 24-hours'

Former United States President Donald Trump said that over 500 days of the Russia-Ukraine war could end in a day if he returns to power, Fox News reported.

15 Jul 2023

Narendra Modi

PM Modi to meet UAE president today, hold bilateral discussions

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Saturday on an official visit, where he will meet the ruler of Abu Dhabi and UAE President, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

14 Jul 2023

Narendra Modi

After India-France Rafael deal, PM Modi attends Bastille Day parade

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the Bastille Day celebrations on Friday as the Guest of Honor with French President Emmanuel Macron.

14 Jul 2023

Narendra Modi

Modi becomes first Indian PM to receive France's highest award

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been conferred with the prestigious Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, the highest award in military or civilian orders in France, by French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday.

13 Jul 2023

Narendra Modi

PM Modi embarks on 2-day visit to France

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on his much-anticipated visit to France on Thursday.

10 Jul 2023

Narendra Modi

India to procure 26 Rafale-M fighters, attack submarines from France 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reportedly set to sign a new defense deal with French President Emmanuel Macron during his France visit on Thursday.

08 Jul 2023

Narendra Modi

Modi France visit: Macron to host ceremonial dinner at Louvre

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron when he arrives in Paris next week to take the Indo-French bilateral ties to new heights.

06 Jul 2023


France to let police spy on suspects through phones: Report

The police in France will be able to spy on suspects by remotely activating the microphone, camera, and GPS of their mobiles and other devices as part of a wider justice reform bill, AFP reported.

06 Jul 2023


Macron's advisor in Delhi ahead of PM Modi's France visit

The diplomatic advisor to French President Emmanuel Macron, Emmanuel Bonne, is reportedly set to arrive in Delhi on Thursday. During his one-day trip, he would iron out the bilateral agenda and possible outcomes of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's two-day visit to Paris next week.

02 Jul 2023

Narendra Modi

France offers to co-produce fighter jet engines in India

Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to France, the European country has reportedly made an offer to India to co-produce an engine that will power twin-engine advanced multi-role combat aircraft (AMCA) and the twin-engine deck-based fighter (TEDBF) for Indian aircraft carriers.

01 Jul 2023


France police shooting: 471 arrested on 4th night of violence

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said at least 471 people were apprehended on Friday night—compared to 917 arrests on Thursday—in the violence that has engulfed France following the alleged police shooting of a teenager.

30 Jun 2023


Why is France burning

The brutal police shooting of a 17-year-old teenager outside the French capital of Paris earlier this week sparked massive riots in the country's suburbs, with hundreds of angry protesters being arrested, cars being torched, and shops being ransacked.

29 Jun 2023


France police shooting: 180 arrested in violence over teenager's killing

The police in France have arrested at least 180 protesters as the country witnessed nationwide violent protests for the second day.

08 Jun 2023


France: 4 toddlers injured in mass stabbing, accused arrested

At least five people, including four toddlers, were injured in a mass stabbing in the Annecy town of the French Alps, a mountain range in France, AFP reported, quoting security officials.

29 May 2023

Joe Biden

#NewsBytesExplainer: Why President Joe Biden's son may face serious charges

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) may press "serious charges" against Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden's son, former US Attorney General William Barr said.

05 May 2023

Narendra Modi

Modi to be France's Guest of Honor on National Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the Guest of Honor on France's National Day, also known as Bastille Day, on July 14.

13 Apr 2023


China hails Emmanuel Macron amid criticism over his Taiwan remarks

Following a three-day visit to China, French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday said that the European Union should distance itself from Chinese-American tensions over Taiwan.

06 Apr 2023

Xi Jinping

Relying on you to sway Russia: Emmanuel Macron tells Jinping

French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing and reportedly urged him to reason with close ally Russia and assist in ending the ongoing Ukraine war.

14 Feb 2023

Air India

In historic deal, Air India to acquire 250 Airbus aircraft

Tata Group-owned Air India has penned the biggest aviation deal in history with Airbus. The airline will buy 250 aircraft from the French manufacturer.

13 Aug 2022


Salman Rushdie on ventilator, may lose an eye, liver damaged

Indian-born British author Salman Rushdie has been put on a ventilator in a critical condition after he was stabbed at an event in the New York state.

20 Jun 2022


France: President Emmanuel Macron loses parliamentary majority in unprecedented setback

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday lost his parliamentary majority in a major setback to his plans.

05 May 2022

Narendra Modi

Paris meet with Macron concludes PM Modi's Europe tour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday met French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

04 May 2022

Narendra Modi

Europe tour: PM Modi to attend India-Nordic Summit in Denmark

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the second India-Nordic Summit in Copenhagen before wrapping up his Denmark visit on Wednesday.

01 May 2022

Narendra Modi

Marathon meetings for PM Modi on Europe tour from Monday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit Germany, Denmark, and France from Monday (May 2) to Wednesday (May 4).

25 Apr 2022


PM Modi to meet France's Emmanuel Macron during Europe tour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to meet the freshly re-elected French President Emmanuel Macron during his upcoming Europe tour from May 2 to 6.

25 Apr 2022


French President Emmanuel Macron wins second term defeating Le Pen

France President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday won the re-election for his second term by defeating his rival far-right leader, Marine Le Pen.

07 Mar 2022


Russia declares ceasefire again in Ukraine to open humanitarian corridors

Russia has declared a ceasefire on Monday again to open humanitarian corridors in several Ukrainian cities including the capital Kyiv at 1000 Moscow time (0700 GMT).

21 Sep 2021

Narendra Modi

Modi, Macron discuss cooperation after France's fallout with Australia, US

India and France have vowed to "act jointly" in the Indo-Pacific region, a statement from the French presidency said on Tuesday.

12 Jun 2021


France supports India over lifting export curbs on vaccine materials

French President Emmanuel Macron has asked the Group of Seven (G-7) countries to end restrictions on the export of raw materials needed for the production of coronavirus vaccines - a demand India has been raising with the United States as it struggles with shortages.

08 Jun 2021


France President Emmanuel Macron slapped in face; 2 arrested

French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face during a walkabout in southern France on Tuesday.

01 Apr 2021


France to close schools, ban domestic travel as virus surges

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced a three-week nationwide school closure and a month-long domestic travel ban, as the rapid spread of the virus ramped up pressure on hospitals.

08 Mar 2021


Olivier Dassault, France's billionaire politician, dies in helicopter crash

Olivier Dassault, a French politician and billionaire, died on Sunday around 6 pm (local time) due to a helicopter crash near Deauville in northern France, multiple reports said.

17 Dec 2020


French President Emmanuel Macron tests positive for coronavirus

French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for coronavirus, joining the long list of notable international personalities to have contracted the disease, that originated in China late last year.

30 Oct 2020


France round-up: Attack flayed globally, Malaysia's ex-PM justifies violence

A knife-wielding attacker beheaded a woman and killed two others at a church in Nice, France, on Thursday, evoking anger and disbelief in the European country, and condemnation globally.

29 Oct 2020


France: Days after teacher's beheading, three killed in knife attack

In a deplorable incident, a knife-wielding attacker killed three people, including a woman, at a church in the French city of Nice, police said on Thursday. Several others are said to be injured.

29 Oct 2020


Macron, lambasted for criticizing radical Islam, finds support in India

France's President Emmanuel Macron, who is facing the heat from Muslim nations for his views against radical Islam, got support from India on Wednesday, a move that shows the amicable ties between both the nations.

28 Oct 2020


Charlie Hebdo's caricature featuring Erdogan deepens spat between Turkey, France

France's satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has become the latest reason for tensions between Paris and Ankara after Wednesday's edition mocked Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

17 Oct 2020


President Macron calls teacher's beheading in France "Islamist terrorist attack"

The teacher, who showed caricatures of Prophet Muhammad to his class, became a victim of an Islamist terrorist attack, President Emmanuel Macron said.

28 Aug 2019


Amazon Fires turn personal: Brazil demands apology before accepting aid

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has refused to accept international aid to deal with the devastating fires that have ravaged the Amazon rainforest for weeks.

26 Aug 2019


Modi, Trump to meet today; will discuss Kashmir and trade

US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet on Monday in France on the sidelines of the G7 Summit and are likely to discuss trade as well as the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

30 Jul 2019


Soon, France will weaponize its satellites with guns and lasers

Humanity's future in space revolves around manned missions to Mars and beyond.

25 Jul 2019

Justin Bieber

French MPs boycott teen activist Greta Thunberg's Parliament appearance

Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg (16) was recently mocked by right-wing French lawmakers, who also boycotted her appearance in the French Parliament.

16 Apr 2019


Paris stunned as 850-year-old Notre-Dame cathedral goes up in smoke

A colossal fire swept through the 850-year-old UNESCO world heritage landmark, Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris yesterday, causing the Gothic spire to collapse and threatening to destroy the entire masterpiece and its precious artworks.

16 Apr 2019


Notre-Dame fire: Design of 850-year-old cathedral made firefighters' job difficult

On Monday, Parisians watched one of their city's iconic cathedral go up in flames and the rest of the world mourned the loss of history too.

11 Apr 2019

Theresa May

Trick or treat? Brexit delayed until Halloween, October 31

European Union leaders and Britain today agreed to a Brexit extension that will allow the UK to delay its EU departure date until Halloween.

30 Jan 2019

Theresa May

EU rejects Theresa May's attempt to reopen Brexit talks

European leaders moved quickly yesterday to reject an attempt by Britain's PM Theresa May to re-open talks on the Brexit deal, as British lawmakers voted to demand changes.

12 Jan 2019


Central Paris rocked by massive blast; gas leak suspected

On Saturday morning, a massive explosion rocked the center of Paris, leaving behind multiple injuries, and wrecked cars.

16 Dec 2018


Nations agree on milestone common rulebook for Paris climate treaty

Nations today struck a deal to breathe life into the landmark 2015 Paris climate treaty after marathon UN talks that failed to match the ambition the world's most vulnerable countries need to avert dangerous global warming.

02 Dec 2018


All about France's worst civil riots in a decade

After demonstrations in Paris turned violent on Saturday, the French government is considering declaring a state of emergency in a bid to prevent a repeat of the worst civil unrest in the country in a decade.

02 Dec 2018


Six politicians who professed their love for their wives, unabashedly

Politicians are mostly vocal about everything: their party, its policies, opposition and their follies.

02 Dec 2018


I will never accept violence: Macron says after Paris protests

French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday denounced protesters against him as chaos seekers, as the growing demonstrations first triggered by planned fuel price hikes turned violent.

25 Nov 2018


Paris: Thousands protest in 'feminist tidal wave' against sexist violence

Tens of thousands of people rallied across Europe yesterday against sexist violence, with more than 30,000 turning out in Paris.

14 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

Trump criticizes Macron over European defense remarks, again

Donald Trump yesterday launched another attack against Emmanuel Macron over the French President's call for a European army, a proposal the US leader earlier had dubbed "insulting."

12 Nov 2018


Nationalism betrays patriotism: Macron lectures Trump in Paris

At the World War I Armistice Day commemoration in Paris on Sunday, just as the world watched global leaders pay their respects to the fallen, France President Emmanuel Macron renounced US President Donald Trump's idea of nationalism.

10 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

French President Macron's call for European Army 'very insulting': Trump

US President Donald Trump today said the suggestion of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that Europe should build its own army was "very insulting," asserting that Europe should first pay its "fair share" to NATO.

11 Oct 2018


#RafaleDeal: Report says Reliance was 'mandatory' for Dassault, French-company denies

In the ongoing controversy over Rafale Deal signed between India and France, a French media investigative journal Mediapart has found choosing Reliance was 'mandatory' for Dassault, but the company has dismissed the claims.

03 Oct 2018

Narendra Modi

#ChampionsOfTheEarth: "Clean and green environment is NDA government's priority"

A clean and green environment is at the root of his government's policies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Delhi today as he was presented the UN's 'Champions of the Earth' award by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

27 Sep 2018

Narendra Modi

PM Modi, French President Macron get UN's highest environmental honor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron have been jointly awarded the UN's highest environmental honor for their pioneering work in championing the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and promoting new areas of cooperation on environmental action.

26 Sep 2018


Rafale-deal: Macron says he wasn't in power during finalization

Diving into the controversy over Rafale Deal, French President Emmanuel Macron has said he wasn't in power when the agreement was inked and maintained it was a government-to-government discussion.