Leonardo da Vinci: News

30 May 2022


Mona Lisa portrait attacked by man dressed as a woman

The iconic portrait of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum in Paris was recently attacked by a man who was disguised as an old woman.

24 Jan 2021


Italian Police seize 500-year-old stolen Leonardo Da Vinci painting

Imagine spotting a shady looking artwork that appears to be that of Leonardo Da Vinci's, which turns out to really be one, and that too at a place where it isn't supposed to be.

13 Nov 2019

Range Rover

Interesting facts and figures about Land Rover

Like Bentley, McLaren, and other British automakers, Land Rover has become a symbol of luxury and performance.

30 Jul 2019


Five best museums around the world

Featuring artifacts of great scientific, historic and cultural significance, museums are a great way to get to know a country, its people, culture and more.

04 Jun 2019


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might ditch physical buttons, headphone jack

Not just its tweaked punch-hole design and rear camera layout, there are many design features which can come as a surprise on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

25 May 2019


Samsung's creepy AI brings Mona Lisa to life: Here's how

Can you imagine a centuries-old painting in an animated avatar?

17 Dec 2017


Another crown jewel for the Saudi Crown Prince

Spread over 57 acres of landscaped parks, the Chateau Louis XIV with its gold-leafed fountains, hedged labyrinths, and marbled statues sold for over $300 million in 2015.

16 Nov 2017

Jesus Christ

Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi fetches a record $450mn

A 500-year-old painting by acclaimed artist Leonardo da Vinci has been sold in an auction in New York for a record $450.3mn.

01 Oct 2017


Leonardo da Vinci might have drawn a nude Mona Lisa

After a month of tests on a particular painting, curators and scientists at the Louvre in Paris have determined that Italian Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci might have drawn a nude Mona Lisa.

13 Jun 2017


Looking back at the history of self-driven cars

A future filled with autonomous vehicles might not be a distant dream anymore.