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AI professionals are advocating for 'Right to Warn' initiative

A group of former and current employees from leading AI companies, including OpenAI, Google DeepMind, and Anthropic, are advocating for a "Right to Warn" initiative.

Anthropic recruits ex-OpenAI safety chief to lead new 'Superalignment' team

Jan Leike, a prominent AI researcher who recently resigned from OpenAI, has joined Anthropic, a rival firm.

16 May 2024

Mike Krieger

Anthropic appoints Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger as Chief Product Officer

AI startup Anthropic has appointed Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram and personalized news app Artifact, as its first Chief Product Officer.

Anthropic opens its AI tech to minors with safety provisions

AI start-up Anthropic has updated its policies, now allowing teens and preteens to use third-party applications powered by its AI models.

02 May 2024


Anthropic launches Claude mobile app for iOS users

Anthropic, the company behind the innovative Claude 3 series of AI models, has unveiled a mobile app for iOS users.

Anthropic CEO discusses potential of AI self-replication in near future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing at an unprecedented rate, with some experts predicting its potential for self-sustainability and replication.