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Github is a code repository designed for companies and individual programmers. Conceptualized in 2007, Github is used by 65+ million developers and 3+ million organizations to build, ship, and maintain software code. Github claims it is the world’s largest and most advanced development platform in the world. The company also provides collaborative version control and package repository management. It is headquartered in California and has been a subsidiary of Microsoft since 2018. Github was originally a flat organization with no mid-level managers and everyone was considered as a manager. Employees could choose to work on any project but the pay was decided by the CEO. In 2014, a layer of middle management was introduced. Github’s interesting mascot is an “octocat”, a cat with eight octopus-like arms. The character was created by graphic designer Simon Oxley as clip art for sale on iStock. Github noticed his work after Twitter chose a bird Oxley designed as their logo. The mascot has since been adapted for different purposes of Github.

03 Jan 2022


Bulli Bai: FIR registered against 'online auction' on Muslim women

The Delhi cyber police have registered an FIR against a dubious application that uploaded images of Muslim women "for auction."

27 May 2020

NITI Aayog

Finally, government open-sources Aarogya Setu: Here's what it means

In a major development, India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has open-sourced Aarogya Setu, its contact-tracing app for COVID-19.

07 May 2020


Facebook led to crashing of several popular apps on iOS

A few hours ago, Spotify, Tinder, TikTok, Pinterest, and many other popular apps started crashing on iOS.

22 Apr 2020

Elon Musk

Watch: AI-created Elon Musk Zoom-bombs virtual meeting

You may already know about deepfakes, the AI-generated clips that show one person's face or voice in another person's video.

05 Oct 2019


Alert: Don't send GIFs via WhatsApp, till you update it

A new vulnerability has been discovered in WhatsApp which allows hackers to gain access to your files and messages by leveraging malicious GIFs.

05 Jul 2019


DeepNude, app that made women appear nude, still remains accessible

In a shocking development, multiple outlets have reported that DeepNude, the app that made women appear nude, is still available on the internet.

24 Jun 2019


Why Microsoft banned employees from using Slack, other software products

Microsoft appears to have banned certain software products for its employees.

05 May 2019


Someone is hacking, deleting GitHub repositories for Bitcoins

Reportedly, GitHub has been hit by hackers who are hijacking private code repositories and deleting them in order to blackmail their owners for ransom.

23 Mar 2019


Microsoft's 'Clippy' Office assistant resurrected, then killed

Back in the day, when Microsoft Office wasn't really popular, it had an animated assistant called Clippy.

01 Nov 2018


Facebook's face-detection AI can now identify galaxies; and, it's free

An artificial intelligence (AI) program, that earlier used to recognize faces on Facebook, has been modified for a special purpose.

25 Oct 2018


Windows Zero-day vulnerability capable of deleting files uncovered

A new zero-day vulnerability that can be exploited to delete Windows system files has been uncovered by a security researcher.

28 Sep 2018


Beware WhatsApp users: This spyware can steal your WhatsApp data

A new Android-based spyware has been spotted on the internet, one that could compromise your smartphone's critical data including your WhatsApp messages, photos, and contacts.

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04 Jun 2018


Microsoft acquires GitHub: Is this the end of open-source software?

Microsoft has acquired world's largest open-source code repository website, GitHub for a whopping $7.5 billion in an all-stock deal.

02 Jun 2018


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31 Mar 2018


If you can't #DeleteFacebook, you can at least #ConfuseFacebook

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal highlighted how Cambridge Analytica obtained user data of 50 million people from Facebook without their permission to allegedly help Donald Trump get elected as the US President.

03 Mar 2018


GitHub overcomes world's largest DDoS attack in under 10 minutes

The largest known DDoS attack in the world targeted software development platform GitHub this week, and the latter was impressively able to overcome it in under 10 minutes.

24 Jan 2018


Flicks: A new unit of time invented by Facebook

Facebook has come up with a new way of measuring time. Just like hours, minutes and seconds, there's now a new unit of time called "Flicks" invented by Facebook's Virtual Reality team.

22 Nov 2017


Uber paid hackers $100,000; concealed data stolen of 57mn users

Uber is facing another PR nightmare. It has emerged that the company concealed a massive data breach affecting 57mn users/riders for a whole year.

23 Sep 2016

North Korea

Reddit internet traffic brings down North Korea's internet

North Korea's internet service came to a standstill when links to websites available in North Korea were posted online on Reddit.

18 Aug 2016


Could Google have a brand new OS?

Google appears to be heading towards a fresh start by developing a brand new operating system.