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Solar System

Scientists discover a weird and previously unknown form of ice

Scientists from Cambridge and University College London (UCL) have created a new form of ice which is amorphous in nature.

30 Jan 2023


Scientists create a unique robot with shape-shifting capabilities

Scientists from China and the US have designed a liquid metal robot that can reversibly transition between liquid and solid states.

24 Jan 2023


Earth's core has stopped spinning and might reverse direction: Study

The Earth's inner core rotation has 'paused,' claims new research. Earthquake data suggests the inner core stopped rotating faster than the rest of the planet in 2009.

20 Jan 2023

Solar Energy

Scientists discover efficient method of growing crops under solar panels

Scientists from the University of California, Davis, have come up with a method that can make agrivoltaic systems, the process of growing crops under solar panels, more efficient.

In a first, scientists create a robot that can smell

A team of researchers from Tel Aviv University has developed a robot with a sense of smell. It was created by combining antennae taken from desert locusts with an electronic system, and artificial intelligence tools were used for signal analysis.

In a first, scientists divert lightning strikes using lasers

Scientists, for the first time, have shown that high-powered lasers can be used to steer lightning strikes.

10 Jan 2023


"Miracle material" can efficiently convert plastics into sustainable fuels

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a system that can convert plastic waste and greenhouse gases into sustainable fuels by using solar energy.

05 Jan 2023


Solar-powered cells can potentially slow down aging, claims study

The use of solar-powered cells could help prolong the human lifespan, reveals a study published in Nature.

03 Jan 2023


Study reveals key proteins involved in the regulation of photosynthesis

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology and the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University have uncovered the importance of two major proteins, called VCCN1 and KEA3, in the regulation of photosynthesis.

08 Dec 2022


2 million-year-old DNA, the oldest-ever, uncovers Greenland's lost world

Two million-year-old DNA fragments, found in frozen soil in the northeastern tip of Greenland, are the oldest DNA ever obtained.

24 Nov 2022

Health & Wellness

Popular sanitary pads have harmful chemicals, could cause cancer: Study

A study done by a Delhi-based environmental NGO, Toxics Link, revealed that popular sanitary napkins sold across India contain high amounts of harmful chemicals like phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

21 Nov 2022


Meta's AI, trained on 48mn scientific papers, dumped in 2-days

Meta AI in collaboration with Papers with Code, launched Galactica, an open-source large language model for science, on November 15.

17 Nov 2022

Nature Communications

Cows fed with hemp got high; produced milk with THC

A new study published in the journal Nature Food has revealed that cows produced milk with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis, when fed with industrial hemp.

09 Nov 2022


No 60% quota for JRF-NET holders in PhD: UGC

A suggestion for reserving 60% of seats for the National Eligibility Test/Junior Research Fellowship holders in all higher education institutions has been dropped.

02 Nov 2022


'Smart RBCs' might be effective in addressing antibiotic resistance: Study

The rising increase in antibiotic resistance is a serious concern. Scientists at McMaster University in Canada have come up with a strategy that modifies red blood corpuscles (RBCs) to act as a vehicle for transporting antibiotics to the site of bacterial infection.

30 Aug 2022


Five scholarships for PhD candidates in India

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees are pursued by postgraduate holders who seek a career in research.

23 Aug 2022


Research says that dogs produce tears when reunited with owners

Dogs are a man's best friend and quite literally so.

05 Aug 2022


#NewsBytesExplainer: How Yale scientists revived pig organs after death

Scientists have rebooted the vital organs of deceased pigs in an experiment that bioethicists say may push a revaluation of how the body dies and further blur the line between life and death.

05 Aug 2022

Oral Hygiene

Choose this hydrogel therapy over your toothbrush for whiter teeth

What is the first thing people notice when they meet you? It's your smile!

29 Jul 2022


Dogs might be able to 'see' with their snouts: Study

Dogs possess the exceptional ability to smell and track objects, besides displaying intelligence and laudable memory skills.

07 Jul 2022


Aliens could communicate with earthlings using quantum messages

If an intelligent alien civilization were to come across us, how do you think they'd communicate?

UGC NET 2022: NTA announces exam schedule, check details here

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced the final examination dates for the University Grants Commission's National Eligibility Test (UGC NET) for the December 2021 and June 2022 merged cycles.

Scientists moving toward a pill packed with benefits of exercising

Science has gifted humanity with several unbelievable things, and now it seems it is closer to packing the benefits of exercise in a pill.

07 Jun 2022


IIT Madras launches 'Out of the Box Thinking' mathematical course

Starting from July 2022, the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT Madras) will offer a new mathematics course titled "Out of the Box Thinking."

29 Nov 2021

3D Printing

This 3D-printable 'living ink' can capture toxins, release anti-cancer drugs

The next logical step to 3D printing inanimate objects is to print living beings, and a team of researchers appears to have done just that. They have developed an ink that can be 3D printed that comprises engineered bacterial cells.

16 Nov 2021

Economic Survey

China overtakes US as world's richest; experts sound caution

China has overtaken the United States as the world's richest country, a recent report by the research arm of consultants McKinsey & Co. revealed.

23 Oct 2021


COVID-19 cuts India's life expectancy by 2 years, says study

COVID-19 reduced life expectancy in India by two years in 2020, a study found.

29 Sep 2021

Air Pollution

Air pollution linked to six million preterm births globally: Study

Air pollution likely contributed to nearly six million premature births and almost three million underweight babies around the world in 2019, according to a study published on Wednesday.

24 Sep 2021

North America

Early humans were walking across North America 23,000 years ago

Fossilized footprints discovered in New Mexico indicate that early humans were walking across North America around 23,000 years ago, researchers reported Thursday.

15 Sep 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine produces lasting immune response: Study

Immunity generated by the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine lasts for at least six months, and there is no indicator that vaccinated people will need a booster shot, according to a study.

09 Sep 2021


No serious vaccine side effects in breastfeeding moms, infants: Study

Breastfeeding mothers vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna preventive experienced similar side effects to what have previously been reported in non-breastfeeding women, while infants exhibited no adverse events after immunization, a study has found.

01 Sep 2021


Indian-led team develops online search system to limit COVID-19 misinformation

A team led by an Indian-origin researcher in Canada has developed a system that increases the correctness and reliability of online health-related searches by 80% to help people make better decisions about topics such as COVID-19.

Single COVAXIN dose might be enough for those previously infected

A single dose of Bharat Biotech's COVAXIN in previously COVID-19-infected individuals elicits a similar antibody response as obtained with two doses of the vaccine in those without a previous history of the disease, according to an ICMR study.

26 Aug 2021


COVID-19 most-transmissible two days before, three days after symptoms appear

People infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, are most contagious two days before, and three days after they develop symptoms, according to a study conducted in China.

25 Aug 2021


Breast milk of vaccinated mothers contains antibodies that fight COVID-19

The breast milk of lactating mothers who have received the COVID-19 vaccine contains a significant supply of antibodies that may help protect nursing infants from the illness, according to a study.

23 Aug 2021


COVID-19 antibody that protects against broad range of variants identified

Researchers have identified an antibody that is highly protective at low doses against a wide range of variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes the deadly COVID-19.

12 Aug 2021


COVID-19 may become childhood disease in few years: Study

COVID-19 may behave like other common-cold coronaviruses in the next few years, affecting mostly young children who haven't yet been vaccinated or exposed to the virus, according to a modeling study published on Thursday.

10 Aug 2021

Health & Wellness

Global eradication of COVID-19 more feasible than polio: Study

The global eradication of COVID-19 is more feasible than it is for polio, but considerably less so than it was for smallpox, according to an analysis published in the journal BMJ Global Health on Tuesday.

05 Aug 2021

Air Pollution

Air pollution linked with higher risk of dementia: Study

Even a small increase in the levels of fine particle pollution (PM2.5) is associated with a greater risk of dementia for people living in those areas, shows a study conducted in the US.

03 Aug 2021

Tamil Nadu

DU researchers discover new frog species in Western Ghats

A team of researchers from Delhi University has recently discovered a frog species from the Western Ghats and named it after former vice-chancellor Professor Deepak Pental, according to a statement.