Science and Technology: News

18 Jun 2024


Indian scientists develop self-healing polymers using waste materials

Researchers at Shiv Nadar University have invented sustainable polymers using industrial waste, marking a significant stride in tackling the global plastic pollution crisis.

16 Jun 2024

Health & Wellness

Human brain neurons may exist in 2 states of matter

A groundbreaking study published in Communications Physics, suggests that the neurons in our brain may exist in two distinct states of matter, and cannot be definitively categorized as solely one of them.

Brain cells may predict future events during sleep, study reveals

A recent study from the University of Michigan suggests that neurons in the brain's memory center, may not only revisit past experiences during sleep.

05 Jun 2024


G-Dragon joins KAIST as a visiting professor

Renowned artist G-Dragon has been appointed as a visiting professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

03 Jun 2024


New blood test predicts breast cancer recurrence years before symptoms

Despite advancements in treatment, diseases like breast cancer often return, usually at a more advanced stage.

02 Jun 2024


Groundbreaking discovery: Tiny fern holds largest genome ever sequenced

In a remarkable scientific breakthrough, researchers have discovered the largest genome ever sequenced in a small Pacific fern known as T. oblanceolata.

31 May 2024


World's first tooth-regrowing drug approved for human trials

A revolutionary drug capable of regenerating teeth, has been greenlit for human trials.

31 May 2024


Wordle vs Worldle: NYT files case against geography spinoff game

The New York Times (NYT), owner of the popular online game Wordle, is legally challenging a geography-based spinoff named Worldle.

26 May 2024


ICQ instant messaging service to shut down after 28 years

Russian company VK, which has managed the once-popular instant messaging service ICQ since 2010, has announced that "ICQ will stop working from June 26."

19 May 2024


Scientists create app to annoy users into reducing smartphone usage

Scientists have developed a novel application, InteractOut, with the aim of reducing excessive smartphone usage.

18 May 2024

Gaming Bytes

Ayaneo announces modernized Game Boy, power bank, mini-PC, and more

Ayaneo, a handheld gaming PC maker, has announced two new emulator-centric pocket computers.

12 May 2024


Physicists uncover potential evidence of the hypothetical 'Glueball' particle

Researchers may have unearthed potential evidence of the elusive 'glueball' particle in a recent particle accelerator experiment.

12 May 2024

Space News

Warp drives for interstellar travel could become reality, study suggests

A groundbreaking study led by Jared Fuchs, a senior scientist at Applied Physics, suggests that warp drives may no longer be confined to the realm of science fiction.

US college students discover new proofs of Pythagoras's theorem

Two US college freshmen, Calcea Johnson and Ne'Kiya Jackson, have once again made waves in the mathematical world.

05 May 2024


Laron syndrome's genetic mutation can protect people from aging

Medical professionals are intrigued by a unique genetic anomaly known as Laron syndrome, which is primarily seen in certain individuals with dwarfism.

05 May 2024


Revolutionary discovery! Bacteria converts blood to universal donor type

A team of researchers has made a groundbreaking discovery, unearthing a common bacteria capable of modifying enzymes in blood.

29 Apr 2024


Philips shares soar after $1.1B settlement of sleep apnea-related claims

Philips, a prominent medical equipment manufacturer, witnessed a record 37% surge in its shares in Amsterdam.

28 Apr 2024


Archaeologists uncover structures possibly serving as 'Pathways for the Dead'

In a significant archaeological breakthrough, ancient structures believed to be "pathways for the dead" have been discovered in Baltinglass, County Wicklow, Ireland.

27 Apr 2024


Scientists discover rocks that provide earliest evidence of Earth's magnetosphere

A groundbreaking study led by University of Oxford geologist Claire Nichols, has uncovered evidence of Earth's magnetic field in 3.7-billion-year-old rocks from Isua, Greenland.

26 Apr 2024

3D Printing

World's largest 3D printer can build home in 80 hours

The University of Maine has made headlines by unveiling the world's largest polymer 3D printer, named the Factory of the Future 1.0 (FoF 1.0).

26 Apr 2024


Hasbro's new Megatron is the coolest self-transforming toy ever

American multinational toy company Hasbro, in collaboration with Robosen, has introduced a new self-transforming Megatron toy.

26 Apr 2024


New imaging technique offers insights into how cancer cells work

Scientists from the University of Surrey, in collaboration with University College London, GSK, Yokogawa, and Sciex, have developed an innovative imaging method for cancer.

23 Apr 2024


Memory formation triggers inflammation and DNA damage in brain cells

A recent study, published in Nature, has unveiled that the formation of long-term memories can trigger inflammation and cause DNA damage in brain cells.

22 Apr 2024


Alien life likely to be purple and not green: Research

The quest for extraterrestrial life has taken an intriguing twist with scientists now proposing that alien life may be purple rather than green.

21 Apr 2024

North America

Scientists clone black-footed ferrets from cells dating back to 1988

In a significant conservation achievement, scientists have successfully cloned two black-footed ferrets, Noreen and Antonia.

19 Apr 2024


Fossil discovered in Kutch likely belongs to largest-ever living snake

A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee has made a significant discovery in Gujarat's Kutch region.

15 Apr 2024

Space News

Rare celestial event to shed light on Stonehenge's lunar connection

During an upcoming rare lunar event, a new project is set to investigate the connection between Wiltshire-based pre-historic megalithic structure Stonehenge and the Moon.

Mini 5G towers could solve your smartphone battery woes: Research

A team of scientists from the University of California has proposed an innovative strategy that could potentially extend smartphone battery life by up to 50% in urban areas.

10 Apr 2024

Solar System

Earth could be swallowed up by Sun, warns new study

A new research suggests a dramatic end awaits our solar system as the Sun exhausts its energy reserves.

10 Apr 2024


Harvard researchers develop novel 'smart fluid' that changes its properties

A team of scientists at Harvard University has achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of metamaterials by creating a programmable fluid called "metafluid."

07 Apr 2024


Researchers unintentionally made mouse develop legs in place of genitals

In a surprising turn of events, scientists at Portugal's Gulbenkian Science Institute, have inadvertently engineered a mouse embryo to grow an extra pair of legs in place of genitals.

04 Apr 2024


Innovative gene-editing trial paused as patient experiences unusual side effects

Verve Therapeutics, a pioneering biotech start-up, has temporarily halted its inaugural human gene-editing trial known as the "Heart-1" trial.

27 Mar 2024


Human brains growing larger with each generation, says study

A groundbreaking study has found that the human brain has been gradually growing in size over generations.

21 Mar 2024


Physicist found guilty of research misconduct in superconductivity breakthrough

Ranga Dias, a physicist who developed novel room-temperature superconductor, has been found guilty of research misconduct.

26 Feb 2024

IIT Madras

Indian-origin professor Ashok Veeraraghavan receives Texas' most prestigious award

Dr. Ashok Veeraraghavan, a talented computer engineer and professor of Indian origin, has been awarded the prestigious Edith and Peter O'Donnell Award—the highest academic honor in Texas.

19 Feb 2024


Canadian lakes offer insights into life's beginnings

Around four billion years ago, as life first emerged on Earth, the environment likely resembled a barren volcanic landscape devoid of flora and fauna, rather than being predominantly oceanic.

15 Feb 2024


Exploring Point Nemo: The remotest place on earth

Deep within the vast expanse of the ocean lies a geographic anomaly known as Point Nemo, an invisible spot.

08 Feb 2024


Snow Moon, Jupiter-Moon union: Unmissable celestial events happening in February 

As we step into the spring breeze of February, the night sky is ready to set the stage for cosmic wonders.

02 Feb 2024

Health & Wellness

Obelisks: New life found in the human digestive system

Delving into the intricate ecosystem of microbes inhabiting the human body, scientists have unexpectedly encountered a novel category of a virus entity.

02 Feb 2024

Health & Wellness

Tomato juice is natural Salmonella fighter, confirms study

A study conducted by Cornell University suggests that tomatoes and tomato juice may have the potential to combat bacterial infections in the gut, particularly targeting Salmonella enterica typhi, a bacteria responsible for causing typhoid fever.

31 Jan 2024


Rare footage captures live great white birth, solving birthing mystery

In a groundbreaking discovery, wildlife filmmaker Carlos Gauna, known as The Malibu Artist, and UC Riverside biology doctoral student Phillip Sternes encountered a rare sight on July 9, 2023, near Santa Barbara on California's central coast.

31 Jan 2024


Researchers discover why insects are attracted to artificial light

A recent study published in the journal Nature Communications has shed light on why insects are drawn to artificial light sources.

25 Jan 2024


IVF breakthrough ignites hope for northern white rhinos

Biorescue Scientific Consortium has achieved groundbreaking success by conducting the first in-vitro fertilization (IVF) on a southern white rhino, a development that brings hope for the endangered northern white rhino which is technically extinct, unable to reproduce naturally.

24 Jan 2024


On camera: Plants talk using smell; video goes viral

A team of Japanese scientists from Saitama University has made a groundbreaking discovery by capturing real-time footage of plants communicating with each other.

04 Jan 2024


500-million-year-old 'giant' predator worms discovered in Greenland

A pathbreaking discovery in Greenland has revealed fossils of 500-million-year-old predator worms, known as Timorebestia or "terror beasts."

12 Sep 2023


Ian Wilmut, who cloned Dolly the sheep, dies at 79 

Sir Ian Wilmut, the renowned scientist who led the team that successfully cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996, passed away at the age of 79.

11 Sep 2023


Say what? Scientist believes humans can live for 1,000 years

A Portuguese scientist and microbiologist named João Pedro de Magalhães believes that humans will be able to live up to 1,000 years or more one day.

06 Aug 2023

Health & Wellness

Unregulated sex toys are a hidden health hazard: Here's why

Despite concerns from scientists and activists, US and UK regulators are yet to address the potential health risks of sex toys.

03 Aug 2023


Ancient whale found in Peru may be Earth's heaviest animal

Move over, blue whale! There's a heavyweight newcomer in town.

20 Jul 2023


After 2 asteroids yesterday, 3 more are approaching Earth today

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has tracked five asteroids hurtling toward Earth in the second half of July.

07 Jul 2023


Famous skeletal remains, 'Ivory Man' is not male but female

Ancient skeletal remains buried with ivory tusks, ostrich eggshells, and a rock crystal dagger discovered in a tomb near Seville, Spain, in 2008 clearly indicate that the skeletal remains belonged to a high-status individual in the past.

29 Jun 2023

Health & Wellness

Genetically engineered mosquitoes can eradicate malaria, here's how

Since time immemorial, communities all over the world have been struggling against the relentless impact of malaria.

17 Jun 2023


Groundwater extraction tilting Earth's spin, may fuel climate change: Report

Humans have pumped so much water out of the ground that Earth has tilted nearly 80cm east between 1993 and 2010, according to a study published in Geophysical Research Letters, the journal of the American Geophysical Union.

08 Jun 2023


Gene therapy may offer surgery-free birth control for cats

Cats may be adored by humans for their cuteness, but they hold a darker reputation among birds and small mammals.

08 Jun 2023


Virgin birth: These animals don't need mating partners to reproduce

In an extraordinary occurrence, a female crocodile in a zoo in Costa Rica has astounded scientists by achieving a "virgin birth," a first for the species.

27 May 2023


Battery made out of sand? This is how it works

Imagine a battery that is not only powerful but also incredibly unique - a battery made out of sand.

24 Apr 2023


IVG: Tech that can turn skin cells into babies

It's amazing what science can do these days. In vitro gametogenesis (IVG) is a remarkable reproductive technology that can create babies from skin cells!

18 Apr 2023


Magic Mushrooms: Science behind this psychedelic wonder

Magic mushrooms, the colorful and mysterious fungi, have been captivating humans for centuries.

21 Mar 2023


This Raspberry Pi-based device lets you control computers with brain

The ability to control computers with our brains is a skill that we are still mastering. The technology is beneficial but is expensive more often than not.

18 Jan 2023


In a first, scientists create a robot that can smell

A team of researchers from Tel Aviv University has developed a robot with a sense of smell. It was created by combining antennae taken from desert locusts with an electronic system, and artificial intelligence tools were used for signal analysis.

17 Jan 2023

Lightning Strike

In a first, scientists divert lightning strikes using lasers

Scientists, for the first time, have shown that high-powered lasers can be used to steer lightning strikes.

02 Jan 2023


AI-generated images: A powerful tool or a potential danger

A viral social media post shared by Twitter user Madhav Kohli shows the perfect stereotypical descriptions of Indian men and women from various regions of India.

26 Dec 2022


Popular gadgets, apps, and other tech we lost in 2022

To say this year has been a whirlwind for the science and tech world is an understatement. From tech downfall to AI's giant leap to James Webb...we have seen it all.