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25 Dec 2022

Merry Christmas

5 weird Christmas traditions from around the world

While it may have started as a solely Christian festival, people from around the world have added their touch to Christmas with their own traditions along the way.

04 Jan 2021


Nisha Gupta: A blogger who is inspiring the young India

Nisha Gupta, fondly known by her followers as Nishi, is one of the quirkiest and most popular bloggers and social media influencers in India right now.

11 Jun 2018


Business Roundup: Here are today's top 5 Business news

Here's your daily dose of top five business news.

23 Mar 2018

Indian Railways

No food bill on trains? You don't need to pay!

Regular train passengers would know how rare it is to be issued a bill when ordering food on trains.

06 Dec 2017

Indian Railways

Indian Railways: If your food isn't delivered, you get coupons!

When the Indian Railways in June announced that passengers could now order food from their favorite outlets - KFC, Domino's, McDonald's and more - people cheered.

08 Sep 2017


Huawei trumps Apple to become world's second largest smartphone brand

Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei, has surpassed Apple's smartphone sales worldwide, reports said.

01 Sep 2017


You can now order from KFC with only one click

KFC India has decided to take the food and technology nexus to the next level.

21 Jul 2017

Indian Railways

Contaminated food, unpurified water... What exactly is railways serving you?

A joint audit by the Comptroller and Auditor General and the Railways has revealed alarming facts: contaminated and recycled food, unpurified water direct from taps and other edibles unfit for consumption is being served on trains and stations.

02 Jul 2017


Canada's 150th anniversary: Canada throws the party of all parties

Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary with a nation-wide party, that has been in planning for years.

20 Jun 2017


Rebooted-Rajdhani: Travel from Delhi to Mumbai in 12 hours

Indian Railways is considering upgrading the Mumbai-Delhi and Delhi-Howrah rail corridors to cut down travel time. By 2021, passengers might reach Delhi from Mumbai or Howrah in 12 hours instead of 17.

15 Jun 2017


McDonald's, KFC, Domino's and more, now on Indian Railways!

Indian Railways is going all out to make train journeys a more-than-comfortable experience for passengers. After a series of innovations, it is now giving people the option of ordering their favorite items from Domino's, KFC and more!

11 May 2017


Baidu's facial recognition reunites Chinese family after 27 years

Sources have now revealed that Baidu's facial recognition software helped reunite a Chinese family after 27 years.

25 Apr 2017


Bengaluru cinemas, restaurants ordered to provide clean drinking water free

Multiplexes and restaurants in Bengaluru have been directed by a consumer court to provide clean drinking water to their customers for free.

03 Mar 2017


Australia to curb fast-food visas

The Australian government is considering limiting the number of visas it issues to workers to be employed in fast food chains like McDonald's, KFC and Hungry Jack's.

13 Sep 2016

Aditya Birla Group

Domino's vegetarian makeover for Navratri

With the auspicious nine-day Navratri festival round the corner, half of Domino Pizza's outlets will turn vegetarian to appeal to customers who avoid non-vegetarian food during this festive season.