McDonald's: News

16 Oct 2023


McDonald's faces backlash for free meals to Israel soldiers

McDonald's Israel has come under fire for offering free meals to Israeli soldiers amid Israel's ongoing conflict with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

06 Sep 2023


Tesla China launches Cybertruck-inspired spoon; Musk thinks it is fake

Tesla China has partnered with McDonald's Chinese division to launch a unique promotional initiative, featuring 50,000 Tesla Cybertruck-inspired McFlurry spoons.

07 Jul 2023


McDonald's drops tomato from the menu, issues notice to customers

The prices of tomatoes in different parts of India are skyrocketing, with some states clocking Rs. 350 a kg!

01 Aug 2022


McDonald's breakfast costs Aussie traveler $2,664: Here's why

Australia has the reputation of imposing hefty fines to maintain strict laws.

28 Jul 2022


McDonald's UAE sends free food to customer in hospital

Sometimes, a few heart-touching stories go viral online breaking the continuous stream of informative or entertaining content, to motivate and evoke empathy in us.

09 Oct 2020


Play with Marvel superheroes while munching on McDonald's meals now

If you want to have a McDonald's burger or a meal with your favorite Marvel character, now is the time to jump!

India vs Australia: Langer takes break, endorses caretaker coach McDonald

Australia cricket team coach Justin Langer is taking a break and will not travel to India for the upcoming ODI series, starting January 14.

04 Nov 2019


McDonald's fires CEO Steve Easterbrook over 'consensual relationship' with employee

McDonald's has fired CEO Steve Easterbrook over a consensual relationship he had with an employee, the fast-food company announced on Sunday.

04 Nov 2019


This 10-year-old McDonald's meal still looks edible on livestream

You may have heard that food from McDonald's just doesn't seem to age. The gossip has been around for quite a while.

From products to logos, entire company being built using AI

Over the years, we have seen a tremendous rise in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

26 Jun 2019

Arjun Kapoor

From 140kgs to a whipped body: Arjun Kapoor's weight-loss journey

Shedding extra cellulite to avoid being called a "fat pig" is like climbing a mountain for those suffering from obesity.

03 Jun 2019

San Francisco

Wanna have lunch with Warren Buffett? It costs Rs. 31cr

It's a no-brainer that getting lunch with Warren Buffet is not easy-peasy. After all, he's the third-richest person in the world.

21 May 2019


McDonald's drops Chicken McGrill, McAloo from menu; reopens 13 outlets

If you are a regular at McDonald's, we might have some terrible news for you. The US based fast food chain has decided to knock-off several items from its menu list after it reopened 13 stores in the Delhi-NCR region.

07 May 2019


2-year-old finds condom in restaurant, McDonald's apologizes for the gaffe

A two-year-old girl recently discovered a condom and tried putting it in her mouth while she was at a McDonald's restaurant.

05 May 2019


#NewsBytesExclusive: Lemonop, app that helps students find paid part-time gigs

Youngsters will shape the future of India; they will be running businesses, boosting industries while making a whole lot of ground-breaking innovations over the next few decades.

20 Apr 2019


This McDonald's ad shows what happens when you don't vote

McDonald's has established itself as a common household name in India and it is using its reach well.

13 Apr 2019

Idea Cellular

Best Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea unlimited plans under Rs. 200

What can you buy under Rs. 200? A couple of McDonald meals or a personal pizza with extra cheese. Pretty sweet, right?

Now, McDonald's will use AI to recommend you right meals

In a major move, McDonald's has acquired a machine learning start-up to better recommend food items.

03 Jan 2019


US: Didn't get plastic straw, man thrashes McDonald's woman employee

Short-tempered people often flare up over petty issues, and engage in aggressive behavior.

26 Dec 2018


After 22 years, McDonald's posts its first-ever profit in India

22 long years after it started its business in India, global fast-food chain McDonald's posted its first-ever profit in the country.

03 Nov 2018


#MeToo fallout: Thousands of Google employees walked out on Thursday

On Thursday, thousands of Google employees across the world staged a massive walk out as a mark of protest against the company's mishandling of sexual harassment and assault cases.

09 Sep 2018


US: Shooting at Alabama McDonald's leaves 1 dead, 4 wounded

One person is dead and four people have been injured following a shooting at a McDonald's near Auburn University in Alabama, a southeastern US state.

29 Jun 2018


Maharashtra plastic-ban: Food-delivery to get costlier by up to 30%

After Maharashtra imposed plastic ban last week, restaurant-owners, especially those who deal with home-delivery, are facing the brunt.

Business Roundup: Here are today's top 5 Business news

Here comes your business roundup express loaded with all the business new of the day.

23 May 2018

Sexual Harassment

10 more US employees allege sexual harassment by McDonald's management

The #MeToo movement has trickled down to the working-classes. Ten McDonald's employees from nine American cities have filed complaints against the giant in one week.

27 Apr 2018


Tea-seller takes kids to McDonald's, his story tears you up!

Happiness is relative. For some, it's about owning a Mercedes car, and for others, this tea-seller for example, it is about taking his kids to McDonald's for the first and only time.

03 Apr 2018


McDonald's launches new "healthier" menu for India

Obesity has increased alarmingly around the world: in 1975, there were 105mn obese people; in 2016, there were 641mn.

23 Mar 2018

Indian Railways

No food bill on trains? You don't need to pay!

Regular train passengers would know how rare it is to be issued a bill when ordering food on trains.

26 Dec 2017


All about McDonald's and Vikram Bakshi conflict

McDonald's fans in North or East India are in for some sad news.

06 Dec 2017

Indian Railways

Indian Railways: If your food isn't delivered, you get coupons!

When the Indian Railways in June announced that passengers could now order food from their favorite outlets - KFC, Domino's, McDonald's and more - people cheered.

24 Nov 2017


Restaurants charging more post-GST? You can do these 3 things

The GST Council, in its 23rd meeting in Guwahati, reduced the Goods and Services Tax rate for restaurants to 5% from 18%, which was expected to make eating out cheaper.

17 Nov 2017


GST in restaurants dropped drastically, but is eating out cheaper?

With the government dropping GST in restaurants sharply from 18% to just 5%, many had expected drastically lower bills on eating out.

20 Oct 2017


McDonald's serves 'cockroach legs' in coffee; apologizes later

A man was served coffee with "cockroach legs" floating in it at a McDonald's outlet in Bangkok on Monday. He complained and requested for another coffee only to find more "cockroach legs" in it.

"Rick and Morty" fans protest over McDonald's Mulan sauce PR-stunt

A public relations stunt by McDonald's horribly backfired, ending in angry protests in the US.

20 Sep 2017


18 of 43 closed McDonald's outlets reopen in Delhi

Connaught Plaza Restaurants Limited (CPRL), which manages McDonald's operations in North and East India, reopened 18 of the 43 fast-food chain outlets in Delhi shut since June over expired eating house licenses.

04 Sep 2017

Donald Trump

Trump's movie career: Won the "Worst Supporting Actor" award

Did you know Donald Trump almost played the US President even before he ran for it? He was offered the role in the 2015 TV-film Sharknado 3.

21 Aug 2017


169 McDonald's stores in north and east to shut down

The immediate future of all 169 McDonald's stores in the north and east is in doubt. If things go bad, they might even shut down within a fortnight.

21 Jul 2017


McDonald's to deliver wearable Big Macs, fries, burgers for free!

On 26 July, the newly-invented 'Global McDelivery Day', McDonald's is going to do something that nobody expected!

30 Jun 2017


Twitterati takes a dig, as CM gets stuck in traffic-jam

Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar got to live the life of a Gurgaon commuter when he was stuck in traffic for a few minutes.

05 Jun 2017


London knife attack: How tragedy gave birth to heroes

On June 4, London was a victim of a horrific terror attack in which three knife-wielding men went on a stabbing spree, leaving seven people dead and 48 more injured.

20 Mar 2017


There has been no data leak says McDonald's India

In a statement issued by McDonald's India (South and West), the firm vehemently denied that there was any data leak.

10 Mar 2017

San Francisco

Meet Flippy: The burger-flipping robot

California's CaliBurger chain announced the launch of Flippy- which is an AI-driven kitchen assistant.

Fast food giant McDonald's sues Florence for $20 million

Multinational fast food restaurant chain McDonald's filed a $20 million lawsuit against the Italian city of Florence, under charges that the city blocked the company's plans to open a restaurant.