Burger King: News

27 Jun 2022


Over $150,000 crowdfunded for Burger King employee with perfect attendance

In a time and day when the youth is skipping from one job to another every year, there's been a man who has worked at the same job for 27 years, and hasn't missed a day ever! Talk about "Employee of the Year" goals!

14 Jul 2021


'We all quit': Burger King staff post on store sign

"We all quit," reads an atypical signboard outside a Burger King outlet in Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States.

08 Jul 2019


'Stranger Things' Season 3: Easter Eggs you might have missed

Fans of Stranger Things are already finished watching the latest season.

17 Jan 2019

Donald Trump

#Hamberders: Trump spells 'hamburgers' wrong, Burger King takes a dig

The world is no stranger to US President Donald Trump's public gaffes.

21 Jun 2018

Russia News

'Get-pregnant-by-World-Players' campaign of Burger King Russia pulled down after criticism

The Russian leg of global food chain Burger King has apologized for its offensive advertisement where it claimed women who got pregnant with football players would get free whoppers for life and a chance to win $47,000.

24 Sep 2017


Acid attack in London leaves six injured

A reported acid attack in Stratford, East London, has left six people injured.

31 Aug 2017


Burger King launches WhopperCoin, its own crypto-currency

In a surprising turn of events, Fast-food chain Burger King has now launched its own crypto-currency called WhopperCoin, in Russia.

21 Jul 2017


McDonald's to deliver wearable Big Macs, fries, burgers for free!

On 26 July, the newly-invented 'Global McDelivery Day', McDonald's is going to do something that nobody expected!

18 Apr 2017


Paytm Food Wallet to tackle outdated paper-based meal vouchers hiccup

As per RBI, meal paper vouchers given out by firms are not going to be valid after December 31, 2017, and it has to make a digital leap.