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11 Jul 2024

Box Office

Kamal Haasan's 'Indian 2' sees impressive advance bookings

Kamal Haasan's much-awaited sequel, Indian 2, is creating a stir among fans as it approaches its grand theatrical debut.

02 Jul 2024


Women reap more cardiovascular benefits from less exercise, study finds

Research in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that women can achieve similar cardiovascular benefits with less exercise than men.

30 Jun 2024

Atmanirbhar Bharat

General Upendra Dwivedi takes charge as 30th Indian Army Chief

General Upendra Dwivedi took over as the new Chief of the Indian Army on Sunday. He succeeded General Manoj Pande, who took charge in May 2022.

07 Jun 2024

Pakistan Cricket Team

Presenting associate teams to beat Pakistan in ICC World Cups

In one of the biggest upsets, USA beat Pakistan in the 2024 ICC T20 World Cup encounter in Dallas.

07 Jun 2024

ICC T20 World Cup

Batters with most 50+ scores for USA in T20Is

Co-hosts USA upset heavyweights Pakistan in the 2024 ICC T20 World Cup Match 11 in Dallas.

08 Apr 2024


Why ISRO's Aditya-L1 will not see today's total solar eclipse

Aditya-L1, India's leading space-based solar observatory, will not capture today's total solar eclipse.

25 Mar 2024


Amul milk makes its international debut in the US

In a first, Amul's fresh milk is set to be available beyond Indian borders.

03 Feb 2024

World War 2

5 dark tourism sites across the globe

Dark tourism refers to the phenomenon of visiting places that are associated with tragedy, or historical atrocities.

01 Feb 2024


Target's 15-minute rule over Stanley cups led to employee terminations

Target's recent wave of abrupt firings linked to Stanley cup purchases has shone a spotlight on an obscure but crucial policy - the elusive 15-minute rule.

01 Feb 2024


Gen Z, millennials turn homeowners with Amazon's $30K tiny homes

In a real estate landscape marked by exorbitant prices, steep interest rates, and overwhelming student loan burdens, millennials and Gen Z are reshaping the trajectory to homeownership.

25 Jan 2024

TV News

'The Daily Show': Jon Stewart to return as guest host

Jon Stewart, the beloved former host of The Daily Show is making a comeback as a part-time host and executive producer through the 2024 US Presidential election cycle.

21 Jan 2024


Discovering tomorrow: Architectural masterpieces to anticipate in 2024

As we step into the future, the world of architecture continues to push boundaries and redefine the skylines of our cities worldwide.

12 Jan 2024


Oil prices jump 4% after US-led airstrikes in Yemen

Oil prices soared 4% on Friday after the US and UK carried out air and sea strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen in response to attacks on shipping vessels by the Iran-backed group, reports Reuters.

11 Jan 2024


Americans are abandoning pets! Here's the sad reality behind it

As the US witnesses an alarming surge in shelter populations, pet abandonment is reaching unprecedented levels.

08 Jan 2024

Travel And Tourism

Top global kayaking destinations for every paddler

Exploring breathtaking landscapes while kayaking offers an adventurous and immersive vacation activity for those seeking an active getaway.

29 Dec 2023


World population to reach 8 billion by January 1

The United States (US) Census Bureau has revealed that the world's population grew by 75 million people this year and is set to reach over eight billion by New Year's Day.

18 Dec 2023


Thrift store vase bought for $4 sells for over $100K

Jessica Vincent, a resident of Virginia, USA, stumbled upon a hidden treasure when she bought a glass vase for just $3.99 at a Goodwill store in Hanover County.

05 Dec 2023


YouTuber jailed for staging a plane crash to get fame

In a shocking turn of events in California, USA, a former Olympic athlete, and 30-year-old YouTuber, Trevor Daniel Jacob, has been sentenced to six months in prison for deliberately orchestrating a small plane crash to boost his social media presence.

30 Nov 2023

Travel And Tourism

Greenest nations: Countries with the largest forest cover

As a matter of fact, 29% of our planet Earth is covered with land, of which 31% is occupied by forests.

29 Nov 2023


STEVE: Earth's new spectacular light show after auroras

Nature, ever enigmatic, recently revealed a fascinating spectacle in the night sky that captivated observers globally.

23 Nov 2023


Thanksgiving: A historical and culinary odyssey

In the crisp embrace of autumn, families across the United States come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, a time-honored tradition brimming with gratitude.

23 Nov 2023


Reviving heritage: The rediscovery of Jimmy Red Corn

In the heartland of American agriculture, a humble yet resilient crop has made a noteworthy comeback, capturing the attention of chefs, farmers, and food enthusiasts alike.

09 Nov 2023


Picasso's painting sells for $139 million at Sotheby's

Pablo Picasso's artistic brilliance continues to captivate the world as his masterpiece, "Femme a la montre," depicting his muse Marie-Therese Walter, sold for a staggering $139 million at Sotheby's in New York.

06 Nov 2023


The concept of daylight saving time

Daylight Saving Time (DST), a time-honored practice that involves adjusting the clocks forward or backward to maximize daylight during the summer months, has a fascinating reason and widespread adoption across the globe.

31 Oct 2023

Delhi Court

Delhi court advocates mandatory prenuptial agreements: How they benefit couples

In a recent groundbreaking ruling, a Delhi court has advocated for making prenuptial agreements mandatory to prevent law-induced mental cruelty during divorces.

29 Oct 2023

Travel And Tourism

Check out the world's top rock climbing destinations

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport that lets enthusiasts overcome the world's most spectacular natural settings as well as physical challenges.

Chevron to acquire Hess Corp in $53 billion all-stock deal

Chevron Corp will acquire smaller competitor Hess Corp in an all-stock transaction valued at $53 billion (Rs. 4.4 lakh crore).

16 Oct 2023


US addresses loopholes in restrictions on chip exports to China

The US government plans to roll out new rules this week to stop American chipmakers from selling semiconductors to China that dodge current restrictions, told an anonymous US official to Reuters.

13 Oct 2023

Travel And Tourism

Nature's masterpieces: Exploring the world's most mesmerizing waterfalls

Waterfalls are where the earth's untamed force and tranquil beauty meet in a fascinating show. They are nature's symphony.

25 Sep 2023

Film Festival

Janus Films buys Venice Festival's standout documentary before NYFF premiere

The late legendary composer Ryuichi Sakamoto's last concert has been immortalized in a new documentary, Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus.

25 Sep 2023

New Jersey

New Jersey builds world's largest Akshardham Temple; to open soon

New Jersey, in the United States, is building the world's largest Akshardham Temple in Robbinsville, which is scheduled to be inaugurated on October 8, 2023.

13 Sep 2023


'Bottoms' digital release details are out

American teen sex comedies have a separate fan base around the world. From the likes of American Pie to Euro Trip, the genre has a new addition with Bottoms. The movie was released in theaters across the US and has received rave reviews.

01 Aug 2023


US cyclist Magnus White dies in training accident at 17

US Junior men's national team cyclist, Magnus White passed away at the tender age of 17 after he was struck by a vehicle while he was training at his home in Boulder, Colorado.

28 Jul 2023


You can get free Subway sandwiches for life. Here's how

Subway is introducing an enticing new offer where customers have a chance to receive a lifetime supply of free sandwiches.

20 Jul 2023

New York City

Officials report 2.7 million New Yorkers use marijuana monthly

According to New York's state cannabis regulators, approximately 2.7 million people in the state consume marijuana at least once a month.

19 Jul 2023

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift becomes honorary mayor of Santa Clara; city renamed 

Taylor Swift is the biggest pop star of our times and she is reaching newer heights, every single day. From sold-out concerts to chart-busting albums, Taylor is "swift" everywhere.

11 Jul 2023


'Speak Now (Taylor's Version)' creates Spotify record

Taylor Swift is currently synonymous with "shattering records"!

04 Jul 2023


California man hides mother's death, claims benefits for 32 years

In an unusual development reported in California, a man admitted to hiding his mother's death for over three decades to enjoy the monetary benefits of her social security and military retirement plans.

19 Jun 2023


Man played with same lottery numbers; wins after a decade

An anonymous man from the United States of America has demonstrated the incredible power of perseverance.

13 Jun 2023

Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards sold to Elridge Industries; HFPA to shutdown

Golden Globe Awards is one of the most prestigious awards for filmmaking around the world. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the voting group has been at the pinnacle of the award ceremony.

17 May 2023


Kim Petras becomes first transgender model for 'Sports Illustrated'

German pop star Kim Petras became the first transgender cover model for the coveted Sports Illustrated magazine. The magazine unveiled its Swimsuit edition and Petras is seen posing for the cover alongside stalwarts like Megan Fox, Brooks Nader, and Martha Stewart.

10 May 2023

Music Industry

Doja Cat confirms new album title, 'First of All'

Doja Cat stans, it's time for you to rise!

04 May 2023


NBCUniversal to shut down LX in mid 2023

NBCUniversal is set to shut down operations of its three-year-old network LX. The network was launched with the mindset to present stories with more panache and sass.

12 Apr 2023

Music Concert

Everything about Coachella 2023: Tickets, lineup, and dates

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival colloquially known as Coachella Festival has been one of the most prestigious music festivals around the world. It is back with another edition and it will go live on April 14-16 and April 21-23.

22 Mar 2023


The world now has fewer billionaires: Here's what happened

Over the past year, we have seen the global economy struggling to stay afloat amid war, macroeconomic headwinds, the tech sector's fall, and the banking crisis.

16 Mar 2023


Actor Aman Dhaliwal stabbed in US, hospitalized in critical condition

Punjabi actor Aman Dhaliwal was attacked by an unidentified man while he working out in a gym in the US. He sustained multiple injuries and is currently undergoing treatment at a city hospital. As per a report, his condition is critical.

13 Mar 2023


First Republic Bank falls record 65% during market opening

Amid mounting liquidity fears, US-based First Republic Bank (FRC) crashed by a record 65% at the time of market opening. The stock was listed at $28.50, which is $53.26 down since yesterday's close.

10 Mar 2023


What does Silicon Valley Bank's fall mean to start-up ecosystem

An attempt to raise capital gone terribly wrong - that is the simplest way to put Silicon Valley Bank's (SVB) current situation.

06 Mar 2023

Music Industry

Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington dies aged 71

Gary Rossington, the last of the founding members of the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, breathed his last on Sunday. He was aged 71.