Aurora: News

26 Apr 2024


Going on an aurora adventure to Reykjavik? Pack these essentials

Reykjavik, Iceland's vibrant capital, is an ideal spot for viewing the Northern Lights.

29 Nov 2023


STEVE: Earth's new spectacular light show after auroras

Nature, ever enigmatic, recently revealed a fascinating spectacle in the night sky that captivated observers globally.

01 May 2023


Auroras spotted in India: What makes the phenomenon so rare

On the night of April 22, a geomagnetic storm swept across Earth's magnetic field, sparking brilliant auroras. While auroras happen quite often, in India, the phenomenon is extremely rare.

20 Mar 2023

Space News

The spring equinox will spark stunning auroras: Here's why

Skywatchers across the globe agree that the best time to catch auroras is around late March and late September, around the time of the equinoxes.

19 Jan 2023


NASA's Geotail mission signs off after 30 years: Key facts

The Geotail mission, a collaboration between NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), has officially come to an end after 30 years.

13 Dec 2022


Dazzling pink auroras captured over Norwegian skies: Check it out

On the night of December 10, a pink aurora was seen over the skies of Tromso in Norway. This stunning aerial display was triggered by a magnetic substorm.

16 Nov 2022


NASA's ACES 2 mission will reveal global circuitry behind auroras

NASA is set to launch ACES 2 (Aurora Current and Electrodynamics Structures 2), a rocket-based mission that can help understand the circuitry behind the auroras.

08 Nov 2022


Mysterious 'blue' aurora leaves skywatchers puzzled. But what caused it?

The bluish-green display of lights that was recently observed in the skies over the Lapland region in Sweden was not an ordinary one.

04 Sep 2022

Space News

NASA, UAE's EMM observe highly dynamic proton aurora at Mars

An uncanny Martian phenomenon observed by NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) probe and the United Arab Emirates' Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) is the new talk of the town.

31 Aug 2022

Solar Energy

Sun emits flares; causes GPS malfunction and power outages

The Sun is certainly keeping the Earth on its toes. Between August 28 and 29, the star hurled two flares toward our planet, causing GPS crashes, blackouts, and breathtaking aurora.

16 Aug 2022

Space News

Beware! Earth might get hit by consecutive solar storms

The Earth seems to have incurred the Sun's wrath. The star has hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) which should hit us tomorrow i.e. August 17 and result in a G2-class solar storm.

12 Aug 2022


Decoding mysterious aurora-like phenomenon STEVE seen after surprise solar storm

Southern Canada witnessed a strange phenomenon after a surprise solar storm hit Earth's ionosphere on August 7.

Aurora borealis: The winter wonder in the night sky

People in Washington State in the US were in for a surprise when the aurora borealis put on a show last Wednesday night.

14 Feb 2021


Toyota partners with Aurora and Denso for developing autonomous taxis

Self-driving technology start-up Aurora will partner with Japanese companies Toyota and Denso to build self-driving taxis.

26 Sep 2018


Are pot start-ups rolling joints for big companies to smoke?

With marijuana becoming legal in more and more countries, investors have been pouring money into pot start-ups.

21 Apr 2018


Pet Australian dog given police honors for keeping 3-year-old safe

A partially blind, completely deaf 17-year-old pet dog was felicitated with police honors on Saturday for keeping his master's three-year-old lost daughter safe in Australian wilderness through a rainy night.