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18 Jun 2024


Are we alone? NASA estimates trillions of Earth-like planets

NASA scientists have made a remarkable revelation, estimating that at least a trillion Earth-like planets in the universe could potentially support life.

15 Jun 2024

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Ancient meteorite sample reveals secrets of early solar system

An international team of scientists has uncovered evidence of the early solar system within an ancient meteorite that landed on Earth.

12 Jun 2024

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Did a mysterious interstellar cloud cause Earth's ice age?

Roughly two million years ago, Earth may have lost its protection from the Sun, as the solar system traversed a dense cloud of dust and gas between stars.

17 May 2024


Go for a stargazing adventure to Sahara Sky Observatory, Morocco

The Sahara Sky Observatory, situated in Morocco's expansive desert, provides a prime location for stargazing.

Earth could be swallowed up by Sun, warns new study

A new research suggests a dramatic end awaits our solar system as the Sun exhausts its energy reserves.

25 Dec 2023


Top 5 discoveries about the Sun in 2023

The Sun has been the center of attention in 2023, with several groundbreaking discoveries about the most powerful body in the solar system.

05 Dec 2023


How NASA aims to study solar system's cosmic shield

NASA is working on a new mission that will provide insights into the protective magnetic bubble surrounding our solar system, called the heliosphere. This layer acts as a shield that protects the planets from interstellar radiation.

06 Nov 2023


NASA's streaming service launches this week: Check what it'll offer

NASA is launching a new streaming channel, NASA+, on November 8.

03 Nov 2023


November 2023 skywatching guide: Celestial events to look out for

This November, the night sky offers a variety of celestial events for stargazers to enjoy, ranging from meteor showers to breathtaking views of Jupiter and the Beaver Moon.

27 Oct 2023


NASA is sending a probe to Saturn's largest moon

NASA is gearing up for an unprecedented exploration of Saturn's largest moon Titan with the launch of the Dragonfly mission, set for 2027.

11 Oct 2023


OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample offers clues to solar system's origins

NASA has revealed an exciting sample from near-Earth asteroid Bennu, which could act as a time capsule from our solar system's early days.

03 Oct 2023


NASA's New Horizons mission extended to explore outer solar system

NASA has revealed plans to extend the New Horizons mission, allowing the spacecraft to keep exploring the outer edges of our solar system until it leaves the Kuiper Belt, possibly by 2028.

25 Sep 2023


NASA scientists to analyze Bennu asteroid samples: What to expect

After seven years and a journey spanning 6.21 billion kilometers, NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission returned to Earth successfully on Sunday, delivering a capsule containing samples collected from asteroid Bennu.

24 Sep 2023


NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission delivers 4.5bn-year-old asteroid samples to Earth

NASA's OSIRIS-REx probe has successfully returned a capsule containing samples of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, marking a significant milestone in space exploration.

12 Sep 2023


Mercury's mesmerizing image, clicked by NASA, captivates millions

NASA has captured the public's imagination with a beautiful image of Mercury, showcasing the smallest planet in the solar system in shades of blue and tan.

03 Jul 2023


JWST completes stunning visual collection of solar system's giant planets

NASA recently released a stunning new image of Saturn, depicting the planet's rings shining brightly against the blackness of space. The striking image was captured by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

20 Jun 2023


NASA's James Webb peers into the atmosphere of rocky exoplanet

About 40 light-years away, a planetary system consisting of seven rocky exoplanets orbiting a single star, called TRAPPIST-1, has particularly intrigued scientists.

02 Jun 2023


Top discoveries of NASA's Kepler telescope: Exoplanets and more

Space telescopes give us stunning glimpses of the cosmos and help astronomers gain better insights into the universe.

31 May 2023


NASA's Webb spots giant vapor plume on Saturn's moon Enceladus

Researchers using NASA's James Webb Space Telescope have mapped a massive plume of water vapor arising from Saturn's moon Enceladus.

24 May 2023


In a first, NASA observes a polar cyclone on Uranus

For the first time, NASA scientists have found strong evidence of a polar cyclone on Uranus. The phenomenon was observed at the north pole of the planet.

15 May 2023


Saturn becomes first planet to have 100+ known moons

As many as 62 new moons have been discovered around Saturn, taking the total count from 83 to a whopping 145.

12 May 2023

Black Hole

Astronomers capture largest cosmic explosion ever: Know what caused it

Researchers have captured the largest-ever explosion in space and it is unlike anything witnessed before.

05 May 2023


Coronal Mass Ejection heading toward Earth after massive solar eruption

The Sun appears to be in a very active state. On Thursday, it was reported that sunspot AR3296 exploded, setting off solar flares which caused radio blackouts on Earth, particularly over Africa.

04 May 2023


Saturn is losing its iconic rings but why

Saturn's ring system has long enthralled astronomers but the iconic rings are in danger.

14 Apr 2023

European Space Agency

ESA launches JUICE mission to probe Jupiter's moons: Key facts

European Space Agency has successfully launched the JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) mission, which will probe Jupiter and three of its moons—Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede.

11 Apr 2023

Space News

Mercury will reach its highest point in evening sky today

You will be able to see Mercury climb to its highest point in the evening sky today.

NASA's JWST captures Uranus's ring system in stunning details

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has captured extraordinary details of Uranus, ranging from the planet's spectacular ring system to features of the atmosphere.

28 Mar 2023


NASA's JWST detects exoplanet's temperature for first time: Know how

Researchers have used the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) to measure the temperature of a rocky Earth-like exoplanet called TRAPPIST-1 b.

27 Mar 2023


#RarePhenomenon: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus to be visible tomorrow

The heavens have been kind to us by showcasing some rare planetary conjunctions in the sky.

06 Feb 2023


Scientists discover a weird and previously unknown form of ice

Scientists from Cambridge and University College London (UCL) have created a new form of ice which is amorphous in nature.

19 Jan 2023

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Signals from Sun could help scientists accurately predict solar flares

Scientists have come up with a new way to estimate from where and when the next solar flares might arise.

09 Jan 2023

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A comet, not seen in 50,000 years, is approaching Earth

Stargazers are in for a visual treat as a super-rare comet is soon set to cross Earth.

04 Jan 2023


Astronomers discovered over 200 new planets in 2022

NASA has confirmed via a recent Twitter post that 5,235 exoplanets have been discovered to date. In 2022 alone, astronomers across the globe discovered over 200 planets outside our solar system.

02 Jan 2023


NASA's image reveals the Sun in all its glory

NASA has shared a new picture of the Sun captured by the Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO).

21 Dec 2022


Meet Meenakshi Wadhwa, Indian-origin scientist driving NASA's key Mars mission

NASA is planning to bring back samples from Mars by 2030. Indian-origin scientist Meenakshi Wadhwa is leading the crucial Mars Sample Return (MSR).

21 Dec 2022

Space Science

Spiraling exoplanet suggests how Earth might meet its end

An exoplanet known as Kepler-1658b is spiraling closer toward its host star. This is the first time that astronomers have been able to observe the decaying orbit of an exoplanet around an "evolved" or older parent object.

17 Dec 2022


A nearly 100-ft asteroid is approaching Earth today, says NASA

A potentially hazardous 98-foot-wide asteroid, dubbed 2022 WU11, is approaching Earth today, as per NASA.

28 Nov 2022

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Red Planet Day: Its significance and some lesser-known Martian facts

Red Planet Day is celebrated each year on November 28 to commemorate the launch date of Mariner 4, the first-ever spacecraft to fly by Mars in 1965.

22 Nov 2022


Volcanic eruptions altered climate of ancient Venus, says NASA

Massive volcanic eruptions might have led to climate change on Venus, a new study by NASA has claimed.

19 Nov 2022


Alert! A 75ft asteroid is heading Earth's way, says NASA

A 75-feet asteroid, dubbed 2022 VO2, is heading toward Earth, according to NASA. It will come close to our planet on Saturday (November 19).

04 Nov 2022


NASA's InSight Mars Lander will bid adieu in few weeks

NASA's InSight Lander will soon reach the end of its four-year mission.

13 Oct 2022


NASA's Venus aerobot prototype excels test flights in Nevada

If the environment on Venus is not conducive for spacecrafts, can we try something else? Like a robotic balloon?

12 Oct 2022


Perseverance Mars Rover faces unexpected glitch while picking rock samples

NASA's Perseverance Rover is diligently collecting rock samples as it parades the Jezero Crater on Mars.

10 Oct 2022


Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter reveals the Moon has abundance of sodium

For the first time, Chandrayaan-2's X-ray spectrometer has found an abundance of sodium on the Moon.

08 Oct 2022

Space News

Uranus' odd tilt: Scientists might have solved the puzzle

Uranus has remarkable differences from its 'planetary twin' Neptune.

27 Sep 2022

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Over 7,000kg of trash: Mars has already become junkyard planet

Fifty years, 14 missions, and 18 man-made objects—that's what humanity's relationship with Mars looks like in the fewest of words.

26 Sep 2022


Saturn's moon Enceladus might be habitable, says study

An icy moon of Saturn called Enceladus could become the next epicenter of humanity's search for alien life.

22 Sep 2022


Jupiter, Earth will be closest in 59 years: Don't miss

Stargazers can expect incredible views of Jupiter on Monday (September 26). The gas giant is set to make its closest approach to Earth in the last 59 years.

08 Sep 2022

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Super-Earths found 100 light-years from Earth; 1 may support life

Thanks to scientific advancements, we are able to unlock new secrets of this massive universe almost every other week.

31 Aug 2022

Solar Energy

Sun emits flares; causes GPS malfunction and power outages

The Sun is certainly keeping the Earth on its toes. Between August 28 and 29, the star hurled two flares toward our planet, causing GPS crashes, blackouts, and breathtaking aurora.