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Saturn is the sixth farthest planet from the sun distinguished from the others by the rings that surround it. The planet’s average radius is about 9.5 times as much as the Earth but since it is composed of gas, its density is just one-eighth of the Earth’s, giving it the name “gas giant”. The planet has been named after the Roman god of wealth and agriculture. NASA claims that Saturn isn’t the only planet to have rings but no other planets’ are as spectacular. A year on Saturn is equal to 29 Earth years because of the former’s much larger orbital path around the sun. Saturn is known to have 53 confirmed moons and 29 are provisional. Saturn is also the farthest planet that can be seen from Earth with the naked eye. Saturn itself isn’t likely to harbor forms of life but its many moons could have internal oceans with signs of life. The rings are thought to be pieces of comets, asteroids, and shattered moons that broke up before they reached the planet. The rings are made up of billions of chunks of ice and rock, coated with dust.

21 Jun 2024


New study reveals mystery behind Saturn's planet-wide storms

Saturn's seasonal heating patterns are responsible for triggering planet-wide storms, as per a recent analysis of data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

20 Jun 2024


Methane waves are shaping Saturn's largest moon, reveals MIT study

Saturn's largest moon, Titan, bears a striking resemblance to Earth due to the presence of large liquid bodies on its surface.

27 May 2024


Rare 'Planet Parade' on June 3: How to watch 

Skywatchers are set for a celestial treat in 2024 with a series of cosmic events.

17 Apr 2024


NASA's Dragonfly mission to Saturn's moon Titan gets green light

NASA has received approval to send a drone-like explorer, named Dragonfly, to Titan, Saturn's largest moon.

21 Dec 2023


December's Cold Moon: All about 2023's last full moon

The final full moon of 2023, dubbed the Cold Moon, will light up the night sky on December 26. The Moon will appear full on Christmas, adding a celestial touch to holiday festivities.

27 Oct 2023


NASA is sending a probe to Saturn's largest moon

NASA is gearing up for an unprecedented exploration of Saturn's largest moon Titan with the launch of the Dragonfly mission, set for 2027.

03 Oct 2023


NASA's New Horizons mission extended to explore outer solar system

NASA has revealed plans to extend the New Horizons mission, allowing the spacecraft to keep exploring the outer edges of our solar system until it leaves the Kuiper Belt, possibly by 2028.

02 Oct 2023


October skywatching tips: How to view the brightest planets

October will bring a spectacular display of planets in the night sky, perfect for stargazing.

03 Jul 2023


JWST completes stunning visual collection of solar system's giant planets

NASA recently released a stunning new image of Saturn, depicting the planet's rings shining brightly against the blackness of space. The striking image was captured by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

03 Jul 2023


NASA's skywatching tips: Top astronomical events to view this July

Starting with the year's first supermoon tonight, there are a couple of stunning celestial spectacles bound to grace the skies this July.

16 Jun 2023


Rare planetary alignment on June 17: How to watch

A rare five-planet alignment will occur on June 17 and it's not one you would want to miss.

15 Jun 2023

Space News

Scientists discover potential for life on Saturn's moon Enceladus

In the hunt for life beyond Earth, Saturn's moon Enceladus has proven to be one of the most promising candidates.

05 Jun 2023


Unmissable astronomy events this month: A list

The month of June will be a great one for stargazing.

15 May 2023


Saturn becomes first planet to have 100+ known moons

As many as 62 new moons have been discovered around Saturn, taking the total count from 83 to a whopping 145.

04 May 2023


Saturn is losing its iconic rings but why

Saturn's ring system has long enthralled astronomers but the iconic rings are in danger.

22 Mar 2023

Space News

These five planets will come together in late March

Just days after the Venus-Jupiter-Moon conjunction, stargazers are bound to witness another rare cosmic event.

16 Jan 2023


NASA shares stunning image of Saturn's icy moon Enceladus

NASA has shared a stunning picture of Enceladus, the sixth-largest moon of Saturn known to harbor oceans beneath its frozen crust.

05 Jan 2023


How scientists plan to find life on Saturn's moon Enceladus

Enceladus, one of the 83 moons of Saturn, is called "one of the solar system's most scientifically interesting destinations."

03 Jan 2023


NASA's Hubble image reveals stunning details of Saturn's iconic rings

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has been capturing Saturn for several years as the planet makes its 29-year-long orbit around the Sun.

12 Oct 2022


NASA's Dragonfly spacecraft will land at Titan's Selk Crater

NASA's Dragonfly is an Ocean Worlds Exploration Program (OWEP) equipped to probe Titan—Saturn's largest moon—for hints of chemical building blocks of life.

04 Oct 2022


Magical October: NASA lists events for stargazers this month

If you're a space enthusiast, October is going to be a busy month for you. The month is packed with events that can make a stargazer swoon.

26 Sep 2022

Space News

Saturn's moon Enceladus might be habitable, says study

An icy moon of Saturn called Enceladus could become the next epicenter of humanity's search for alien life.

15 Sep 2022

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Astronomers find Saturn-like baby planet hidden in dust

Astronomers have always found it challenging to observe planetary birth and development in protoplanetary discs. Maybe not anymore.

02 Aug 2021

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Saturn, Earth to come the closest today: All details here

At 11:30 AM (IST) today, Saturn and Earth will be the closest to each other this year. People who would witness this rare phenomenon during nighttime would be able to see the ringed planet clearly.

21 Dec 2020

Space News

Jupiter, Saturn merging in night sky, closest in centuries

Jupiter and Saturn will merge in the night sky on Monday, appearing closer to one another than they have since Galileo's time in the 17th century.

24 Jul 2020


This limited-run Lamborghini dons a design inspired by Saturn's clouds

Lamborghini has unveiled its limited-run Aventador SVJ Xago. Only 10 units of the special model will be made and reserved for clients who can personalize their Aventador SVJ on the company's virtual Ad Personam studio.

25 Nov 2019


Saturn's largest moon, Titan, mapped for the first time ever

In a major development, astronomers have mapped the surface of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, for the first time ever.

28 Jun 2019


NASA heading to Saturn's largest moon in search for life

NASA has confirmed Saturn's largest moon, Titan, as the next destination in its quest to find signs of primordial/extant life.

26 Apr 2019

South Africa

South African man uses smartphone to capture Saturn 'touching' Moon

Saturn lined up with the Moon almost perfectly on March 29, which appeared as if it was touching the lunar object.

21 Jan 2019


4 weird things which birthday boy Sushant Singh Rajput owns

Sushant Singh Rajput is talented, versatile and what do we even say about his good looks!

15 Sep 2017

Space News

NASA's $3.9-bn spacecraft crashes into Saturn, ends 20-year mission

NASA's Cassini spacecraft plunged into Saturn's atmosphere today, at a speed of over 120,000 km/hr, ending a $3.9-billion mission.

20 Aug 2017

Space News

Voyager: The world's most audacious space mission

This August and September, humankind's most audacious space mission(s) turns 40.