Antarctica: News

26 Sep 2023

Global Warming

Antarctic winter sea ice melts to record low

Antarctic sea ice has reached a record low this winter, covering only 16.96 million square kilometers, the lowest since satellite records began in 1979.

08 Aug 2023

Global Warming

Researchers warn extreme events in the Antarctic region 'virtually certain'

Ice loss, and heat waves among other extreme events in Antarctica, are almost 'certain' to become more frequent, signaling the need for urgent action to limit global warming to the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

25 Apr 2023


World Penguin Day: 5 interesting facts about these cutesy seabirds

Penguins are adorable and there's no denying this fact.

20 Apr 2023

Climate Change

Ice loss in Greenland and Antarctica increases five-fold since 1990s

Climate change impacts are getting more serious by the day. Loss of ice cover in Greenland and Antarctica has increased five-fold since the 1990s, as per Ice Sheet Mass Balance Intercomparison Exercise (IMBIE), which is funded by NASA and European Space Agency (ESA).

10 Mar 2023

Climate Change

Antarctic ice shrunk to record low: Should we be worried

The Antarctic sea ice cover reached its lowest in February this year.

20 Jan 2023


NASA shares photograph of a peculiar rectangular iceberg in Antarctica

NASA recently posted a picture of an iceberg in Antarctica, but it is not a conventional one.

11 Nov 2022

Pacific Ocean

A-76A, the world's largest iceberg, is drifting toward its grave

A-76A, which is the world's largest iceberg, has drifted away from its icy home in Antarctica.

18 Aug 2022

Travel And Tourism

5 picturesque accommodations in Antarctica that you should check out

Antarctica, the southernmost continent of Earth, spells adventure for tourists despite being the world's most isolated region.

12 Aug 2022

Global Warming

Antarctic glaciers are shedding ice alarmingly faster than previous estimates

We know that Antarctica has been changing in an unprecedented way, losing more ice than ever. However, a NASA-led study based on satellite imagery has found that the ice continent has lost more ice than previous estimates.

How Royal Enfield Himalayan reached the South Pole

Chennai-based Royal Enfield is celebrating its 120th anniversary in style.

World's largest iceberg breaks off from the Antarctica

An enormous slab of ice, almost four times the size of New York City, has broken off the coast of Antarctica, becoming the largest iceberg currently afloat in the world.

23 Dec 2020


COVID-19 has reached Antarctica, the last untouched continent

The coronavirus pandemic has reached Antarctica, which had thus far been free of the deadly virus.

01 Sep 2020


Ed Sheeran, Cherry Seaborn welcome their first child

Ed Sheeran is now a dad! He has shared this happy news on his Instagram handle today.

07 Jun 2020


This place has the cleanest air on Earth

In urban regions, human activities have dealt a serious blow to the environment.

16 Dec 2019

South Africa

Cool facts about penguins you should know

Penguins are birds. But they can't fly.

14 Dec 2019

South Africa

Five cool facts about penguins you should know

Penguins are birds. But they can't fly.

Earth's deepest point on land found hidden under Antarctica's ice-sheet

For decades, scientists have wondered what lies beneath the ice sheets of Antarctica. Well, as per new findings, the White continent has been hiding a whole lot from us.

20 Jan 2019

Uttar Pradesh

Meet Aparna Kumar, first female IPS-officer to reach South Pole

They say impossible actually means "I am possible" and Aparna Kumar has proved it. Last Sunday, Kumar became the first female IPS officer to conquer the South Pole.

03 Jul 2018

Abu Dhabi

To meet water-demands, UAE eyeing to tow icebergs from Antarctica

The threat posed by depletion of water resources is real. While conserving water and harvesting rain-water are suggested to evade a crisis, a firm in UAE has set on an astounding path.

02 Apr 2018


Her family wanted her married. She went to Antarctic instead

Meena Rajput, a 37-year-old British-Indian woman, is on her way back from a three-month expedition in the Antarctic, documenting its unique wildlife to create earth's largest protected area, an ocean sanctuary.

56-year-old scientist ISRO's first woman to spend a-year in Antarctica

Fifty-six-year-old ISRO scientist Mangala Mani had never visited a place with snow. And temperatures in Antarctica can fall to a chilling -90 degrees Celsius.

03 Nov 2017


First Indian "under-ice mooring" in Antarctica to be launched soon

A 43-scientist team from Goa-based National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) is reportedly undertaking the first Indian "under-ice mooring" expedition to the Southern Ocean in December.

12 Aug 2017


106-year-old cake still edible, but would you eat it?

Conservators from the Antarctic Heritage Trust have uncovered a British fruitcake that is 106 years old from Antarctica.

12 Jul 2017


1 trillion ton iceberg breaks off from Antarctica

One of the ten biggest icebergs ever recorded by scientists has split off from Antarctica's Larsen C section of the Larsen ice shelf.

26 Jun 2017


India is creating its own 'Antarctica Law'

Antarctica might be an almost uninhabitable, ice-covered landmass now but with the rise in world's population, soon there will come a day when it'll see more human presence, over-exploitation of fisheries and perhaps criminal activities.

20 May 2017

Climate Change

"Antarcticans" gather at the National Polar Science Seminar

At a conference in Sada, nestled in the quiet town of Vasco in Goa, gathered a congregation of "Antarcticans", a term used for people who have explored the desolate continent.

14 Dec 2016


Remembering the first expedition to the South Pole

14 December, 1911 was the first time an expedition successfully reached the South Pole.

29 Oct 2016

Vladimir Putin

World's largest marine protected area declared in Antarctic Ocean

Delegates from the European-Union and 24 nations have agreed to create the world's largest marine protected area in Antarctica's Ross Sea.