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01 Jun 2023


Enhance your pet's wellbeing with an evening and nighttime ritual

Your indoor pets need a night and evening routine before bed, just like you.

24 May 2023


The hidden meaning behind strange dog behaviors

We all love it when our dogs cuddle and give us kisses, but sometimes they do strange things that we just can't figure out.

24 May 2023

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's pet Chihuahua passes away at 23

Paris Hilton is one of the most known faces in Hollywood. The media personality took to Instagram to share the news of her pet Chihuahua's demise. The pet was Hilton's companion for 23 years—more than half her life.

23 May 2023


Expert shares how you can take care of newborn puppies

For pet parents and their pets, probably nothing is more joyous than celebrating the arrival of newborn puppies into the world.

17 May 2023


Expert tips: How to care for newborn kittens at home

Cat parents would agree that when it comes to newborn kittens, a lot is to be taken care of for their well-being and proper development.

10 May 2023


Expert reveals why regular veterinary check-ups for pets are important

When it comes to pets, pet parents leave no stone unturned in ensuring their health and well-being.

08 May 2023


Stuck indoors? Try these fun activities with your pets

Taking your pets outside may not always be an option, especially when the temperatures are soaring. Owing to various reasons, you may have to keep your fur babies inside your home sometimes.

02 May 2023

Met Gala

#MetGala2023: Why Lagerfeld's cat Choupette is ruling the red carpet

Choupette, the pet cat of late designer Karl Lagerfeld has been making headlines, thanks to all the magnificent Met Gala 2023 red carpet moments.

20 Apr 2023

Summer season

Petcare mistakes to avoid this summer

As the rising temperature is making us uncomfortable with our daily tasks, it is also equally bothersome for our pets.

11 Apr 2023


Can your dog become an alcoholic? Possibly.

The idea of dogs drinking alcohol may seem far-fetched, but it is a reality that can't be ignored.

11 Apr 2023


National Pet Day: Meet the wealthiest pets in the world

Someone, please make a pet version of Crazy Rich Asians already!

11 Apr 2023


National Pet Day 2023: Proud celebrity pet parents in Bollywood

Observed on April 11, National Pet Day is celebrated across the world to honor the special bond between pets and humans.

11 Apr 2023


National Pet Day: Expert shares how pets boost mental health

Having pets around is cathartic for several reasons big and small.

11 Apr 2023


Should 'pawrents' consider getting health insurance for pets

As a pet parent, you would want to ensure your furry friend receives the best possible care.

06 Mar 2023


Holi 2023: Safe ways to celebrate with your pets

Holi is just around the corner and it's time to savor gujiyas, dance to pop music and play with gulaal.

28 Feb 2023

Health & Wellness

World Spay Day: All about spaying and neutering pets

In India, over 80 million stray animals live homeless, as per a 2021 report by Mars Petcare India.

16 Feb 2023

Health & Wellness

Ways to take care of your pet fish 

Fishes can be great pets since they are easy to care for and do not need constant attention like dogs or cats.

13 Feb 2023

Valentine's Day

Spending Valentine's Day with pets isn't half bad an idea 

Who said Valentine's Day is only limited to celebrating with humans?

06 Feb 2023


How to introduce your new cat to your existing cat

Some cats are comfortable being with other felines and actually enjoy their company.

03 Feb 2023

Mental Health

Besides being 'pawsome,' pets can fix your physical, mental health

Being a pet parent may come with a set of responsibilities but the journey is no less than therapeutic.

03 Feb 2023


Is your dog sleeping too much? Here's why

Wondering why your dog is sleeping too much, especially when it used to be very lively earlier?

01 Feb 2023


Things you do unintentionally that annoy your cat

Do you really think that your cat likes its new outfit?

31 Jan 2023

Hong Kong

A luxurious resort for rabbits? You heard that right!

While the world has a fine share of animal shelters for dogs and cats, there are not many places where we can accommodate our other furry friends like rabbits, especially when we have to travel.

30 Jan 2023

Travel And Tourism

Flying with your cat? You should totally read this

If you have pets, you can't really imagine taking a trip without them, as they are part of your family. Vacations seem incomplete without them.

28 Jan 2023


Check out the 5 most expensive pets in the world

Have you ever thought of owning a unique pet that is not only luxurious but also reflects your status in society?

27 Jan 2023


Beware, you could be unintentionally hurting your dog's feelings

As a responsible pet parent, you wouldn't want to hurt your little pooch intentionally.

26 Jan 2023


Alaska has a puppy bus! When will India get one?

Instagram and TikTok user Mo Mountain Mutts' videos are going viral, and for the most adorable reason.

23 Jan 2023

Health & Wellness

Is your cat ignoring you? Know the reason

Let us agree that cats are very different from dogs when it comes to social interaction.

20 Jan 2023

Health & Wellness

Wondering why your cat sleeps in different positions? Here's why

If you are a cat parent then we are sure that you have found your furry baby sleeping in different positions with some being way too weird to be comfortable.

19 Jan 2023


Rabbit diet: Feed your bunny these wholesome foods

Here's what your bunny should eat.

18 Jan 2023


Sleeping positions of dogs and what they mean

How often have you noticed your dog sleeping on your bed with you? What position do they sleep in?

17 Jan 2023

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput's dog Fudge passes away; fans mourn loss

In an upsetting piece of news, late actor Sushant Singh Rajput's beloved pet dog Fudge has passed away.

16 Jan 2023

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh: Pet dog owners to be taxed in Sagar

In a first for the state, dog owners in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, are likely to be taxed for "security and cleanliness" reasons.

13 Jan 2023


Here's why dogs suddenly turn aggressive 

Does your dog suddenly turn aggressive towards you sometimes or start growling upon seeing other dogs?

10 Jan 2023


Here's what your dog's tail wagging conveys

The way dogs move their tails tells a lot about how they are feeling at the moment.

02 Jan 2023


How to cater to your pet's nutritional needs in winter

During winter, the appetite of your four-legged friends may change.

28 Dec 2022


5 helpful tips on caring for your pregnant cat

If you are fostering or parenting a cat that's pregnant, you will need to take extra care of her.

13 Dec 2022


Horse day: 5 fascinating facts you should know about them

National Horse Day is celebrated every December 13.

12 Dec 2022


Pet-sitting: The best side hustle for animal lovers

Are you an animal lover? Also, are you looking to earn some extra cash?

24 Nov 2022


Common houseplants that are harmful to your pets

Although houseplants can help purify the air indoors and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room, some of them can be fatal to your pets.

22 Nov 2022


Confusing cat behaviors every cat parent should know

Cats are incredibly cute and quirky pets.

18 Nov 2022

Lady Gaga

Meet the world's 5 most famous pets

Like many of us, several famous personalities around the world also have furry companions who bring happiness and warmth to their lives.

15 Nov 2022


5 essential reads before you adopt a dog

Owning a dog is one of life's greatest joys, but more than that it is a huge responsibility.

10 Nov 2022


5 training tips to raise a well-behaved dog

If you really adore your dog, but their excessive barking, destructive chewing, and hyperactive jumping are driving you crazy, fret not, you are not alone.

14 Oct 2022


Here's how you can deal with your clingy pets

Just like little kids, even pets can be needy of your presence and may stick to you like velcro.

RIP Pebbles! World's oldest dog dies at 22

The most tragic moment of a pet parent's life is when they lose their pawesome kid to death.

Guinness World Records: Savannah cat declared tallest in the world

Ever wondered how your pets can make you a proud parent? Cat parents out there, this one will get you cheering.

04 Oct 2022


World Animal Day 2022: 5 ways to celebrate the occasion

It is time for us animal lovers to unite and shower some love on our furry friends as October 4 marks World Animal Day!

28 Sep 2022


Woman hospitalized after pet dog accidentally poops on her face

In a strange and yucky turn of events, a woman had the worst experience in her life - getting pooped in the face by her daughter's chihuahua, Belle.

26 Aug 2022


International Dog Day: 5 adorable qualities of our furry friends

Observed on August 26 every year, International Dog Day is an occasion to celebrate everything about our furry friends.

23 Aug 2022


Research says that dogs produce tears when reunited with owners

Dogs are a man's best friend and quite literally so.

16 Aug 2022

Travel And Tourism

The ultimate guide to flying with your dog

If you are a dog parent, things become all the more challenging when you have to travel.

09 Aug 2022

Animal Rights

Adopt, don't shop: Here's how to bring a pet home

Adding another member to your family by getting a pet home is an exciting and life-changing moment.

08 Aug 2022

Animal Rights

International Cat Day: 5 adorable things that cats do

Meow! Today is International Cat Day and we simply can't get over these cute, furry bundles of joy.

28 Jul 2022


5 heart-warming reads about furry friends you cannot miss

Reading might be your all-time favorite hobby, but cuddling with your furry friends while turning the pages makes the whole experience so much better.

07 July 2022

Health & Wellness

We guarantee your cat will love these accessories!

Pets form a unique bond of companionship with us and it is our responsibility to look after their happiness and well-being.

22 Jun 2022


5 ways to pamper your pets

Pets are special as they show us unconditional love, help us gain a sense of responsibility, and are always there for us no matter what.

20 Jun 2022

Health & Wellness

5 grooming tips for your cat

Being a cat parent, you might think that your furry little babies can groom themselves to self-soothe, keep themselves clean and reduce anxiety.

17 Jun 2022


5 grooming tips to keep your dog clean and healthy

Pets like cats are known to be excellent self-groomers, dogs are far from it.

30 Apr 2022


World Veterinary Day 2022: Saluting an animal's real hero

World Veterinary Day is observed every year on the last Saturday of April.

11 Apr 2022

Mental Health

National Pet Day: All about emotional support animals

Human beings crave love and loyal companionship.

11 Apr 2022


National Pet Day: How to keep your pets healthy

Besides regular vet visits, our furry friends need a lot more to stay happy and healthy.

30 Mar 2022


5 human foods that are safe for dogs

Know how when you eat your dinner, and your dog gives you that puppy-eyed look pleading to eat from your plate?

25 Mar 2022


5 human foods that are also good for cats

Having a pet is pretty much similar to raising a child. They'll want your affection, they'll make a mess, they'll throw a tantrum, they'll want to do everything you do and eat everything you eat!

23 Mar 2022


Cuteness overload! It's National Puppy Day

When it comes to celebrating our furry friends we don't really wait for a certain day of the year to express our love and joy for having them in our lives.

04 March 2022

Health & Wellness

Adopt a pet and reap these awesome benefits

Have you always wanted to have a furry baby at home, but delayed getting one?

08 Feb 2022


5 winter care tips for your furry companions

Both you and your pets need good care when the mercury drops.

06 Dec 2021


5 dog breeds best suited for Indian climate

Dogs are warm and adorable beings. They play with you and stand by your side when the going gets tough.

09 Nov 2021


Google can now match your pets to famous portraits

The Google Arts & Culture app was a rage in 2018 when it introduced a camera feature that compared your selfie to famous portraits and showed you the closest match.

19 Mar 2020

Health & Wellness

Doll up your fido with these five cool accessories

Your fido doesn't have to look boring.

24 Jan 2020


Behavioral problems in pet? Here's how to fix them

Have you been witnessing excessive barking, scratching and other behavioral issues in your furry friend?

03 Jan 2020


How to make your home dog-friendly

Before bringing home a furry friend, ask yourself whether your abode is pet-friendly or not.

02 Sep 2019


Want to be a good pet parent? Follow these habits

Being a pet parent could be challenging.