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20 May 2024


After Iran President Raisi's death, Mohammad Mokhber to take over 

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian were reported dead after the helicopter carrying them crashed last night.

02 Apr 2024

Travel And Tourism

Busting Moscow's popular winter myths

The common image of Moscow during winter paints it as a bleak and unwelcoming city. This perception doesn't capture the whole truth.

01 Apr 2024

Vladimir Putin

Russian LGBTQ+ club owner detained on extremism charges

As Russia intensifies its crackdown against what it calls "extremism", authorities have arrested the owner of an LGBTQ+ club in Orenburg.

25 Mar 2024


Moscow attack: 3 suspects plead guilty in court

Three of the four Tajikistan citizens—officially indicted by a district court in Russia for "orchestrating a group terrorist attack leading to fatalities" in Moscow—have pleaded guilty, reports said.

24 Mar 2024

Vladimir Putin

ISIS shares visuals of Moscow attack, Putin pledges retribution

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to "justly and inevitably punish" those implicated in the attack that took place at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, where armed assailants clad in camouflage unleashed gunfire.

23 Mar 2024


Moscow attack: Death toll rises to 115, 11 suspects arrested

The death toll in the Russia concert hall attack has climbed to 115.

23 Mar 2024


Moscow attack: US earlier warned Russia about possible terror attack

The United States (US) on Friday claimed it warned Russian President Vladimir Putin's administration earlier in March about a possible attack at "large gatherings" in Moscow.

23 Mar 2024

Narendra Modi

Moscow terror attack: Over 60 killed, ISIS claims responsibility

In a horrifying development, at least 60 people were reportedly killed and over 100 others sustained injuries as unidentified assailants unleashed gunfire at a concert hall in Russia.

19 Feb 2024

Alexei Navalny

Putin critic Navalny's body found with signs of bruises: Report

The body of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been found in a morgue days after it was said to be missing from there.

18 Feb 2024

S Jaishankar

Jaishankar's 'smart' answer on India-Russia ties elicits smile from Blinken 

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday defended India's decision to purchase Russian oil despite sanctions on Moscow amid the war with Ukraine.

17 Feb 2024


Navalny to Prigozhin: Putin critics who've met unceremonious deaths

Alexei Navalny, a prominent figure known for being the harshest critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, died mysteriously at an Arctic Circle jail recently.

30 Dec 2023

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukraine: 31 killed in Russia's 'biggest' air attack, says Kyiv

At least 31 civilians were killed and over 160 injured after Russia launched the "biggest" air strike on Ukraine on Friday (local time), said Kyiv officials.

12 Dec 2023

Vladimir Putin

Putin's fiercest political opponent missing from jail: Everything to know

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, considered the staunchest of President Vladimir Putin, has reportedly gone missing from prison, according to his associates.

27 Oct 2023

Vladimir Putin

Russia strongly denies Vladimir Putin's death claims

The Kremlin has denied the rumors that Russian President Vladimir Putin died on Thursday at his residence in Moscow.

24 Oct 2023

Vladimir Putin

Russia dismisses 'hoax' about Putin being ill, using body doubles

The Kremlin has called the latest reports regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin's alleged ill health an "absurd hoax," asserting he is in good shape.

11 Sep 2023

Vladimir Putin

Kremlin hints at Putin's 'win' in 2024 presidential polls

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Monday if Russian President Vladimir Putin runs for the 2024 presidential elections, no one will be able to compete with him as he has the absolute support of the people.

30 Aug 2023


Russia accuses Ukraine of drone attack on airport, damaging planes 

Russia on Wednesday accused Ukraine of carrying out a major drone attack in Russia, marking the largest such strike since Moscow deployed forces into Ukraine 18 months ago, The Guardian reported.

26 Aug 2023


'Lie': Kremlin refutes allegations of planning Wagner chief's plane crash

Russia has reportedly played down the allegations that it orchestrated the recent death of Russian mercenary force Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin and labeled them an "absolute lie."

27 Jun 2023


Russia detained 800 civilians, executed 77 in Ukraine: UN

A United Nations (UN) monitoring team in Ukraine said on Tuesday that Russia had detained over 800 civilians since the Russia-Ukraine crisis began in February 2022, with almost 77 of them being executed, according to Reuters.

25 Jun 2023


Why Wagner chief Prigozhin stopped Russia coup: Everything to know

The military coup in Russia, headed by Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, has been halted suddenly after a deal was reportedly struck between the powerful mercenary group and the Kremlin.

24 Jun 2023


High alert in Russia as Putin's mercenary group launches rebellion 

Russia's powerful mercenary group Wagner reportedly threatened Russia's Defence Ministry on Saturday to topple its leadership over the Ukraine stalemate.

17 Jun 2023

Vladimir Putin

'Nuclear weapons moved...: Putin warns West amid Ukraine counterattack 

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday said the country has already sent its first batch of "tactical nuclear weapons" to Belarus amid Ukraine's counterattack with help from the Western countries.

03 Jun 2023

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukraine ready for counteroffensive against Russia: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Saturday said that the country was ready to launch its "long-awaited counteroffensive" to recapture the territory occupied by Russia in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

30 May 2023


Russia: Drone attack on Moscow causes 'minor' damage to buildings

Russia's capital city Moscow witnessed a drone attack on Tuesday, causing "minor" damage to buildings and no serious injuries, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in a statement, Reuters reported.

29 Apr 2023


Ukraine: 26 people, including 5 children, killed in Russian strikes

At least 26 people, including five children, were killed in Ukraine on Friday after Russian forces resumed air strikes on its capital Kyiv and other cities, AFP reported.

02 Mar 2023

Vladimir Putin

Putin living secretly in $120M palace with girlfriend, kids: Report

Russian President Vladimir Putin is rumored to be living with his alleged girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva, in a vast countryside estate that reportedly features numerous grand mansions and a playground for their kids.

21 Jan 2023


Moscow-Goa flight diverted to Uzbekistan amid bomb threat

Amid a bomb threat, a Goa-bound chartered flight was diverted to Uzbekistan from the Russian capital Moscow.

08 Nov 2022

S Jaishankar

Works to India's advantage: Jaishankar on buying oil from Russia

External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar on Tuesday held a crucial meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

08 Oct 2022

Russia-Ukraine crisis

Truck bomb blows up only bridge connecting Crimea to Russia

A suicide attack using a truck bomb blew up portions of the bridge connecting the Crimean Peninsula to Russia on Saturday.

21 Sep 2022


Russia-Ukraine crisis: Putin announces partial military mobilization

Days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Vladimir Putin that this is not the time for war, the Russian President announced that his military will commence partial mobilization from Wednesday.

16 Sep 2022


Planning a trip to Russia? Check out these unique hotels

One of the largest countries in the world, Russia is well-known for its rich cultural diversity, historical art and culture, dazzling architecture, and breathtaking scenery.

21 Aug 2022


Russia: Daughter of Putin's close aide killed in car explosion

The daughter of Putin's close aide and a journalist — Darya Dugin died in a car explosion near Moscow while she was on her way home from an event on Sunday.

24 Jul 2022


Russia: Chess robot goes rogue, breaks 7-year-old child's finger mid-play

An "android's gambit" by a chess-playing robot in Russia broke the finger of a player.

21 Apr 2022

Vladimir Putin

Sarmat: Russia tests new nuclear-capable missile, Vladimir Putin warns enemies

Russia successfully test-fired its new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), called the Sarmat, on Wednesday.

18 Jan 2021

Russia News

Russian Opposition leader detained after landing in Moscow

Russian Opposition leader Alexei Navalny was arrested on Sunday at a Moscow airport as he tried to enter the country from Germany, where he had spent five months recovering from nerve agent poisoning that he blames on the Kremlin.

06 Nov 2020

Vladimir Putin

Putin may have Parkinson's; could step down next year: Report

Russia's President Vladimir Putin, whose fitness videos have made other world leaders envious, may have Parkinson's disease, The Sun claimed, adding that he might quit early next year.

15 Jun 2020

Russia News

Russia: Ex-US marine sentenced to 16 year's imprisonment for spying

A former United States marine, Paul Whelan (50), has been sentenced to 16 years in jail by a Russian court.

30 May 2020

Air India

Air India Delhi-Moscow flight returns midway as pilot tests coronavirus-positive

An Air India flight from Delhi to Moscow had to return midway on Saturday after one of the pilots tested positive for COVID-19.

13 Nov 2019

Russia News

Russian man sneaks fat cat on flight; loses airline miles

For a Russian man, sneaking an overweight pet on a flight has caused trouble.

04 Oct 2019


Russian man sues Apple after iPhone app 'turns him gay'

In a bizarre lawsuit against Apple, a Russian man has accused the Cupertino-based tech giant of "turning him gay."

15 Aug 2019


Here are five Olympic moments which shocked the world

The Olympics is undoubtedly the greatest sporting event in the world.

31 Jul 2019


Russian Instagram influencer's body found stuffed in suitcase, throat slit

In a tragic incident, a popular Russian Instagram influencer has been found dead at her rented apartment in Moscow.

06 May 2019

Russia News

Russia: Plane catches fire mid-air, makes emergency landing; 13 dead

At least 13 people have died after a fire broke out on board a passenger plane in Russia on Sunday.

27 Apr 2019


US agrees with Russia, China on pulling troops from Afghanistan

The United States yesterday agreed with rivals Russia and China on a goal of withdrawing foreign forces from Afghanistan, a key component of a peace deal being negotiated by Washington.

22 Apr 2019


He once played Ukraine's President, is now one in real-life

A comedian with no political experience won a landslide victory in Ukraine's presidential election, drawing congratulations from global leaders while dealing a stunning rebuke to his country's political establishment.

23 Oct 2018

Russia News

US President Trump's adviser meets Russian Defense Minister in Moscow

US President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser has met with Russia's Defense Minister in Moscow just a few days after Trump announced he intended to pull the United States out of a landmark nuclear weapons treaty.

14 Sep 2018


Sushma Swaraj reaches Moscow to co-chair key bilateral meeting

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj reached Moscow yesterday on a two-day visit to co-chair key bilateral meeting and talks with Russian leadership to boost "special privileged strategic partnership".

17 Jul 2018

Russia News

Mueller-probe shouldn't be permitted to interfere with US-Russia relations: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described the probe by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Moscow's election meddling as "political games" that shouldn't be permitted to interfere with US-Russia relations.

09 Jul 2018


Amesbury poisoning: British woman exposed to Novichok nerve agent dies

A 44-year-old woman, Dawn Sturgess, who was exposed to nerve-agent, Novichok, in southwest England has died, police said.

24 Jun 2018

Russia News

Woman has 'moving blemishes', turns out they are parasitic worms

In a rather worrisome case, a 32-year-old Russian woman was shocked to see her blemishes moving. From a tiny blemish under her eye, the scars moved up her eye and then downwards, swelling her lips.

07 May 2018

Russia News

Vladimir Putin takes oath as Russian President for fourth time

Vladimir Putin took oath as Russian President for the fourth time in Moscow's Grand Kremlin Palace on Monday. Putin first took office 18 years ago.

14 Mar 2018

Russia News

Spy poisoning: UK lashes back, expels 23 Russian diplomats

After Moscow snubbed British PM Theresa May's call to explain its role in the mysterious poisoning of a former spy in Salisbury, the UK has decided to expel 23 Russian diplomats.

05 Mar 2018

Viswanathan Anand

Vishwanathan Anand wins Rapid Chess title at Tal Memorial

Viswanathan Anand won the Tal Memorial rapid chess title in Moscow, finishing the event with 6 points, scoring four wins and four draws.

11 Feb 2018

Russia News

Russian jet with 70 people on board vanishes, suspected crashed

A Russian aircraft carrying at least 62 passengers and six crew members vanished from radar screens after taking off from a Moscow airport.

03 Jul 2017

Russia News

China's Xi to meet Putin in Moscow amid closer ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive in Moscow for talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

26 Apr 2017

Michael Flynn

Flynn controversy: White House blocks House Oversight Committee document request

The White House has told the House Oversight Committee it won't comply with a request to release files on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

07 Apr 2017

Vladimir Putin

Russia bans "gay clown" memes of President Putin

With a recent ruling by Moscow's Justice Ministry, it is now illegal to portray President Vladimir Putin in makeup, or otherwise implying he is gay.

27 Mar 2017

Vladimir Putin

Russia anti-corruption protests: Putin's opposition leader amongst hundreds arrested

Anti-corruption protesters across major Russian cities including Moscow and St. Petersburg, took to the streets to protest corruption within President Vladimir Putin's administration. Russian police arrested hundreds of protesters in Moscow alone for partaking in "unsanctioned rallies".

01 Oct 2016


Moscow reduces dependency on foreign technology

Moscow city will be replacing Microsoft programs with domestic software on thousands of computers.

29 Aug 2016

Vladimir Putin

Russian Journalist, a critic of Vladimir Putin, found dead

A renowned critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, journalist Alexander Shchetinin was found dead in his apartment in Kyiv.

21 Aug 2016


ISIS claims responsibility for attack on Russian traffic police officers

IS has claimed responsibility by releasing a video of 2 attackers involved in an assault on Russian traffic police that occurred near Moscow on Wednesday.

17 Aug 2016


Prisma- the photo editing app

Prisma was created by Moscow's Alexey Moiseenkov. It initially debuted only on iOS platform in June 2016 and was later released for Android users on 24th July 2016.