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17 Jul 2024


Six tourists found dead in Bangkok luxury hotel, poisoning suspected

Six people, including two Vietnamese Americans and four Vietnamese nationals, were found dead in a luxury hotel room in downtown Bangkok on Tuesday.

26 Jun 2024


Discover Bangkok's artisan market gems with this travel guide

Bangkok, a city known for its vibrant street life and cultural landmarks, also harbors hidden treasures within its bustling streets.

14 Jun 2024


2,000-mile Bangkok to Beijing train trip inching closer to reality

A train trip between Bangkok and Beijing will no longer be a distant dream!

24 May 2024


Singapore Airlines turbulence: Many passengers suffered brain, spine injuries

As many as 20 people aboard the Singapore Airlines flight that encountered severe turbulence on Tuesday are still in intensive care with spine, brain, and skull injuries, AFP reported.

22 May 2024


Singapore Airlines passengers recall horror as turbulence hit flight

Passengers aboard a Singapore Airlines flight that experienced severe turbulence—resulting in the death of a man—recounted the terrifying incident.

21 May 2024

Singapore Airlines

'Severe turbulence' on Singapore Airlines flight leaves 1 dead

A Singapore Airlines flight en route from London to Singapore encountered severe turbulence due to adverse weather conditions, leading to one death and multiple injuries.

17 May 2024

Travel And Tourism

Traveling to Bangkok during the monsoon? Relish these dishes

Bangkok, Thailand's bustling capital, is a city that pulsates with life regardless of the season.

06 May 2024

Travel And Tourism

Enjoy a cycling adventure in Ayutthaya, Bangkok

An hour away by car from the lively urban sprawl of Bangkok, the tranquil city of Ayutthaya awaits.

01 May 2024

Travel And Tourism

Include Bangkok's floating market escapades in your itinerary

Bangkok's floating markets are a feast for the senses, bustling with the energy of traditional Thai commerce.

18 Apr 2024

Travel And Tourism

Recommendations for a memorable floating market adventure in Bangkok

Bangkok's floating markets are a glimpse into the traditional Thai lifestyle, alive with boats full of fresh produce and local goods.

16 Apr 2024

Travel And Tourism

Hidden enclaves of Bangkok that showcase incredible street art 

Bangkok, a city known for its vibrant street life and ornate shrines, also harbors an impressive street art scene.

12 Apr 2024


A guide to Bangkok's night markets famous for food

Bangkok transforms as the sun sets, with street food markets springing to life.

05 Apr 2024

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Bangkok beyond brochures: Key recommendations for better trip planning

Bangkok's charm reaches beyond its famous markets and grand temples. This city is alive with vibrant streets and cultural wonders.

03 Apr 2024

Travel And Tourism

Etiquettes to practice when in Bangkok

Bangkok, a bustling city with vibrant streets and rich cultural landmarks, is a true melting pot of traditions.

02 Apr 2024

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Escape to River Kwai's tranquility near Bangkok

A stone's throw from Bangkok's energy, the River Kwai awaits as a historical haven.

01 Apr 2024

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Begin your Bangkok floating market food odyssey: A guide

Bangkok's floating markets are a vibrant tapestry of colors, flavors, and scents.

28 Mar 2024

Travel And Tourism

Street food you can't miss in Bangkok

Bangkok, a bustling metropolis, is celebrated for its vibrant street food scene.

18 Mar 2024


Bangkok's serene canal retreats: Waterways that offer a tranquil escape

Bangkok, a bustling metropolis, is famed for its peaceful canal hideaways as well.

15 Feb 2024


Bangkok urges remote work amidst air pollution crisis

Bangkok grapples with a severe air pollution crisis, prompting the city to advocate for remote work as a precautionary measure.

25 Jan 2024


Cracking the code: Preventing global groundwater depletion

The global depletion of groundwater, a critical water source for agriculture, homes, industries, and cities, is accelerating, surpassing rates observed over the past four decades, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature.

25 Nov 2023

World Hindu Congress

'Hindutva not Hinduism,' says declaration adopted by World Hindu Congress

The World Hindu Congress (WHC), which began on Friday in Bangkok, Thailand, adopted a declaration promoting the use of "Hindutva" or "Hindu-ness" instead of "Hinduism" when referring to the Sanatan Dharma faith in English, ANI reported.

18 Oct 2023

Air India

Air India announces special sale on Bangkok and Singapore routes

Air India has kicked off a special sale for economy and business class travelers on its India-Bangkok and India-Singapore routes.

07 Aug 2023

Kannada Films

Vijay Raghavendra's wife Spandana dies of cardiac arrest in Bangkok

Kannada actor Vijay Raghavendra's wife and actor Spandana has died of cardiac arrest while the couple was on vacation in Bangkok. She was reportedly 44. The untimely death shocked their family members and the Sandalwood industry.

03 Jul 2023


Kolkata-Bangkok road trip soon possible: India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway nearing completion

Thailand has always been a top choice for Indian vacationers.

01 Apr 2023


Passenger arrested for molesting crew member on IndiGo's Bangkok-Mumbai flight

In yet another midflight incident involving an unruly passenger, a Swedish man was arrested for reportedly molesting a female crew member onboard IndiGo's Bangkok-Mumbai flight on Thursday, officials revealed on Saturday.

06 Feb 2023

H-1B Visa

US reduces visa backlog; appointments for Indians at overseas embassies

To clear the piling backlog for visa appointments, the United States Embassy in India announced on Friday that people will now be able to seek appointments through other American embassies and consulates in select countries.

19 Oct 2022

Travel And Tourism

5 beautiful royal palaces around the world you must visit

Royal residences around the world were once home to kings and queens and reflect immense power and prestige.

06 Oct 2022


Thailand shocker: Gunman kills 34 at daycare, shoots family, self

A shocking mass shooting at a child daycare center in Thailand led to the death of 34 people, authorities said.

05 Sep 2022


5 unique hotels in Bangkok where you must stay

Attracting millions of tourists throughout the year, Bangkok in Thailand is popularly known for its stunning landscape, serene temples, world-class hospitality, delicious food, and ancient landmarks.

05 Aug 2022


13 killed, 40 injured in massive Thailand nightclub blaze

At least 13 people were killed in a major fire that broke out at a nightclub in Thailand early on Friday.

25 Jul 2022


5 budget-friendly accommodations in Bangkok below Rs. 1,000/night!

Known for its world-class hospitality, vibrant nightlife, amazing food, and stunning historical landmarks, Bangkok attracts millions of tourists throughout the year.

11 Aug 2021


Five jump from Myanmar building to escape police; two die

Five people jumped from an apartment building in Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, to escape government security forces who were raiding the building, and at least two died, according to government and media reports.

05 Jul 2021


Blast at Thai factory shakes Bangkok airport, area evacuated

A massive explosion at a factory on the outskirts of Bangkok early Monday shook an airport terminal serving Thailand's capital, injuring at least 11 people and prompting the evacuation of residents from the area, authorities said.

04 Nov 2019


World's biggest trade pact on track, despite India's concerns

The talks to set up the world's largest trade bloc is on track, Thailand said on Monday.

02 Nov 2019

Narendra Modi

'Swasdee PM Modi': PM Modi addresses Indian community in Bangkok

A short while ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at the Nimibutr Stadium in Bangkok for an event titled 'Sawasdee PM Modi', where he addressed the Indian diaspora.

10 Sep 2019


Love street food? Head to these five cities

There's no better feeling than standing by a narrow lane, jam-packed with people and vehicles (with that unending honking), and savoring some of the best foods that the world has to offer.

04 Aug 2019


Five hidden gems of Bangkok you need to visit

With over 20 million annual visitors, the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok was rated as the world's most popular destination among travelers in 2018.

13 Feb 2019


How 27-year-old Ankiti Bose built a $1bn fashion start-up

On Tuesday, Singapore-based online fashion retail site Zilingo Pte raised $226mn to fund its expansion to Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

03 Feb 2019


Bangkok residents coughing blood due to smog. Is Delhi next?

In what will come as a warning to Delhiites, air pollution in Thailand is reportedly in its worst state as it is causing people to cough up blood.

07 Jan 2019

Saudi Arabia

Saudi teen escapes family, trapped in Bangkok airport, seeks help

An 18-year-old Saudi Arabia teen has sought help from people across the globe and human rights organizations to prevent her deportation to Kuwait, as she fears for her life.

01 Nov 2018


Bangkok: Vegetarian restaurant chef kills customer, serves him to others

Diners at a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok were rather peeved and disgusted when they found minced meat in their noodles, but what awaited them was far worse.

31 Oct 2018

South Africa

Rapid urbanization increases risks from natural, human-made disasters: Antonio Guterres

On the occasion of 'World Cities Day', celebrated annually on October 31, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said today that about 1.4mn people move to cities every week around the world and warned such rapid urbanization can contribute to increased risks from natural and human-made disasters.

24 Oct 2018


Co-passenger molested woman on Bangkok-Mumbai flight

A 31-year-old passenger on a Mumbai bound flight coming from Bangkok was arrested, on Tuesday, by the Sahar police for allegedly molesting a 29-year-old woman advocate mid-air.

08 Oct 2018


Indian tourist killed, 2 injured in shootout in Thailand

A 42-year-old Indian tourist was killed and two others seriously injured in a shootout between two rival gangs in Bangkok, Thai Police said.

20 Sep 2018


#TravelBytes: IRCTC offers 9 nights/10 days 'Best of Asia' package

If you are a planner, here's some news for you.

21 Jun 2018

Ranbir Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor falls ill, hopes to recover before IIFA performance

Arjun Kapoor is ill and the actor hopes to recover in time for his performance at International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) this weekend.

07 Jun 2018

Padma Bhushan

IIFA Lifetime Achievement Award-2018 to be awarded to Anupam Kher

Veteran actor Anupam Kher will be awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement honor at the upcoming International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards ceremony in Bangkok.

17 Feb 2018


BWF now wants to change badminton's scoring system

It has not been long since the Badminton World Federation introduced the World Tour calendar. It then brought the change in 'Service Law' (to be implemented from March) and now the body is mulling a change in the scoring system.

05 Jan 2018


Forget skin lightening, penis whitening is the new fad

With a Bangkok hospital providing penis lightening services, obsession for fair skin has assumed unprecedented craze in Thailand.

20 Oct 2017


McDonald's serves 'cockroach legs' in coffee; apologizes later

A man was served coffee with "cockroach legs" floating in it at a McDonald's outlet in Bangkok on Monday. He complained and requested for another coffee only to find more "cockroach legs" in it.

04 Sep 2017


"Smart vests" to turn Bangkok's dogs into mobile surveillance units

A Thai advertising agency has, in theory, come up with a way to turn Bangkok's street dogs into guardians of city.

22 May 2017


Police say Bangkok hospital blast caused by bomb

Police have stated that a blast which took place today at the King Mongkut Hospital was caused by a bomb.