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02 Jun 2023


Boeing delays first Starliner flight launch for NASA: Here's why

Boeing has yet again delayed the first-ever launch of its Starliner astronaut capsule for NASA. The postponement comes after the firm discovered major safety issues with the spacecraft last week.

16 Feb 2023

Air India

Know about Air India's massive new 470 aircraft deal

Air India's recent mega order of 470 planes to Airbus and Boeing could grow even larger, as the Tata Sons-owned carrier has the option to purchase an additional 370 planes from these manufacturers.

15 Feb 2023

Narendra Modi

Historic agreement: PM Modi, Biden hail landmark Air India-Boeing deal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United States President Joe Biden spoke on the phone on Tuesday and hailed the landmark deal between Air India and Boeing as a "shining example" of India-US partnership.

12 Dec 2022

Air India

Air India mulls historic order for 500 jetliners worth $100bn

Tata Group is busy carving out an exciting future for the newly acquired Air India. The airline is about to enter a new phase of its renaissance.

Boeing-backed Wisk Aero reveals self-flying four-seater air taxi

Boeing-backed Wisk Aero has revealed an all-electric, four-seater autonomous air taxi. Currently, the company is seeking approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to begin the commercial air taxi service.

01 Sep 2022


NASA, SpaceX ink $1.4 billion contract for five more missions

NASA has rewarded SpaceX's exemplary services with a new contract worth $1.4 billion.

27 Aug 2022

Space News

Boeing's Starliner mission suffers another delay; launch in February 2023

Boeing's hopes of sending astronauts to the International Space Station have suffered another setback. The Starliner spacecraft with NASA astronauts aboard is now set for a February 2023 takeoff, said an official announcement.

20 Jun 2022


Air India planning to buy 300 aeroplanes in largest-ever order

Tata Group-owned Air India is mulling one of the largest orders in commercial aviation history by ordering 300 narrowbody jets.

Was the March crash of China jet deliberate? Details here

Was the March crash of a China Eastern Airlines plane that killed 123 passengers and nine crew members deliberate?

22 Mar 2022

Plane Crash

No survivors found in crash of Chinese airliner: State broadcaster

No survivors have been found at the site where a China Eastern plane--carrying 132 people--crashed on Monday, China's state broadcaster said.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's Akasa Air orders 72 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

Ace stock market investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed Akasa Air struck a deal with Boeing to buy 72 fuel-efficient 737 MAX airplanes on Tuesday.

01 May 2021


Boeing announces $10 million aid for India's fight against COVID-19

Multinational aerospace company Boeing on Friday announced a $10 million emergency assistance package to support India's COVID-19 response.

11 Jan 2021


Indonesia intensifies search for crashed Sriwijaya Air's black boxes

The search for the black boxes of a crashed Sriwijaya Air jet intensified on Monday to boost the investigation into what caused the plane carrying 62 people to nosedive at high velocity into the Java Sea.

09 Jan 2021


Indonesia: Passenger plane with over 50 onboard missing after take-off

A Sriwijaya Air passenger plane with more than 50 people on board has lost contact with the Indonesian aviation authorities shortly after taking off from Jakarta on Saturday.

Boeing will pay $2.5 billion as settlement charge

Boeing has agreed to pay $2.5 billion to settle a Justice Department investigation. It admitted that its employees misled regulators about the safety of its 737 MAX aircraft, which suffered two deadly crashes shortly after entering airline service.

01 Oct 2020

Narendra Modi

Boeing 777 'Air India One': All you need to know

The first of two custom-made Boeing 777 aircraft, which will be used to fly the President, the Vice President, and the Prime Minister, arrived in Delhi on Thursday.

01 Oct 2020

Air India

First Air India One for President, PM to arrive today

The first of the two VVIP custom-made Boeing 777 aircraft, which will be used to fly the President, the Vice President, and the Prime Minister, will arrive on Thursday.

31 Aug 2020

Larry Page

Japan's 'flying car' successfully completes first public flight

In a major development, a flying car has taken off in Japan for the first time.

08 Aug 2020


Kerala crash: Pilot who died was a celebrated ex-IAF officer

Had it not been for the deceased pilots, Wing Commander Deepak Vasant Sathe and Captain Akhilesh Kumar, the unfortunate Air India Express flight would have caught fire and taken more lives, survivors of last evening's crash said.

02 Mar 2020


SpaceX's precision parts manufacturer just got hacked

In a major shocker, Visser Precision, a custom parts manufacturer for some of the biggest space, auto, and defense contractors - including companies like SpaceX and Lockheed Martin, has been hit by a security breach.

06 Feb 2020


Turkish plane breaks apart after skidding off runway; 3 dead

An aircraft crashed on the runway at the Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Istanbul, Turkey.

11 Jan 2020


Iran admits shooting down Ukrainian plane due to 'human error'

Days after Western officials pointed fingers at Iran for the crash of a Ukrainian plane near the international airport in Tehran, the Iranian military on Saturday admitted responsibility for shooting down the aircraft.

10 Jan 2020


Iran possibly shot down Ukrainian plane, believe US and allies

On Wednesday, a Ukrainian airliner went down shortly after taking off from Tehran, killing all 176 people on-board.

08 Jan 2020


Ukrainian plane carrying 176 on-board crashes in Iran; no survivors

In a tragic incident, 176 people (167 passengers and nine crew members) lost their lives this morning when a Ukrainian plane crashed near Iran's international airport in capital Tehran, shortly after take-off.

28 Nov 2019


Soon, NASA will open space station for holidaying

After using Russia's Soyuz to fly astronauts to the International Space Station for years, NASA is inching closer to using home-built crafts, thanks to SpaceX and Boeing.

03 Sep 2019

Indian Air Force

8 Apache attack choppers inducted into IAF at Pathankot airbase

The Indian Air Force inducted eight Apache helicopters today at the Pathankot Air Force Station in Punjab.

22 May 2019


Boost for aerospace entrepreneurship: Boeing India partners with IITs, IISc

Recently, Boeing India launched the Boeing University Innovation Leadership Development (BUILD) program, and is inviting applications from students, professors and early-stage start-ups in India.

US: Boeing-737 with 136 passengers skids off, goes into river

A Boeing 737 commercial plane with as many as 136 passengers on board skidded off the runway after landing in Jacksonville in the US's Florida and slid into the St. John's River.

20 Apr 2019

United Arab Emirates

Panel to review approval of Boeing 737 Max flight controls

A global team of experts will begin reviewing next week how the Boeing 737 Max's flight control system was approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Boeing suspends 737 MAX deliveries as France probes black boxes

US aerospace giant Boeing said it was suspending deliveries of its top-selling 737 MAX as French investigators took delivery of the black boxes from the Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all 157 passengers and crew.

'No basis' to ground Boeing 737 MAX, says US regulator

The US aviation regulator said yesterday that there is "no basis" for grounding Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft, one of which was involved in a crash in Ethiopia that killed 157 people on Sunday.

13 Mar 2019


Indian aviation watchdog grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8s after #EthiopianAirlinesCrash

The Indian aviation watchdog, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), has decided to immediately ground Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes in the country. This comes days after the Ethiopian Airlines crash in which 157, including four Indians, were killed.

US to take 'immediate' action on Boeing-jet if needed: Official

US federal aviation authorities yesterday said that they will order Boeing to modify its 737 MAX 8 aircraft, including anti-stalling software and maneuvering system updates, after two of the planes crashed in five months.

11 Mar 2019

Addis Ababa

Citing Ethiopian airline-crash, China orders suspension of Boeing 737 operations

China today ordered domestic airlines to suspend the commercial operation of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, citing the Ethiopian Airlines crash and another deadly accident of that same model in Indonesia.

11 Mar 2019

Sushma Swaraj

Ethiopian Airlines crash: Four Indians, including Environment Ministry's consultant, died

Four Indians lost their lives in the Ethiopian Airlines' jet crash which happened on Sunday morning, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has confirmed.

Soon, Boeing will launch self-flying fighter jet: Details here

Leading aeronautics giant and military contractor Boeing has unveiled a self-flying fighter jet.

24 Jan 2019

Larry Page

Boeing's self-flying car nails first flight, inches closer to launch

Just as several tech giants, including Airbus and Larry Page's Kitty Hawk, continue to develop their flying car projects, Boeing has achieved a major breakthrough in the space.

14 Jan 2019


Iran: Military plane hits wall, one survives among 16 crew-members

The Iranian army confirmed a Boeing 707 military cargo plane crashed in bad weather on Monday. The accident took place in Karaj, 40kms west of Tehran.

21 Nov 2018


NASA to review SpaceX, Boeing, after Musk seen smoking weed

US space agency NASA has ordered a safety review of SpaceX and Boeing, the two companies it has hired to send its astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

07 Oct 2018


SpaceX, Boeing to carry out human spaceflights in mid-2019

After several delays, Elon Musk's SpaceX will carry out its first human spaceflight in June 2019 by sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) on board one of its rockets, confirmed NASA.

10 Sep 2018


SpiceJet to start dedicated air cargo services from September 18

No-frills airline SpiceJet is going to launch its dedicated air cargo services from September 18.

01 Sep 2018

Qatar Airways

All about the upcoming 'world's longest' 20-hour flight

About a year ago, Qantas Airways CEO Alan Joyce had publicly challenged Airbus and Boeing to design a plane capable of making ultra-long distance flights.

04 Aug 2018


Sunita Williams among 9 astronauts to fly SpaceX, Boeing commercial-rockets

Indian-origin US astronaut Sunita Williams is among the nine astronauts named by NASA who will fly the first missions into space on commercially provided rockets and capsules, built and operated by The Boeing Company and SpaceX, starting next year.

11 Jul 2018


Vistara to buy 19 Airbus, Boeing planes worth Rs. 21,344cr

In a bid to expand its fleet, Vistara today announced placing orders for a total of 19 Airbus and Boeing aircraft worth $3.1 billion (approx Rs. 21,344cr).

29 Jun 2018


Boeing's hypersonic jet will travel 5 times faster than sound

In an aviation conference at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Atlanta, Boeing has unveiled the concept of a hypersonic passenger jet.

19 May 2018


Cuba: Ageing airliner crashes shortly after take-off, kills 100

In what is being called the worst aviation accident to hit Cuba in the last three decades, an ageing aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff on Friday, leaving 100 people dead. 3 survivors were rushed to the hospital.

14 Mar 2018

Air India

Customized Boeing 777s ready for PM, president, vice-president by 2020

For the first time, two Boeing 777-300 ERs are being customized for the Indian president, vice-president and prime minister, and will be ready for use by 2020, officials said.

23 Nov 2017


Two Boeing 747 jets auctioned online in China for $48mn

These days, you can buy pretty much anything and everything online.

08 Oct 2017

Electric Vehicles

This start-up aims to fly hybrid-electric planes by 2022

The aviation industry is a lifesaver for most of us, but what if it could be upgraded to save time and costs and reduce emissions?

22 Sep 2017


Bengaluru: Jayant Sinha inaugurates Boeing India's new engineering centre

Expanding its operations, global aerospace major Boeing has opened an additional facility at Boeing India Engineering and Technology Center in Bengaluru.

09 Aug 2017


Planes without a pilot, are you okay with that idea?

We are very close to having driverless cars. Therefore, it's about time that we discuss the natural progression -pilotless planes.

01 Aug 2017


Boeing pegs India's demand at 2,100 aircraft, over 20 years

India is now one of the fastest growing aviation markets, thanks to affordable pricing and preference shift. With domestic passenger traffic witnessing a growth of 20% and more in the recent years, aviation numbers will continue to rise.

01 Jun 2017


Microsoft co-founder launches world's largest airplane

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has completed work on the world's largest airplane, the Stratolaunch. The beast emerged out of its California hangar for the first time on May 31.

12 May 2017


New Boeing 737 MAX's tests flights halted over engine issue

US aerospace major Boeing has temporarily halted its new 737 MAX aircraft's test flights over potential engine problems.

11 Aug 2016


Pilot was supposed to 'go around' and land again

In a recent investigation, it came to light that the pilot was supposed to 'go around' and make another landing.