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26 Aug 2023

Health & Wellness

Microglia might play a role in Alzheimer's disease: Study

Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered that microglia, are more frequently in a pre-inflammatory state in Alzheimer's patients.

05 Aug 2021

Air Pollution

Air pollution linked with higher risk of dementia: Study

Even a small increase in the levels of fine particle pollution (PM2.5) is associated with a greater risk of dementia for people living in those areas, shows a study conducted in the US.

14 Oct 2020


Coronavirus reinfections are possible, very rare, and significant

In the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, there were talks of herd immunity with a significant portion of the population contracting the viral infection.

16 Sep 2020


William H. Gates, father of Bill Gates, dies at 94

William H. Gates, the father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, died at the age of 94, following a battle with Alzheimer's disease, the family announced.

13 Apr 2020

Donald Trump

Hit by coronavirus, US could start reopening in May

Battered by the coronavirus pandemic, the United States is looking at reopening some parts of its economy by May, the government's expert on the infectious disease hinted on Sunday.

04 Sep 2019

Madhya Pradesh

Crows attack this Madhya Pradesh man every day: Here's why

For the last three years, Shiva Kewat has been living a life of fear. Every day, as soon as Kewat steps out of his home in Shivpuri's Sumela village, Madhya Pradesh, a murder of crows swoop down from the sky, clawing and biting the poor man.

19 May 2019

Health & Wellness

Now, detect ear infections with an app and paper cone

Soon, you'll be able to detect infections in the ear of your kid using an app.

27 Mar 2019

New Orleans

Male contraceptive pill steps closer to reality, passes safety test

A recent study showed birth control method for men can be a reality soon as the male contraceptive pill has passed safety test in humans.

11 Mar 2019


Robotic caretaker: The machine that can feed you on command

We have already seen how good, not to mention productive, machines can be.

India-born woman student to get 'Young Scholar' award in US

Rajalakshmi Nandakumar, an India-born woman scholar in the US, has been chosen for a prestigious award for her work to help detect potentially life-threatening health issues using smartphones.

22 Mar 2018


Rather than curing air pollution, Delhi focuses on preventing it

A pollution prediction model will soon be installed in Delhi, the kind which has already been installed by SAFAR across the country and the one present in Beijing, a government official said.

20 Mar 2018


Even as Delhi stifles, Modi, ministers to get clean air

A total of 140 air purifiers were purchased for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office and at least six other government departments between 2014 and 2017, even as Delhi's common masses continue to reel under the rising pollution levels.

12 Mar 2018


University of Washington may study Delhi's deadly air pollution

The Delhi Government, determined to find out the source of its now-deadly air pollution, is getting ready to commission a project to University of Washington to conduct a real-time source apportionment study.

02 Nov 2017


Move over facial-recognition! "Smart clothes" that store passcodes are here

Computer scientists at University of Washington, including an Indian-origin researcher, developed a new "smart fabric" that stores information in clothes invisibly without built-in sensors or power source.

30 Aug 2017


Scientists develop app to detect pancreatic cancer through selfies

Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst medical conditions with a low survival rate; only 9% patients survived past five years.

18 Jul 2017

Donald Trump

The lip syncing AI enabled tech: Trouble in waiting

The artificial intelligence is making video forgery easy, which can make even authentic videos lose their credibility.

18 May 2017

Health & Wellness

ARM chip to aid in brain and spinal injury recovery

ARM and US researchers at the Centre for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) at University of Washington are working on a chip capable of helping people to recover from brain and spinal injuries.