New Orleans: News

12 Apr 2023


Solange Knowles sells two historic properties for this jaw-dropping amount

Solange Knowles, the Grammy Award-winning singer and younger sister of Beyoncé, recently made headlines after selling two of the properties she owned for a jaw-dropping amount.

30 Aug 2021


US: Hurricane Ida kills 1; power outage across New Orleans

Hurricane Ida made landfall on Sunday in the American state of Louisiana, bringing gusty winds and continuous downpour.

19 Oct 2020


#ComicBytes: The unknown story of Heimdall, Asgard's loyal protector

Guarding the rainbow bridge of Bifrost, Heimdall is Asgard's first line of defense.

US: Ex-guard of hospital returns there as a medical student

In an immensely encouraging tale of grit and determination, a former security guard at a United States hospital, Russell J. Ledet, has now returned there as a medical student.

21 Mar 2020


NASA halts work on Moon mission, due to coronavirus outbreak

After hitting the big tech companies, the novel coronavirus disease has deterred NASA from moving ahead with its mission to the Moon.

01 Dec 2019

Mass Shooting

US: 11 people injured in mass shooting, 2 critical

In an unfortunate incident, 11 people were injured in an early morning mass shooting on the edge of French Quarter in New Orleans, US.

Male contraceptive pill steps closer to reality, passes safety test

A recent study showed birth control method for men can be a reality soon as the male contraceptive pill has passed safety test in humans.

23 May 2018

Sexual Harassment

10 more US employees allege sexual harassment by McDonald's management

The #MeToo movement has trickled down to the working-classes. Ten McDonald's employees from nine American cities have filed complaints against the giant in one week.

11 May 2017

United Airlines

United Airlines cancels Indian-origin man's ticket for filming altercation

An Indian-origin man, Navang Oza, has alleged his reservation on United Airlines was cancelled after he filmed an argument with its staff.

The NBA goes high-tech

Technology has always played a key role in how sports organizations attract and entertain their audiences.

20 Feb 2017


West win the 2017 NBA All-Star Game

The West Conference defeated their counterparts East Conference 192-182 in the 2017 NBA All-Star Game at New Orleans.