Anya Taylor-Joy: News

12 Jun 2023

Box Office

'Super Mario,' 'Fast X': Top global box-office performers in 2023  

Audiences have been treated to a diverse range of movies and genres in the first half of 2023, including suspense, action-packed adventures, and heartwarming romantic comedies.

16 Apr 2023


Happy birthday, Anya Taylor-Joy: Unraveling brilliance in 'The Queen's Gambit'

Ever since Anya Taylor-Joy first graced the big screens with A24's horror film The Witch (2015), she exhibited a rare magnetism that can sell even the most esoteric stories.

15 Mar 2023


Stylist Law Roach announces retirement: Did Zendaya influence his decision

In an unexpected turn of events, in-demand celebrity stylist Law Roach announced his retirement from the fashion industry recently.