Dinosaurs: News

20 Nov 2023


This interactive website shows dinosaurs that roamed your neighborhood

Curious about the dinosaurs that roamed your neighborhood millions of years ago? This interactive website, called Ancient Earth, lets you explore the history of our planet.

20 Apr 2023


Someone just bought a dinosaur skeleton for Rs. 50 crore

A 67 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton, of a Tyrannosaurus rex, has been purchased for CHF 5.55 million (nearly Rs. 50 crore) by a private individual in Europe.

25 Jan 2023

Madhya Pradesh

Paleontologists discover dinosaur nests, 265 fossilized eggs in Narmada Valley

Paleontologists have found 92 dinosaur nesting sites and 256 fossils of eggs, in the Dhar region of Madhya Pradesh's Narmada Valley.

01 Jun 2022


Dinosaur Day: Fun facts about dinosaurs

Dinosaur Day is celebrated twice, on May 15 and June 1, by dinosaur fanatics.

09 Sep 2021


Largest known Triceratops dinosaur skeleton goes under auction in October

The reconstructed skeleton of a 66 million-year-old Triceratops dinosaur could soon belong to a passionate enthusiast ready to part with around €1.2 million (roughly $1.4 million).

04 May 2021


Meghalaya: 100 million-year-old bones of sauropod dinosaurs discovered

Researchers have identified fossil bone fragments of sauropod dinosaurs dating back to about 100 million years from an area around West Khasi Hills District in Meghalaya.