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18 May 2023


Colombia: President says 4 children survived plane crash, military disagrees

Confusion has occurred over whether four children, who were involved in a plane crash two weeks ago in Colombia, have been found alive in the Amazon rainforest, reported BBC.

US declines to return suspected 'spy' balloon debris to China

The United States said on Monday it has no plans to return the alleged spy balloon to China, which is being recovered from the Atlantic.

06 Feb 2023


After US, Colombia spots 'balloon-like' object in its airspace

Colombia's military confirmed seeing an object resembling an air balloon flying over its territory on Saturday.

31 May 2021


Copa America 2021: After Colombia, Argentina removed as host

The 2021 edition of Copa America is without a host nation less than two weeks before it kicks off.

31 Dec 2019


Five animals (presumed to be extinct) that resurfaced this year

While extinction of animal species is a completely natural phenomenon, scientists estimate that they are today being lost at up to as much as 1,000 times the standard rate of extinction, with dozens of species disappearing every single day.

06 Dec 2019


Love Bird-watching? Here are top five places you should visit

As the name suggests, Bird-watching is the act of observing birds in their natural habitat, for recreational purpose.

04 Dec 2019


Copa America 2020: Title-holders Brazil to start proceedings against Venezuela

The draw for the next edition of Copa America was officially held in Cartagena, Colombia, on Tuesday, as the 12 participating teams were divided into respective groups, besides the fixtures being finalized as well.

Today in history: Drug lord Pablo Escobar's death anniversary

Colombia's most feared, iconic and devastating drug lord, Pablo Escobar died today 26 years ago. He was 44.

14 Mar 2019


Copa America 2020: Argentina and Colombia to co-host the event

Argentina and Colombia have been selected as the host nations for the upcoming edition of Copa America football tournament, to be held in 2020.

10 Mar 2019

Plane Crash

Twelve, including mayor and family, die in Colombia plane crash

A plane crash in Colombia killed 12 people yesterday, including a mayor and her family, the aviation and emergency services said.

18 Jan 2019

Terror Attack

Bomb strikes Colombian Police Academy, kills 10 and injures 65

A car bomb attack on a police cadet training academy killed 10 people and wounded 65 in Bogota yesterday, making it the worst such incident in the Colombian capital in 16 years.

20 Nov 2018


Story of 'Narcos' can be set anywhere: Producer Eric Newman

Showrunner Eric Newman says the story of 'Narcos' can be set anywhere in the world because drug business connects people beyond geographical and political boundaries.

22 Sep 2018

Pablo Escobar

#NoMoreDrugLore: Museum dedicated to Pablo Escobar shut down in Colombia

A museum in Medellin, Colombia, which showcased the life and times of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar was shut down by the police on Thursday, as the managers didn't have a valid license to run it.

01 Sep 2018

Formula 1

#GamingBytes: Hitman 2 puts Agent 47 in wild Colombian jungles

Hitman 2 is an upcoming sequel to the 2016 game, which will be available from November 13.

11 Jul 2017


Colombia: President Santos extends amnesty to 3600 FARC rebels

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed the third and final decree granting amnesty to around 3600 members of the rebel group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

26 Jun 2017


Over 15 missing after passenger boat sinks in Colombia

A passenger boat with about 170 people on board sank near Guatapé in northwestern Colombia. At least six died, while over 130 have been rescued.

04 Apr 2017


Colombia: FARC rebels offer to help rebuild landslide affected town

FARC rebels have offered to help rebuild the town of Mocoa, in the country's south-west, that was destroyed in the recent landslide in Colombia.

02 Apr 2017


Deadly landslides kill 206 in Colombia, 220 missing

At least 206 people were killed and 202 injured by landslides in Colombia's south-west Putumayo province.

President Santos donates Nobel Peace prize award

Colombian President, Juan Santos, announced that he will be donating the Nobel Peace prize-money towards victims of Colombia's civil-war. The announcement came right after he partook in a religious ceremony held for the victims.

Juan Manuel Santos wins the Nobel Peace Prize

The Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2016 on Friday, September 7.