Alabama: News

26 Mar 2023

Joe Biden

US: Tornado kills 25 in Mississippi, Biden vows federal support

United States (US) President Joe Biden pledged on Saturday to provide emergency support for the victims of a devastating tornado that ravaged numerous towns in Mississippi, killing at least 25 individuals, injuring dozens, and flattening entire blocks as it carved a path of destruction for over an hour.

28 Jun 2019

Crime Against Women

A pregnant woman was shot, police arrested her for miscarriage

In a shocking incident, a United States woman has been charged with manslaughter after a shooting led to the death of her unborn child.

27 May 2019


Alabama's abortion ban is stricter than even Saudi Arabia

United States is often perceived as an extremely progressive country; a first-world nation. However, a pregnant person in the US state of Alabama would have less bodily autonomy than most countries in the world, after the state's proposed abortion restrictions.

09 Sep 2018


US: Shooting at Alabama McDonald's leaves 1 dead, 4 wounded

One person is dead and four people have been injured following a shooting at a McDonald's near Auburn University in Alabama, a southeastern US state.

13 Nov 2017


US man wins $7.5mn verdict against Walmart over watermelon injury

An Alabama man recently won a $7.5 million verdict against Walmart over a hip injury he suffered while buying watermelons at the global retail giant in 2015.

03 Aug 2017


Alabama prisoners stage dramatic escape with peanut butter

The world has seen some daring prison breaks, some ingenious ones, and some plain lucky. What happened at an Alabama prison was probably a combination of all three.