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28 Apr 2023


Bitcoin thief photographed in cash-filled bathtub gets 4-year sentence

A man from Ohio in the United States of America has been sentenced to four years in prison after being photographed in a bathtub full of dollar bills.

US: Indian student shot dead during robbery attempt

An Indian student, who was pursuing his Master's degree in the United States (US), was allegedly shot dead in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday.

US: Tornadoes tear through 8 states, 26 dead; emergency declared

A series of powerful tornadoes caused devastation in the United States, killing at least 26 people in the South and Midwest.

US: 'Bomb cyclone' leads to power outages, disrupts holiday plans

Millions of Americans experienced bone-chilling temperatures, power outages, and canceled holiday get-togethers due to a winter storm, which weather forecasters termed a "bomb cyclone," adding it was almost unprecedented in its scope.

07 Aug 2022

New York City

4 dead in US multiple shootings, suspect on the run

At least four persons were killed in multiple shooting incidents in Ohio, United States (US), ANI reported on Sunday.

04 Jul 2022

Donald Trump

US: 10-year-old rape victim forced to cross state for abortion

The effects of the US Supreme Court's abortion decision have come to light recently in a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim's case, who was six weeks pregnant.

13 May 2021


Ohio giving $1 million to 5 vaccinated residents in lottery

Even as poorer countries are struggling with shortages of coronavirus vaccines, the United States is facing a starkly different problem.

10 Apr 2021


US official calls Tim Cook's voting on iPhone suggestion 'preposterous'

Ohio's Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, called Apple's CEO Tim Cook's idea of voting on the iPhone "preposterous."

23 Nov 2019


Woman murders her three sons; feared they would become abusers

A woman in Ohio, United States, pleaded guilty to murdering her three sons on Tuesday and has been sentenced to 37 years in prison.

23 Aug 2019


Gen Z members are making resumes like Instagram, Tinder profiles

Now that the elder members of Generation Z or Gen Z are old enough to become working professionals, employers are witnessing a strange new pattern.

04 Aug 2019


Ohio mass shooting: 9 killed, 16 injured in Dayton

At least nine people have been killed and 16 injured in a mass shooting outside a bar in the Dayton city of Ohio in the US.

27 May 2019

Saudi Arabia

Alabama's abortion ban is stricter than even Saudi Arabia

United States is often perceived as an extremely progressive country; a first-world nation. However, a pregnant person in the US state of Alabama would have less bodily autonomy than most countries in the world, after the state's proposed abortion restrictions.

30 Dec 2018

iPhone X

New iPhone Xs Max explodes in Ohio, owner reports

After the case of iPhone X, a three-week-old iPhone Xs Max is reported to have been exploded.

11 Oct 2018


Human traffickers are using social platforms to target victims: Study

We all use social networks like Facebook, Tinder, and Instagram to find new friends and stay connected.

Indian-origin Sikh dies after being shot at in Ohio

A 32-year-old Indian-origin Sikh truck driver, who was shot on May 21 in Ohio, has succumbed to his injuries, with prosecutors saying they will seek a murder charge against 20-year-old accused Broderick Malik Jones Roberts.

17 Nov 2017

Health & Wellness

World's first human "Head Transplant" carried out, claims neurosurgeon

In what is a major scientific breakthrough, scientists successfully performed the first-ever human "head transplant" on a corpse in China, claimed neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero.

Shocking tragedy: Amusement ride breaks apart, one killed, several critical

In a tragic accident, a ride in an amusement mark at the Ohio State Fair in US' Columbus city broke apart, killing one and injuring several.

26 Jun 2017

Donald Trump

Ohio government's websites hacked with pro-ISIS messages, Trump threatened

Several websites of the government of US' Ohio state, including that of Governor John Kasich, were hacked to display a message supporting ISIS.

23 Mar 2017


Facebook Live becomes the new playground for rapists

A 15-year-old girl in Chicago, who went missing while recuperating in a local hospital has finally been found.