Detroit: News

12 Apr 2024

Travel And Tourism

Unveiling Detroit's urban treasures for a memorable trip

Detroit, Michigan, is a city marked by its remarkable comeback story and transformation.

US: Over 20 couples tie knot during total solar eclipse

Over 20 couples exchanged wedding vows during a total solar eclipse in Trenton, Ohio in the United States.

29 Aug 2022

Gun Shooting

Gun violence rocks US: 6 shot dead in separate incidents

Gun violence rocked the US on Sunday as six people were shot dead and three injured in separate incidents in Detroit and Houston.

04 Jan 2019

Stranger Things

Will Poulter quits social media after negative 'Bandersnatch' reviews

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch released on Netflix recently and through this interactive movie, the streaming giant showed us the future of entertainment industry.

US: Indian-techie, who assaulted sleeping-woman on flight, gets 9-years jail

A federal court in Detroit sentenced an Indian techie to nine years in prison after he was convicted of assaulting a sleeping woman on a plane.

20 Oct 2018


#DetroitHorror: Remains of 63 babies found in funeral home

On Friday, Detroit Police made a ghastly discovery when they found the remains of over 60 infants and fetuses stashed in a funeral home in the city.

18 Aug 2018

Las Vegas

Indian man assaults sleeping-woman on flight, as wife sat next

A 35-year-old Indian IT-manager was convicted for assaulting a sleeping woman on a Detroit bound flight from Las Vegas, while his wife sat next to him.

26 Aug 2017


Volkswagen emissions scandal: 40-month prison sentence to former engineer

The US District Court in Detroit has sentenced a former Volkswagen engineer, James Liang, to 40 months in prison for helping the German automaker develop a device for cars to cheat the US emissions tests.

Puerto Rico bankruptcy: From "rich coast" to whopping debt

Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy at a US Federal Court - making it the biggest debt ever in the US bonds market.