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04 Jul 2022

Donald Trump

US: 10-year-old rape victim forced to cross state for abortion

The effects of the US Supreme Court's abortion decision have come to light recently in a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim's case, who was six weeks pregnant.

27 Jun 2022


#AbortionRuling: Olivia Rodrigo sings 'F—You!'; Green Day singer renounces citizenship

Singer Olivia Rodrigo has become the latest Hollywood celebrity to lambast the US Supreme Court over its recently announced and heavily controversial decision to overturn Roe vs Wade.

25 Jun 2022


Abortion ruling: US companies reach out to women employees

Companies in the United States, including Walt Disney Co. and Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc., have stated that they will reimburse employees' fees if they need to travel for abortion services, as per Reuters.

24 Jun 2022


US Supreme Court ends constitutional right to abortion

The US Supreme Court on Friday overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that had been in place for nearly 50 years and gave women constitutional and legal rights to an abortion.

15 May 2022


Understanding Texas social media law that is troubling tech companies

Large tech companies and Texas are again at loggerheads about the state law that bans censorship on social media platforms.

03 May 2022

Joe Biden

US: Supreme Court to repeal abortion law, leaked draft shows

The Supreme Court of the United States is set to strike down the legal right to abortion if a leaked draft of a majority opinion is to be believed.

20 Jan 2021

Washington DC

Democracy has prevailed: Biden sworn in as 46th US President

More than two months after he won the election, on the promise of healing a broken nation, Democrat Joe Biden was sworn-in as the 46th President of United States of America in Washington DC.

20 Feb 2019


'The Social Network' actor Armie Hammer is the next Batman?

The Batman is the upcoming standalone movie from DCEU and while fans cannot wait to see what the film has in store, the project has hit a couple of snafus along the way.

15 Nov 2018

Donald Trump

Trump nominates Neomi Rao to replace Kavanaugh on DC circuit

US President Donald Trump has sent to the Senate the nomination of prominent Indian-American, Neomi Rao, to replace Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the powerful DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford is still being harassed, lawyers claim

Christine Blasey Ford, who accused US Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual harassment, is still receiving threats, her lawyers told NPR.

Trump apologizes to Brett Kavanaugh's family for their 'terrible suffering'

US President Donald Trump has apologized to new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family for the "terrible suffering" they were "forced" to endure.

06 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

Despite sexual assault allegations, Kavanaugh gets backing for SC seat

Despite sexual assault allegations, Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the US Supreme Court is all but certain, with key senators having backed the embattled judge's nomination.

04 Oct 2018

Sexual Assault

Research confirms women worry about sexual-harassment, (unsurprisingly) men don't

It's no surprise that most women across the world, at some point in their lives, have been victims of sexual harassment.

Raped at 16, kept silent: Indian-American model Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi, a prominent Indian-American model-cum-host, has alleged she was raped by her boyfriend at the age of 16.

After #MeToo, #WhyIDidntReport proves sexual abuse victims are rarely believed

First, #MeToo happened, which united victims of sexual abuse around the globe, and snowballed into, probably, the biggest movement for survivors recently.

Woman accusing Trump's SC nominee of sexual misconduct breaks silence

A woman who had earlier alleged that US President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, had sexually assaulted her, has identified herself.

08 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

Trump nominates Indian-American professor Aditya Bamzai to Civil Liberties board

US President Donald Trump has nominated a prominent Indian-American law professor and legal expert to an agency on privacy and civil liberties.

Indian-American Amul Thapar not in Trump's top-3 for SC-judge nominee

Indian-American judge Amul Thapar has not made it to the shortlist of three candidates from among which US President Donald Trump is likely to nominate his pick for the US Supreme Court justice.

03 Jul 2018

Donald Trump

US: Trump interviews Indian-American Amul Thapar for SC judge nominee

US President Donald Trump has interviewed prominent Indian-American judge Amul Thapar and three other legal luminaries shortlisted by him as the potential nominees to replace the Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy.

27 Jun 2018


Trump wants people to come to US through merit-based immigration-system

US President Donald Trump today said he wants foreign workers to come to the US through a merit-based immigration system so as to meet the demands of companies that are moving into America in greater numbers.

27 Jun 2018

North Korea

'Wow,' says Trump after Supreme Court upholds travel ban

After months of legal battles, as the US Supreme Court (SC) upheld Donald Trump's travel ban yesterday, the President hailed the verdict on Twitter with a simple 'wow.'

25 May 2018


Final verdict: Samsung to pay Apple $539 million in damages

According to a federal court verdict in San Jose, California, Samsung has to pay Apple $539 million as damages in a long-running patent infringement case.

22 May 2018


US Supreme Court to hear dispute over Gujarat power plant

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a petition filed by Indian villagers seeking to hold a US-based international financial institution responsible for widespread environmental damage they blame on a power plant it financed in Gujarat.

17 May 2018


Apple seeking $1bn from Samsung in 7-year-old patent infringement dispute

Apple is seeking $1 billion from Samsung in a long-running patent infringement case.

08 Feb 2018


California bakeries can refuse to sell cake to gay customers

In a controversial judgment, a California court has ruled that bakeries in the US state can refuse services to same-sex couples if they find it in disagreement with their religious beliefs.

05 Dec 2017

North Korea

Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban, restrictions come into effect

In a major win for Donald Trump, the US Supreme Court has upheld the president's third travel ban which denies the citizens of six predominantly-Muslim countries, Venezuela and North Korea, from entering the US.

25 Sep 2017

North Korea

North Korea, Venezuela and Chad brought under Trump's travel ban

In a bid to make America safe again, the US has brought Venezuela, North Korea, and Chad under Trump's controversial travel ban.

Trump's attempt at restricting refugees rejected by appeals court

The Trump administration's efforts to temporarily ban most refugees from entering America has been rejected by a US appeals court.

02 Sep 2017

Donald Trump

Trump travel ban: People denied entry can reapply for visas

A legal settlement, reached at a US federal court, allows people who were denied entry into America because of President Donald Trump's first travel ban to reapply for visas.

25 Aug 2017


Can Google lose trademark over its name? Perhaps, yes.

The US Supreme Court is currently mulling on whether Google should be allowed to retain the trademark on its name.

Trump's travel ban partially comes into effect

From midnight on June 29, US President Donald Trump's travel ban has partially come into force. People from six countries and refugees will now face tougher immigration processes.

Trump Travel Ban: Visa applicants must prove "close" family/business ties

The White House has unveiled a new set of criteria for visa applicants from six predominantly Muslim countries and all refugees subject to President Donald Trump's travel ban.

SC partly lifts Trump's travel ban: what does it mean?

US President Trump welcomed the Supreme Court's decision to allow parts of his travel ban to go into effect.

26 Jun 2017

Donald Trump

Trump's travel ban: US Supreme Court allows part of it

In what appears to be a victory for Donald Trump, the Supreme Court has let the present administration enforce its 90-day ban on travelers coming from the six Muslim-dominated countries.

13 Jun 2017

Donald Trump

Another federal court upholds block on Trump's travel ban

Yet another court has upheld a block on US President Donald Trump's revised travel ban.

03 May 2017


US Supreme Court upholds ban on "gay conversion" therapy

The US Supreme Court (SC) turned down a challenge to California's ban on "gay conversion therapy", which prohibits state-licensed practitioners from offering "therapy" to change youths' sexual orientation.

US Court declines General Motor's plea to avoid ignition-switch lawsuits

The apex court of USA has declined General Motors' plea to avoid lawsuits that stemmed from the firm's infamous ignition switch defects and subsequent recalls.

US: Arkansas conducts first double-execution in 17 years

The US state of Arkansas executed two prisoners, Jack Jones and Marcel Williams who were on death row in the first double execution in the US for 17 years.

Arkansas carries out first prisoner execution in 12 years

The US State of Arkansas has conducted its first execution in 12 years.

04 Apr 2017

Oxford University

Democrats mull options to block nomination of Trump's justice nominee

Democrats said they will use a tactic called filibuster to thwart the confirmation of US President Donald Trump's nominee for justice, Neil Gorsuch, bringing in the necessary 41 votes.