Data privacy: News

07 Feb 2024

Data Leak

Mozilla's new paid tool scrubs leaked personal info from web

Mozilla has launched a new subscription service called the Mozilla Monitor Plus.

03 Aug 2023

Central Government

Government tables Digital Personal Data Protection Bill in Lok Sabha

The government has introduced the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023 in Lok Sabha, despite opposition from MPs who wanted it referred to a Parliamentary committee.

18 Jul 2023

Union Cabinet

Data Protection Bill may expand the scope of data deletion

The Union Cabinet recently approved the draft of the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill, 2022. The government is yet to publish the Cabinet-approved draft.

10 Jul 2023


Data privacy rules: Why Meta is struggling in Europe

Meta launched Threads last week. More than 100 million users have joined in less than five days.

05 Jul 2023

Union Cabinet

Union Cabinet approves Personal Data Protection Bill: What it entails

India is being ushered into a new era of digital privacy. Today, the Union Cabinet approved the draft of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022.

05 Jul 2023


How EU's new privacy probe rules affect Big Tech companies

Europe has always been eager to crack down on Big Tech's privacy abuses. However, things haven't gone exactly the way they wanted.

29 Jun 2023


OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, sued for stealing private data

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has landed in legal trouble.

08 May 2023


Why you are receiving unknown international calls, messages on WhatsApp 

Be it sending a formal message to the boss or sharing a funny meme with friends, WhatsApp is the go-to instant messaging app for many.

15 Feb 2023

Data Leak

Ex-employee stole staff data of thousands, says Credit Suisse

Switzerland's second-biggest bank, Credit Suisse, has come under fire yet again.

13 Feb 2023

Social Media

Indian social media app Slick exposes user data of minors

Bengaluru-based social media app Slick has placed the safety of its users, including school-going children, at risk.

07 Feb 2023


Safer Internet Day 2023: Best tips to safely use WhatsApp

Safer Internet Day is observed on February 7 and it is the 20th edition of the campaign this year.

25 Jan 2023


End-to-end encrypted Facebook Messenger chats get themes, emojis, and Bubbles

Meta has announced that it commenced the global testing of end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) conversations on Facebook Messenger. The encryption will be offered to millions worldwide, over the coming months.

23 Dec 2022


LastPass users are warned! Your passwords are now with hackers

Are you a LastPass user? If you are, you better update all your passwords and account details. Why?

30 Nov 2022


How to safeguard WhatsApp chats from a data breach?

In our technologically advanced world, data breaches can have serious repercussions, putting the privacy of a great number of people at risk.

28 Nov 2022


What's Proton Mail and why many prefer it over Gmail?

Proton Mail, a product of Switzerland-based Proton, has been the flagbearer of privacy in the world of email service providers.

21 Nov 2022


Data protection bill proposes amending RTI Act to protect 'privacy'

The Union government, in its draft of the Digital Data Personal Protection Bill, 2022, has proposed an amendment to the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022: Everything to know

The Union government released a draft of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022, on Friday, seeking public feedback.

16 Jun 2022


Facebook collects personal data on abortion seekers: Report

A latest investigative report found that Facebook uses data to influence and target people on the web on topics related to abortion.

11 Mar 2022

Android 12

Everything we know about the privacy-focused OSOM OV1 smartphone

OSOM is a technology start-up that is working on a new privacy-focused smartphone called the OV1. The handset is being readied by the team that was behind 2017's Essential Phone.