Navratri: News

25 Oct 2023


Mumbai man inspired by 'Drishyam' murders his sisters

In a chilling incident, a man from Mumbai planned and executed the murder of his sisters after drawing inspiration from the movie Drishyam.

Cyclone Hamoon intensifies, heavy rainfall alert in several states

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday said that Cyclone Hamoon has intensified into a "severe cyclonic storm" over the northwest Bay of Bengal.

24 Oct 2023


Dussehra: Understanding festival that celebrates victory of good over evil

Dussehra, also known as Dasara or Vijayadashami, symbolizes the victory of good over evil and marks the end of the Navratri festival.

22 Oct 2023


Gujarat: 10 people die in 24 hours while playing Garba

Ten people, including a thirteen-year-old boy, have died in the past 24 hours in Gujarat.

22 Oct 2023


Navratri creamy indulgence: Delicious paneer makhmali recipe

Navratri, a spirited nine-night festival celebrated with devout enthusiasm, leads to a delectable culinary adventure, blending tradition and taste.

20 Oct 2023

Durga Puja

Navratri 2023: What the ten weapons of Maa Durga signify

Navratri, running from October 15 to 23 this year, is a celebration of the nine forms of Goddess Durga.

19 Oct 2023


Golu: The Navratri tradition of figurines and dolls

One of the most captivating and cherished traditions during Navratri is the display of 'golu dolls' or Navratri golus seen commonly in South Indian homes.

18 Oct 2023

Durga Puja

Navratri v/s Durga Puja: What's the difference 

Navratri and Durga Puja celebrated during the same time marking the beginning of India's grand festival season.

16 Oct 2023


Dandiya v/s Garba: Unveiling their unique charms

Originating from Gujarat, garba and dandiya are commonly associated with the Navratri, when people celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

15 Oct 2023

Durga Puja

Navratri in the South: Unique, yet universally festive

Navratri, a prominent Hindu festival in India, varies by region.

14 Oct 2023

Durga Puja

Significance of Mahalaya: Prelude to Durga Puja

Mahalaya, an auspicious day according to the Hindu calendar, is widely observed throughout the Indian subcontinent, particularly in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

13 Oct 2023


Navratri fashion guide: Nice colors for nine days

Navratri, a nine-night Hindu festival celebrated with immense fervor and devotion, primarily focuses on spirituality and traditional rituals. However, it's also an opportunity to showcase your sartorial style.

12 Oct 2023

Home Decor

Deck your temple for Navratri: Experts share stylish decor ideas

Navratri, a Hindu festival celebrated over nine nights, is a time of devotion and joyous gatherings.

10 Oct 2023

Healthy Foods

Navratri 2023: Break open your fast with these healthy foods

We are only a few days away from celebrating the auspicious occasion of Navratri, when several people observe a fast to seek the blessings of the Goddess and purify their bodies and minds.

09 Oct 2023

Health & Wellness

Observing a fast this Navratri? Avoid these mistakes

Navratri is just around the corner. It's the time when most people observe a fast to seek the blessings of the deity and cleanse the body.

23 Mar 2023


Chaitra Navratri 2023: Try these low-carb fasting recipes 

The auspicious period of Chaitra Navratri is here when devotees observe fast and worship the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga.

22 Mar 2023

Goddess Durga

Chaitra Navratri: Know about the nine avatars of Goddess Durga

Also known as Rama Navratri, the auspicious festival of Chaitra Navratri celebrates Goddess Durga.

05 Dec 2022


Gujarat elections: 'Underdeveloped' villages in Kheda, Mehsana districts boycott polling

Muslim voters in Undhela village of Gujarat's Kheda district on Monday boycotted the assembly elections as they were allegedly upset with the public flogging of some Muslim men by police in October, NDTV reported.

07 Oct 2022


5 Vijaya Dashami sweets you need to try

Vijaya Dashami, also called Dussehra marks the end of Navratri and the five-day festival of Durga Puja.

05 Oct 2022


Dussehra 2022: Meaning, significance, celebrations, and more

Also known as Vijayadashami, Dussehra marks the triumph of good over evil.

03 Oct 2022

Durga Puja

Durga Ashtami 2022: Significance, celebrations, and more

October 3, this year, marks Durga Ashtami, the third day of Durga Puja and the eighth day of Navratri.

26 Sep 2022


Navratri 2022: The ritual of fasting and its health benefits

This year the nine-day festival of Navratri, beginning today is scheduled to end on October 5.

26 Sep 2022


Navratri 2022: History, significance, rituals, and more

The grand festive season of India, Navratri, begins today and ends on October 5th this year.

12 Sep 2022


5 awesome recipes using ginger you must try

Native to China and India, ginger or Zingiber officinale is a stem that grows underground in tuberous joints.

09 Apr 2022

Ram Navami

5 dishes to prepare on the occasion of Ram Navami

Celebrated on the ninth day of Navratri, Ram Navami marks the birth anniversary of Lord Ram.

07 Apr 2022


Unique kanjak gift ideas for tiny goddesses

Celebrated on either ashtami or navami during Navratri, Kanjak sees nine little girls worshipped as the embodiment of Goddess Durga.

04 Apr 2022

Healthy Foods

5 nutritious fasting drinks to keep you energetic

With Chaitra Navratri, Ramadan, and various other festivities being held this month, most people in Hindu and Muslim households are observing a fast.

04 Apr 2022


Gangaur Teej 2022: History, rituals, and more

Also known as Gauri Tritiya, Gangaur Teej is celebrated every year with pomp and gaiety in Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

02 Apr 2022

Goddess Durga

Hindu New Year 2022: Celebrations in different Indian states

The month of April is all about celebrating various religious festivals with gusto and fervor.

02 Apr 2022

Goddess Durga

Chaitra Navratri: The nine goddesses worshipped during the nine days

Chaitra Navratri or Vasant Navratri is a nine-day auspicious festival that will start on April 2 and end on April 11, according to the Hindu Luni-Solar calendar.

01 Apr 2022


Chaitra Navratri 2022 is lucky for these zodiac signs

Worshipping Devi Durga's nine forms during the nine days of Navratri has special benefits. This year, Chaitra Navratri begins on April 2 and ends on April 11.

31 Mar 2022


Navratri: Vrat dishes that are tasty and wholesome

Navratri literally translates to "nine nights," and during this time we restrict ourselves to a proper vrat-friendly diet.

30 Mar 2022

Goddess Durga

Chaitra Navratri 2022: Significance, date, and celebrations

It's that time of the year when religious fervor shrouds us for over nine days.

08 Oct 2021

Durga Puja

Follow these few dietary tips for a fun festive season

The festive season is here!

07 Oct 2021

Fashion Tips

What can girls wear on five days of Durga Puja?

Durga Puja is round the corner.

22 Oct 2020


Eros Now posts vulgar memes about Navratri, apologizes after outrage

Streaming platform Eros Now received criticism on Thursday after vulgar memes, linked to the Hindu festival of Navratri, were shared on its official Twitter handle, sparking calls for a boycott.

20 Oct 2020

Kamala Harris

Niece shares image depicting Kamala Harris as Durga, outrage follows

A controversy was triggered after Meena Harris, the niece of United States Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, tweeted an image depicting the latter as Goddess Durga.

07 May 2020


'The Song We Sang' trailer: A happy escape for women

As a society, our people and our cinema have long struggled to do justice to our women.

02 Nov 2019


Mumbai: 25-year-old woman arrested for sharing sister's nudes with boyfriend

A 25-year-old Mumbai woman was recently arrested for sending a video of her younger sister bathing to her boyfriend, Agripada Police said.

08 Oct 2019


Here's how you can decorate your home during festive season

The festive season is upon us.

06 Oct 2019

Durga Puja

Navratri 2019: Five Bollywood actresses who love celebrating Durga Puja

The 9-day Navratri festivities have almost come to an end.

04 Oct 2019


Top five Navratri events across India

Navratri is special for a number of reasons.

01 Oct 2019

Health & Wellness

Navratri 2019: Here's how you can stay healthy while fasting

The nine-day Navratri festivities have begun.

24 Jan 2019


How kids in Mumbai are trained to steal mobile phones

When four minors, aged 13-17, were arrested last week in Mumbai for stealing mobile phones, their revelations were rather interesting.

11 Oct 2018


#HealthBytes: These 5 snacks are healthy and perfect for Navratri

The 9-day festive season of Navratri is here and so begins the holy fasting ritual.

24 Sep 2018

Salman Khan

'Loveyatri' controversy: Aayush Sharma feels the objection is unnecessary

Aayush Sharma's debut movie 'Loveyatri' has become the controversy's favorite child these days, owing to its title.

20 Sep 2018

Salman Khan

'Loveratri' to 'Loveyatri', but Hindu-outfit still displeased with Salman's production

Aayush Sharma's debut movie 'Loveyatri' has become controversy's favorite child.

13 Jun 2018

Salman Khan

Salman adds his special touch to Aayush's 'Loveratri' teaser

Salman Khan seems to be going the extra mile to ensure that brother-in-law, Aayush Sharma's debut film 'Loveratri' strikes a chord with the audience.

23 May 2018

Salman Khan

VHP targets Salman's 'Loveratri', says it distorts Navratri's name

'Loveratri', which marks the Bollywood debut of Salman Khan's brother-in-law Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain, has landed in trouble, months before its scheduled release date.

22 Sep 2017

Section 295A

Sunny Leone, Manforce slammed for suggesting condom use during Navratri

Ahead of Navratri, Manforce released a new ad featuring Sunny Leone, urging Gujaratis to practice safe sex during the festivities.

09 Sep 2017


India goes sex-products shopping, Punjabi women buy most sex toys

Yup, we are doing it. India has one of the world's largest population and it shouldn't come as a surprise. If you belong to the "log kya kahenge" or "sharam karo" category, please move along.

13 Sep 2016


Domino's vegetarian makeover for Navratri

With the auspicious nine-day Navratri festival round the corner, half of Domino Pizza's outlets will turn vegetarian to appeal to customers who avoid non-vegetarian food during this festive season.