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11 Sep 2023


Black holes may be hiding just 150 light-years from Earth

A study suggests that two or three stellar-mass black holes could be hiding within the Hyades cluster, a group of stars located just 150 light-years away from Earth.

18 Jul 2023


How NASA-JAXA aim to study the universe's most energetic objects

NASA and JAXA's (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) upcoming project called XRISM (pronounced "crism") will shed light on the most energetic objects in the universe, including galactic clusters and black holes.

07 Jul 2023


Why JWST's discovery of most-distant black hole is puzzling scientists

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has spotted the most distant active supermassive black hole known to humans.

29 Jun 2023


Gravitational waves thrumming through the universe heard for first time

For the first time, astronomers have been able to hear the "chorus" of gravitational waves pulsing through the universe.

22 Jun 2023


Earth's nearest supermassive black hole came alive 200 years ago

Sagittarius A* (pronounced 'Sagittarius A star'), the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way, woke up only about 200 years ago, as per new findings from NASA's IXPE (Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer) telescope.

26 May 2023


Latest discoveries by NASA's 33-year-old Hubble Space Telescope

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is among the most powerful space observatories. To date, the telescope has probed more than 40,000 cosmic objects, providing views that are not possible with ground-based telescopes.

24 May 2023


Hubble telescope may have discovered a rare 'intermediate-sized' black hole

'Intermediate-sized' black holes are particularly difficult to spot but NASA's Hubble Space Telescope may have just found one.

12 May 2023

Space News

Astronomers capture largest cosmic explosion ever: Know what caused it

Researchers have captured the largest-ever explosion in space and it is unlike anything witnessed before.

02 May 2023


How big are supermassive black holes? NASA's animation provides answer

Supermassive black holes lie at the center of all large galaxies, including the Milky Way. These cosmic objects weigh between 100,000 and tens of billions of times the mass of the Sun.

14 Apr 2023


NASA's JWST finds black hole from the beginning of time

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) may have discovered the oldest black hole ever. Webb's onboard equipment allows it to look back to the earliest phases of the universe.

08 Apr 2023


NASA's Hubble finds black hole with weight of 20-million Suns

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured a supermassive black hole and researchers say nothing like it has ever been seen before in the universe.

30 Mar 2023

Space Science

Astronomers may have discovered largest black hole ever: 5 facts

Astronomers have found a supermassive black hole that might as well be the largest known to date.

31 Jan 2023


NASA's Chandra Observatory captures chaotic galaxy merger

Astronomers have captured a striking image of ongoing collisions and mergers between at least three galaxy clusters, measuring 5.5 million light-years across.

16 Jan 2023


NASA's Chandra Observatory uncovers hundreds of previously hidden black holes

Astronomers, with the aid of NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, have discovered around 400 black holes which were previously hidden or buried beneath layers of cosmic dust and gas.

12 Jan 2023

Space News

Binary black holes spotted dining together near two merging galaxies

Two supermassive black holes found in the vicinity of a galaxy merger appear to be the closest pair found at different wavelengths, notes a recent study.

03 Jan 2023

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Black hole spotted 2.6 billion light-years away is blowing 'bubbles'

Space is a baffling place and black holes are even weirder.

02 Dec 2022

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Supermassive black hole violently disrupts star; releases extraordinarily luminous jet

A powerful but puzzling flash of light was detected from space earlier this year. It was bright enough to be visible from billions of light-years away.

07 Nov 2022

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Scientists discover closest black hole to Earth. Thankfully, it's dormant

The space is full of wonders and every day we find something new. Now, astronomers have discovered a black hole in our Milky Way galaxy via the International Gemini Observatory in Hawaii.

02 Nov 2022

Space News

Black holes can have 'wildly different masses,' reveals study

Physicists at the University of Queensland were dumbfounded by their discovery that black holes exhibited certain quantum properties.

NASA's James Webb telescope snaps distant pair of colliding galaxies

The $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) continues to deliver bang for the buck.

18 Oct 2022


NASA observatories capture extraordinary gamma-ray burst linked to black hole

NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, Wind spacecraft, and other telescopes around the world witnessed "an unusually bright and long-lasting pulse of high-energy radiation" that came from a gamma-ray burst (GRB).

21 Aug 2022


Black hole jet 50 times larger than its galaxy discovered

Black holes are known for devouring light and matter. Interestingly, some of them emit the same light and matter outward.

20 Aug 2022


For the first time, scientists reveal black hole's 'photon ring'

In 2019, when we saw an image of a black hole for the first time courtesy of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), scientists believed that there is more to the image than we saw.

17 Aug 2022

Solar Energy

Galaxy, with supermassive black hole pairing at its heart, photographed

The universe is vast and full of miracles or horrors depending on who you ask.

02 Aug 2022

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Some terrifying but logical ways the world could actually end

The Earth is the only known source of life in the universe. This pale blue dot which we call home provides sanctuary to a myriad number of life forms.

27 Jul 2022

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Heaviest neutron star found is 2.35 times mass of Sun

Scientists have discovered the heaviest neutron star ever, devouring its stellar companion while spinning on its axis 707 times per second.

18 Jul 2022

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You can now help scientists find black holes. Here's how

Black holes have always been a hot topic in astronomical circles because of their enigmatic nature.

07 Jul 2022


Fastest star ever discovered. It's traveling at 29-million km/hour

Astrophysicists have discovered the fastest known star to mankind at the most unexpected of places - orbiting around the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A* in the Milky Way.

Fastest-growing black hole ever is devouring Earth-like mass every second

Australian astronomers have discovered what they believe to be the fastest-growing black hole of the past nine billion years.

02 Jul 2021

Neutron Star

New source of gravitational waves detected by scientists

Scientists have for the first time detected gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space-time, produced by the collision of a neutron star and a black hole.

06 Oct 2020


2020 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Black Hole researchers

The 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez.

07 May 2020

Space News

Closest black hole to Earth discovered: Details here

Astronomers have discovered a new black hole, and it is not really far away.

01 Mar 2020

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Astronomers just detected biggest known explosion in the universe

Astronomers have detected the biggest known cosmic explosion since the Big Bang - the event that kick-started our ever-expanding universe about 13.8 billion years ago.

30 Dec 2019


#ThatWas2019: 6 mind-boggling moments witnessed in science and tech

2019 was a year of major scientific and technological advancements.

10 Jul 2019


Elon Musk's SpaceX will launch NASA's black hole spacecraft

Elon Musk's SpaceX has bagged the contract to launch Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE), a groundbreaking mission for NASA.

17 Apr 2019

Chris Cornell

M87 black hole gets epic name, but many aren't happy

A week ago, astronomers working on ESO's Event Horizon Telescope revealed the first-ever directly-captured image of a black hole.

12 Apr 2019

Solar System

How big is the supermassive black hole scientists photographed

On April 10, a team of scientists working with the European Southern Observatory started a new era in astrophysics by unveiling the first-ever directly-observed photo of a supermassive black hole.

11 Apr 2019


Meet Katie Bouman, the woman behind first-ever black hole image

In years to come, April 10 will be seen as a historic day for humanity, the day when we witnessed the first-ever image of a supermassive black hole.

26 Nov 2018


This black hole could be making space itself rotate

ISRO and NASA together have discovered a black hole that is spinning so fast that it might be making the space around it rotate.

27 Jul 2018


Einstein's general theory of relativity passes the blackhole test

Despite being over a 100 years old, Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity has passed yet another test with flying colors.

15 Jun 2018

Stephen Hawking

Star-among-stars: Stephen Hawking's voice to be beamed into space

Noted physicist Stephen Hawking, who spent his life teaching about stars, the origination of universe and black holes, will get a final send-off like none other.

22 Mar 2018

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Russian scientists devote newborn black hole to Stephen Hawking

A week after the death of celebrated cosmologist Stephen Hawking, Russian astronomers have dedicated a newborn black hole to the "Lord of Black Holes."

06 Feb 2018

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In a first, planets discovered outside the Milky Way

A group of astronomers has for the first time discovered about 2,000 planets outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

28 Sep 2017


Scientists detect fourth gravitational wave from black hole collision

Scientists have successfully detected signals of gravitational waves -ripples in the fabric of space and time- for the fourth time from the collision of two black holes.