Lunar Eclipse: News

28 Oct 2023


Lunar eclipse graces the sky tonight: When, how to watch

We are in for a spectacular astronomical treat today as a partial lunar eclipse will take place. It will be visible in India.

25 Oct 2023


Lunar eclipse on October 28-29: Know timings in India

On the night of October 28-29, a partial lunar eclipse will occur and it can be seen from all parts of India.

05 May 2023

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First lunar eclipse of 2023 tonight: How to watch

Tonight, we will see the first lunar eclipse of the year. The celestial event will be visible in India as well.

01 May 2023

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Mark your calendar for these must-see astronomy events this week

This week is going to be an exciting one for skywatchers. As many as three interesting celestial events are bound to grace the night sky.

27 Apr 2023


First lunar eclipse of 2023: When and how to watch

We just witnessed the first solar eclipse of 2023 and now we will get to see the first lunar eclipse of this year on May 5.

08 Nov 2022


Lunar eclipse today: India timings, how to watch, and more

The last total lunar eclipse or the rare spectacle of the Beaver Blood Moon will be witnessed today by nighttime skywatchers from East Asia to North America.

04 Nov 2022


The moon will turn red during November's total lunar eclipse

Are you ready to witness this year's last total lunar eclipse on November 8, 2022?

29 Oct 2022

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Lunar eclipse on November 8: How to watch 'Blood Moon'

After witnessing the last partial solar eclipse of the year, we will now see the final lunar eclipse of the year on November 8. The event will take place from 8:02 to 13:50 (UTC).

16 May 2022


First lunar eclipse of 2022 with Super Blood Moon sighting

On the intervening night of Sunday and Monday, a part of the world witnessed the first total lunar eclipse of the year.

25 May 2021

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Lunar Eclipse: All about the Super Blood Moon (May 26)

A total lunar eclipse will combine with other rare lunar phenomena on May 26, which is also a Wednesday. The event is described as Super Flower Blood Moon, with the lengthy term being a combination of several astronomical phenomena.

20 May 2021


Lunar eclipse cannot be linked to Cyclone Yass: Astrophysicist

The partial lunar eclipse on May 26 will not trigger any tidal waves and cannot be linked to the cyclone that is in the forecast, a senior astrophysicist said on Wednesday.

19 May 2021


Super Blood Moon to dazzle the sky on May 26

A rare Super Blood Moon will be seen in the eastern sky on the evening of May 26, just after a total lunar eclipse.

28 Nov 2020

Uttar Pradesh

Lunar eclipse on November 30: All you need to know

The fourth and final lunar eclipse of this year will occur on November 30.

16 Jul 2019


Partial Lunar Eclipse: When, where and how to watch it

If you are someone who likes to keep a lookout for interesting occurrences in the night sky, you would be delighted to learn that on July 16 and 17, various parts of the world will witness a partial lunar eclipse, including India.

21 Jan 2019


Chandra Grahan 2019: Last total lunar eclipse before 2021

On the intervening night between January 20 and January 21, certain parts of the world became witness to the only total lunar eclipse of 2019, and the last one before May 2021.

28 Dec 2018


2019: Of 5 eclipses, 2 will be visible in India

Astronomy enthusiasts and skygazers around the world will be able to watch five eclipses in 2019, two of which will be visible in India.

26 Jul 2018


How to watch Century's longest lunar eclipse in India

The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century is almost upon us.

24 Jul 2018


Don't miss the century's longest lunar eclipse on July 27

With Friday approaching, the countdown has already begun for what will be the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

05 Jul 2018


27th July will see the century's longest total lunar eclipse

July 2018 will witness the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

03 Jul 2018


All of India to witness century's longest lunar-eclipse on July-27

The century's longest total lunar-eclipse would be visible from all parts of India on July 27 when the celestial body would also be tinged with reddish hue called "blood moon".

31 Jan 2018


Here's how to best watch today's super blue blood moon

Ready yourself to witness a rare celestial treat today, a lunar event that hasn't happened in over 150 years.

30 Jan 2018


After 150years, we will see lunar eclipse, supermoon, blue-moon together

Skygazers and passive bystanders alike are going to witness a fantastic astronomical event on the 31st of January.

19 Jan 2018


Three lunar phenomena to occur simultaneously on January 31

In a rare event, the three phenomena of super moon, blue moon, and total lunar eclipse will occur simultaneously on January 31, 2018.

04 Aug 2017


India to witness partial lunar eclipse this 7th August

As reported by PTI, India will be able to witness a partial lunar eclipse on the intervening night of August 7th and 8th which will be visible till the following morning.