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08 Nov 2022

China wants to send monkeys into space to study reproduction

Chinese scientists want to send monkeys to the Tiangong space station in order to study reproduction.

05 Nov 2022

Artemis 1
NASA's Artemis 1 to launch on November 14: Key facts

Artemis 1 is ready to take off on November 14 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. There will be a 69-minute launch window starting at 12:07 am EST (9:37 am IST).

04 Nov 2022

Space News
A 100-feet-long Chinese rocket booster is dangerously headed toward Earth

An enormous remnant of China's Long March 5B space rocket is headed toward Earth.

NASA's InSight Mars Lander will bid adieu in few weeks

NASA's InSight Lander will soon reach the end of its four-year mission.

Scientists spot oldest-ever star cluster in James Webb's deep-field image

Remember the first deep-field image captured by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)?

02 Nov 2022

5 books about space and astronomy that astrophiles must read

Tap into the realm of the cosmos, one page at a time.

02 Nov 2022

Black Hole
Black holes can have 'wildly different masses,' reveals study

Physicists at the University of Queensland were dumbfounded by their discovery that black holes exhibited certain quantum properties.

01 Nov 2022

European Space Agency
This is what the Earth's magnetic field sounds like!

If you thought the concept of Earth's magnetic field existed only in theory, then you are in for a big surprise.

10 Oct 2022

Have you checked NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day yet?

If Space and the cosmos pique your interest, NASA's daily astronomy pictures will definitely find a spot in your heart.

21 Aug 2022

Space News
Study reveals how and when the Sun will die

All things come to an end and so will the Sun. As per data from the European Space Agency's Gaia space telescope published in June, the star is going through middle age and is around 4.57 billion years old.

16 Aug 2022

Space News
Beware! Earth might get hit by consecutive solar storms

The Earth seems to have incurred the Sun's wrath. The star has hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) which should hit us tomorrow i.e. August 17 and result in a G2-class solar storm.

22 Jul 2022

Best planetariums in India to introduce your kids to astronomy

If you are inclined toward space exploration and astronomy, then planetariums or taramandals are a must-visit for you.

18 Jul 2022

Space News
Massive Earth-directed solar flare may cause radio blackouts today

A gigantic solar flare has erupted from the Sun and might cause radio blackouts in several parts of the world today.

10 Jul 2022

Space News
This new theory may explain the mystery of Earth's formation

We have been studying Earth for the longest time, but some fundamental questions are still left unanswered. One of them is the question about the formation of our planet.

03 Jul 2022

Earthshine Moon July 2022: When and how to watch it?

This year has been great for astronomy enthusiasts. From the five-planet alignment and Blood Moon to the Tau Herculids (TAH #0061) meteor shower, there has been something for everyone.

23 May 2022

Space News
Massive asteroid to fly by Earth on May 27

According to NASA, an asteroid that is four times the size of the Empire State Building will get really close to Earth on May 27.

16 Mar 2022

Astronomers discovered asteroid just two hours before it hit earth

The fifth asteroid ever discovered before colliding with Earth crashed near Iceland on March 11.

Who is S Somanath, the new chief of ISRO?

S Somanath was on Wednesday named the new chairperson of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the space secretary, as per an order issued by the central government.

18 Nov 2021

Space News
Satellite could have glimpsed ninth planet back in 1983

Recently, evidence of a ninth planet in our solar system has been found by British astronomer Michael Rowan-Robinson in data gathered back in 1983.

17 Oct 2021

Space News
NASA's Lucy space probe blasts off to explore asteroids

American space agency NASA launched the Lucy Mission space probe strapped to a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on October 16.

11 Oct 2021

Space News
NASA's Lucy to launch soon, will explore primordial Trojan asteroids

In a bid to unveil the origin mysteries of our solar system, NASA is launching a mission for exploring the "fossils of planet formation," i.e. the Trojan asteroids in Jupiter's orbit.

04 Oct 2021

Space News
Employees claim Blue Origin is fraught with sexism, safety concerns

Several current and former Blue Origin employees have come forth to accuse the private space exploration company of rampant sexism, gender disparity, and fostering a toxic working environment.

19 Sep 2021

Space News
Astronomer who demoted Pluto claims he's found new ninth planet

Pluto was controversially stripped of its designation as a planet in 2006. A planetary scientist who was the fiercest advocate of the celestial body's demotion claims he has now found another celestial body worthy of recognition as a planet.

20 Jul 2021

Billionaires are flying to space, but where does it begin?

While Jeff Bezos prepares for a trip to space, let's not forget that just last week, his company Blue Origin took to Twitter to compare its mission and Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Unity 22 mission to space.

17 Jun 2021

Spacesuit concerns briefly interrupt spacewalk to install solar panels

Spacewalking astronauts resumed work to install powerful, new solar panels outside the International Space Station on Wednesday, after a brief interruption caused by problems with one of their suits.

24 Sep 2019

New study finds proof that Venus could once support life

Ever since the NASA's Pioneer Venus project suggested back in the 1980s that the planet might have had an ocean, scientists have been struggling to understand what exactly happened that turned Venus into the inhospitable hellscape it is today.

16 Aug 2019

#CareerBytes: Want to join ISRO? Here's everything you should know

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is one of the largest and most successful space agencies in the world.

15 Jun 2019

JEE News
#CareerBytes: Didn't get good JEE-Advanced rank? Here's what to do

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), comprising Main and Advanced exams, is the country's most difficult engineering entrance exam.

01 Apr 2019

Andhra Pradesh
PSLV-C45 carrying India's EMISAT and 28 foreign satellites lifts off

ISRO's PSLV C45 lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota today, carrying India's EMISAT satellite along with 28 nanosatellites of global customers.

22 May 2018

8 popular engineering colleges in South India

South India is home to some of the best engineering institutes in the country, making it one of the most preferred destinations for engineering aspirants.