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19 Jan 2023


When in doubt, read! 5 books about overcoming self-doubt

If you are looking for some inspiration, you are at the right place!

18 Jan 2023


Retta to lead 'Murder by the Book' for NBC 

NBC is gearing up for yet another mystery-drama series with stand-up comedian and actor Retta.

31 Dec 2022


Goodreads' 5 highly anticipated horror books of 2023

Who doesn't love a good scary story, something to send a chill down your spine in the middle of a winter night?

31 Dec 2022


5 books to help you achieve your New Year resolutions

2023 is just around the corner, and there's nothing better than planning all that you want to achieve this year.

30 Dec 2022


Goodreads' 5 highly anticipated romance novels of 2023

The new year is a time for reveling in love!

30 Dec 2022


Goodreads' 5 most anticipated fantasy books of 2023 

If you're someone who lives in a fantasy world, this one's for you!

27 Dec 2022


Goodreads' 5 most anticipated mystery and thriller books of 2023

Mysteries and thrillers are suspenseful reads that keep you guessing murderers, dark secrets, and character origins.

23 Dec 2022


5 highly anticipated sci-fi books of 2023

At the end of every year, Goodreads curates a list of the upcoming books for the new year based on early reviews and the number of readers adding books to their 'want to read' shelves.

16 Dec 2022

Jane Austen

Read these books by Jane Austen on her birth anniversary

Remembering the famous English author through her best works.

09 Dec 2022

Christmas Day

Christmas musings: These 5 books will level-up your Xmas feels

Ho Ho Ho! It's that time of the year!

06 Dec 2022

Mental Health

5 excellent books for those wanting to overcome perfectionism

Perfectionism isn't necessarily bad until it gets the better of you.

02 Dec 2022


5 books for those struggling with body image issues

Living in a world where slim is "desirable" and anyone not with a fair complexion is "ugly," could be tough.

01 Dec 2022


These 5 books that can help you overcome rejection

Rejection is nature's way of redirection.

30 Nov 2022


5 books by Mark Twain you must read today

Among the most coveted authors in the world, American author Samuel Langhorne Clemens, known by his pen name Mark Twain, has some of the best pieces of literature to his credit.

27 Nov 2022


5 books that can help you combat loneliness

For the times when you listen to Akon's Lonely on a loop...

23 Nov 2022


5 books based on true unsolved mysteries of the world

Disclaimer: These books will make you question everything!

22 Nov 2022


FIFA World Cup 2022: 5 iconic books on football

With the FIFA World Cup 2022's beginning football fever is running high.

21 Nov 2022


Read these 5 books to overcome grief and loss

Books are our best friends for a reason.

21 Nov 2022


5 gripping psychological thriller books you should read

Get ready to jump out of your skin!

16 Nov 2022


Cope with trauma and PTSD by reading these five books

Open yourself to healing, one page at a time.

15 Nov 2022


5 essential reads before you adopt a dog

Owning a dog is one of life's greatest joys, but more than that it is a huge responsibility.

14 Nov 2022


Books to gift your teenagers this Children's Day

November 14th is that time of the year when children are showered with lots of love and affection by their parents and loved ones.

11 Nov 2022


5 books to read on Metaphysics

Do you also love to wonder about the mysteries of the world and unravel the realities of the unknown? Welcome to the world of Metaphysics.

10 Nov 2022

Mental Health

Read these 5 books to overcome anxiety and panic attacks

Life is different when panic "attacks" and anxiety hits!

09 Nov 2022

Mental Health

5 books that may help you overcome overthinking

Overthinkers stay more inside their heads.

08 Nov 2022


5 books that can help you chase your insecurities away

Let's help you overcome your insecurities, one page at a time.

07 Nov 2022

Mental Health

Read theses books to successfully overcome addictions

There are so many things in life that we love to engage in. However, when they become an obsession, that is when the trouble begins.

07 Nov 2022


Give a read to these 5 books to overcome fear

Let's help you fear the fear away!

02 Nov 2022

Space Science

5 books about space and astronomy that astrophiles must read

Tap into the realm of the cosmos, one page at a time.

02 Nov 2022


Love yourself more with these books on self-love

Give yourself the love first that you readily give out to others.

31 Oct 2022


What happens after we die? These books have the answer

'Read in peace' because these books are based on evidence.

28 Oct 2022


5 books that can help you achieve a work-life balance

The line between work and life has started to fade away with time.

27 Oct 2022


5 books every teen must read before they turn 20

Our teenage years teach us a lot - from emotions and thought processes to aims in life and actions to take.

20 Oct 2022


Hotheads, read these 5 books to learn anger management

Let's help you tame your inner ferocious beast before it eats you up!

20 Oct 2022


Stay productive by reading these 5 books on time management

Let's help you manage your time better!

13 Oct 2022


Say goodbye to procrastination with these 5 excellent books

For all the pros of procrastination, this one's for you!

05 Oct 2022


5 books that all budding entrepreneurs should give a read

Do you know what's that one common thing in most entrepreneurs around the world? It's their habit of reading.

28 Sep 2022

Travel And Tourism

Discover France one page at a time with these books

Amidst its artistic side and strong national identity, France has an intriguing culture that means different to different people.

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