Children: News

29 Mar 2024


5 budget-friendly and educational Easter gifts for your kids

As Easter approaches, parents are often faced with the delightful task of filling their children's Easter baskets with goodies.

23 Mar 2024


How to keep your child's skin safe during Holi

Holi, a vibrant celebration of colors, brings boundless joy and excitement to individuals of all ages.

11 Mar 2024

Social Media

How to instill safe social media habits in children

In the digital age, children are growing up surrounded by social media, making it essential for parents and guardians to guide them in cultivating safe and responsible online habits.

01 Mar 2024

Travel And Tourism

Baby travel guide: Five essential tips for a smooth journey

Going on a trip with your little bundle of joy? The adventure of traveling with a baby, while filled with joy, presents its own set of challenges, necessitating meticulous planning.

22 Feb 2024


Positive impact of overseas education on Indian youth

It feels amazing to live in a sea of culture, values, and opportunities in India, but there's an ocean waiting to be explored by its youth.

19 Feb 2024


Strategies to manage exam stress

Exam season is upon us, bringing with it a strong mix of worry, excitement, and pressure to perform well.

17 Feb 2024

Personal Finance

Helping children understand the concept of spending and saving

Teaching children the fundamentals of financial literacy is paramount for their future success.

15 Feb 2024


How to make gardening fun for kids

Introducing children to the wonders of gardening can be a transformative and enriching experience. Beyond the dirt and seeds, lie valuable lessons about nature, responsibility, and the joy of watching life blossom.

10 Feb 2024

Health & Wellness

Observing National Deworming Day to promote health and hygiene

National Deworming Day (NDD) in India, spearheaded by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), is a pivotal annual event aimed at combatting soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) among children.

07 Feb 2024

South Korea

South Korean company offers $75,000 to employees with newborn babies

In a determined and compassionate response to South Korea's disconcerting decline in birth rates, Booyoung Group, a prominent construction firm, is spearheading an extraordinary initiative.

22 Jan 2024


Expectant parents seek 'Mahurat' deliveries on Ram Temple consecration day

As the highly anticipated Ram Mandir consecration ceremony in Ayodhya takes place today, many expectant parents across India are eager to have their babies born on this auspicious day.

18 Jan 2024


Tween skincare frenzy: Is the hype justified

In recent times, social media has played a significant role in shaping beauty trends, with influencers and beauty enthusiasts contributing to the normalization of extensive skincare routines.

03 Jan 2024

Home Decor

DIY decor ideas for kid's bedroom on a budget 

Creating a charming and personalized haven for your child shouldn't break the bank.

22 Dec 2023


Winter wellness hacks for children

As the frosty grip of winter draws near, parents often face the challenge of safeguarding their children against the seasonal onslaught of colds, flu, and various other ailments.

22 Dec 2023


Simple steps to instill good skincare habits in children

As children embark on the adventure of growing up, imparting essential knowledge about skincare becomes a valuable gift that lasts a lifetime.

19 Dec 2023


Grandpa uses dog cone to limit granddaughter's phone use

A Chinese grandfather from Xian, Shaanxi province, came up with a quirky solution to curb his five-year-old granddaughter's excessive phone usage - a dog cone collar!

01 Dec 2023


These holiday activities for kids are both enjoyable and productive

Holidays are a time for relaxation, unless you're juggling energetic children! Managing their enthusiasm without chaos is an art.

01 Dec 2023


Christmas 2023: Sustainable gifts for your loved ones

Ho Ho Ho! It's that time of the year!

22 Nov 2023


How couples can manage their relationship after having kids

Marriage undergoes profound changes after the arrival of children, introducing new dynamics and challenges.

21 Nov 2023


Do you have these unrealistic expectations from your preschoolers

Parenting, a journey of love and guidance is often fraught with the challenge of managing expectations.

19 Nov 2023


Tips for children to make the most of winter vacations

As the school doors close and vacations beckon, parents often grapple with the delicate balance of embracing playfulness while ensuring their children's continued growth.

14 Nov 2023


Long-term benefits of teaching forgiveness during formative years 

In the intricate web of human emotions, forgiveness stands as a powerful thread weaving empathy and kindness.

14 Nov 2023


These children shaped history with their inspiring tales

Children's Day is a time to honor the youth and their potential to bring about positive change.

02 Nov 2023


Indulge in festive fun this Diwali with these games

It is the time of year when families gather to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness during Diwali, the festival of lights.

29 Oct 2023


Read these books to your toddler as you cuddle them

Snuggling up with your toddler on a comfortable bed and reading them a book is never a bad idea.

11 Oct 2023


International Girl Child Day: Girls who are empowering the future

Youth often rise to the challenge, exhibiting incredible resilience and devotion to making a difference in a society where change and growth are crucial.

14 Sep 2023


Why starting young in the kitchen matters

Teaching your kids to cook is worth your time. It not only gives you moments to connect with your child but also creates many learning opportunities for children when you get them involved in the process of cooking.

13 Sep 2023


How to introduce your kids to cooking

Introducing your children to the kitchen can be a delightful yet messy experience. While the chaos may test your patience initially, the journey of cooking with kids is ultimately worth it.

12 Sep 2023


Creative ways to document your child's growing-up years

One of the biggest blessings for parents is to watch their little bundles of joy grow and thrive.

06 Sep 2023


Foods you should not feed kids below 5 years

Children, especially those below the age of five, require an adequate amount of nutrition to support their development.

05 Sep 2023


5 game night ideas for an evening of family fun

If you are searching for ways to have a great time with your family, consider planning a family game night.

05 Sep 2023


Express gratitude with these Teacher's Day classroom decor ideas

Teacher's Day is a special day to thank teachers for all their hard work and dedication.

29 Aug 2023


Strategies to prevent sedentary lifestyles in children

More and more children are living sedentary lives, which is putting their physical and mental health at risk.

23 Aug 2023


How to raise kids in a junk food-free environment

Fostering a junk food-free atmosphere for your children in a world full of tempting and convenient fast food options may seem like an uphill battle.

23 Aug 2023


Tips to help you stay focused while studying

Not everyone loves studying as it is a real struggle to receive, process, and retain all the information in your mind.

17 Aug 2023


Tips to keep children out of phone/gaming addiction 

Giving phones to children to keep them engaged is a common practice among parents today. However, excessive exposure to these gadgets can take a toll on their mental and physical health, according to experts.

05 Aug 2023


National Twins Day: Facts about twins you probably didn't know

This year, National Twins Day is being celebrated from August 5-7 around the world, honoring the one-of-a-kind, rare miracle of having fraternal or identical twins.

03 Aug 2023

Health & Wellness

Understanding juvenile arthritis: Symptoms to look out for in children

You are wrong if you thought arthritis occurs only in older adults.

03 Aug 2023


Here's how to instill sustainable habits in children

It isn't that difficult to include sustainable habits into your child's everyday life.

02 Aug 2023


Why parents should introduce meditation during formative years of children

Meditation is steadily gaining recognition as a lifestyle practice for its multifaceted benefits.

02 Aug 2023


World Breastfeeding Week 2023: Role of fathers in breastfeeding

For generations, breastfeeding has been viewed as solely a mother's duty, leaving fathers feeling like mere onlookers.

20 Jul 2023


How Barbie became a timeless role model for girls

For over six decades, Barbie has stood as an iconic figure in the world of toys and popular culture for countless girls worldwide.

17 Jul 2023


How to effectively manage a conflict with your toddler

When children have disagreements, oppositions, or retaliate against one another, it leads to conflict, resulting in difficult and tense interactions.

16 Jul 2023


Celebrating National Ice Cream Day with a dollop of nostalgia

National Ice Cream Day, born from ex-US President Reagan's genius in 1984, is cherished every third Sunday of July.

11 Jul 2023


Why more couples are choosing to be child-free 

Nowadays, more and more couples are deciding not to have children by choice.

09 Jul 2023


Foods to avoid putting in your children's lunch box

One of the most difficult tasks as a parent is to ensure that your children get enough nutrients for their growth.

04 Jul 2023


What's 'sharenting'? Navigating parenting in the age of social media

Many parents nowadays make social media accounts on platforms like Instagram and TikTok to show off their cute kids.

18 Jun 2023

Father's Day

Father's Day: How fathers impact their child's overall development 

Father's Day is a wonderful occasion to honor and appreciate dads for their important role in shaping their children's lives.

16 Jun 2023


Study: Constructive conflict resolution by dads reduces kids' distress

When it comes to conflicts in marriage, things can get messy, especially when children are involved.

12 Jun 2023


How to create healthy learning atmosphere for children at home

It is a proven fact that children perform better in a supportive setting at home. They need a safe and encouraging environment that helps them learn and explore.

30 May 2023


Try these fun ways to keep kids hydrated during summers

It is not always easy to have your toddlers eat and drink healthy. It may be even more challenging during summer when they need the right nutrition and hydration to beat the heat.

29 May 2023

Summer season

Five fun indoor activities to keep kids entertained this summer

Summer season is here, and you are probably wondering how to keep your children entertained indoors during the hottest months of the year.

15 May 2023


Couple defies 1 in 200 million odds, welcomes identical triplets

Sure, identical twins happen fairly often, with a chance of about one in 250 births.

10 May 2023


The controversy of gentle parenting on TikTok, explained

"Gentle parenting," also referred to as respectful or mindful parenting, has become a major sensation on TikTok, garnering billions of views.

09 May 2023

TV News

Actor Chandrika Saha complains against husband for injuring infant son

TV actor Chandrika Saha has filed a complaint against her husband, Aman Mishra, after the latter allegedly banged their infant son against the floor thrice recently.

07 Apr 2023


Gender-free parenting: Why 'theybies' is the new buzzword

As societal norms surrounding gender continue to evolve, a growing number of parents are now embracing gender-free parenting, which rejects the binary notion of gender.

28 Mar 2023


5 bad habits children can pick up from parents 

Your behavior can create a lot of impact on your children during their growing years. They learn by watching and imitating you and start forming habits in the process.

27 Mar 2023


International Scribble Day: 5 ways to celebrate with your kids

Today, March 27, the world is observing International Scribble Day.

27 Mar 2023

Kareena Kapoor Khan

#NewsBytesExplainer: Why UNICEF partners with celebrities for social awareness drives

Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan was in the news on Saturday when she visited Mumbai's Mitha Nagar Municipal School as part of UNICEF's "Every Child Reading Campaign" in Maharashtra.

21 Mar 2023


Importance of outdoor play in early childhood

Today's children spend an increasing amount of time indoors, fidgeting with electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and watching television.

18 Mar 2023


Let your kids play these brain games to grow smart

Let them learn as they play.

17 Mar 2023

Mental Health

Saying these things to your son can encourage toxic masculinity

Parents may use certain phrases while talking to young boys which can inadvertently lead them to feel superior to women, and think that they have to be tough throughout life.

16 Mar 2023

Mental Health

Saying these things to your daughter can bruise her confidence

We all know that parents reprimand or say certain things to children for their own good.