Biology: News

Rare footage captures live great white birth, solving birthing mystery

In a groundbreaking discovery, wildlife filmmaker Carlos Gauna, known as The Malibu Artist, and UC Riverside biology doctoral student Phillip Sternes encountered a rare sight on July 9, 2023, near Santa Barbara on California's central coast.

08 Sep 2023


Mysterious golden orb discovered near coast of Alaska puzzles scientists

A remotely operated underwater vehicle, belonging to NOAA Ocean Exploration, discovered a puzzling golden orb at a depth of 3,300m off Alaska's coast.

24 Aug 2023


In a first, scientists fully decode sex-related Y chromosome 

Scientists have completely sequenced the male Y chromosome for the first time.

08 Aug 2023


Two-thirds of all species live in the soil: Study

Soils are the most species-rich ecosystems globally, with two-thirds of all species residing in them, finds a new study. Interestingly, this figure is more than double that of previous estimates.

28 Jul 2023


Ancient roundworm revived after 46,000 years of being frozen

An international team of scientists has resurrected an ancient roundworm (nematode) that was frozen in the Siberian permafrost for thousands of years.

07 Jul 2023


AI may have discovered the ultimate anti-aging compound

Drug discovery is a demanding task, especially considering the time, research, and costs involved.

19 Jun 2023


Scientists create synthetic human embryo with heartbeat, replicate early pregnancy

Researchers from the Gurdon Institute at the University of Cambridge have developed a model human embryo with a heartbeat and some traces of blood.

07 Jun 2023


First-ever 'virgin birth' found in crocodile species: Know scientific significance

An 18-year-old female crocodile who had no contact with males gave birth to a fully developed female crocodile fetus.

03 May 2023


Study explains why people recount memorable experiences before death

Several people who have had near-death experiences have said they see their life flash before their eyes or that memorable moments replay, and other such experiences.

25 Apr 2023


Researchers make vegan leather that can heal itself if damaged

Scientists have developed vegan leather from fungi and what's interesting is that the leather could repair itself if damaged.

24 Apr 2023


How a graphene 'tattoo' can help treat an irregular heartbeat

Scientists from Northwestern University in Chicago and the University of Texas at Austin, have come up with what could be called a futuristic pacemaker—a medical device that helps maintain the regular rhythm of the heart.

13 Apr 2023


New study explains how we age

A new study, published in the journal Nature, has provided significant insights into aging, opening up a "new area of understanding of how and why we age."

04 Apr 2023


5 facts about the world's deepest fish found near Japan

Scientists have spotted the deepest-ever fish near Japan, setting a new record.

23 Mar 2023


Why Raphael Mechoulam is called the 'father of cannabis research'

Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli chemist, is best known for his research work on the Cannabis sativa.

This man is on mission to save world's biggest frog

The goliath frog, which is the largest frog in the world, is listed as an endangered species.

09 Jan 2023


Fossil, with dinosaur-like head, sheds light on evolution of birds

A 120-million-year-old fossil uncovered in China has one of the most bizarre anatomical features: a head resembling a dinosaur and a body resembling a bird.

05 Jan 2023


Solar-powered cells can potentially slow down aging, claims study

The use of solar-powered cells could help prolong the human lifespan, reveals a study published in Nature.

03 Jan 2023


Study reveals key proteins involved in the regulation of photosynthesis

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology and the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University have uncovered the importance of two major proteins, called VCCN1 and KEA3, in the regulation of photosynthesis.

08 Dec 2022


2 million-year-old DNA, the oldest-ever, uncovers Greenland's lost world

Two million-year-old DNA fragments, found in frozen soil in the northeastern tip of Greenland, are the oldest DNA ever obtained.

30 Nov 2022

Global Warming

Scientists revive 48,500-year-old frozen zombie virus. Another Pandora's box?

The glaciers and the permafrost that are melting as a result of global warming release frozen matter, including microbes, that have been trapped beneath the surface for years.

08 Nov 2022


China wants to send monkeys into space to study reproduction

Chinese scientists want to send monkeys to the Tiangong space station in order to study reproduction.

03 Nov 2022


Meta AI creates the largest metagenomic protein database

Ever wondered what proteins in the ocean, or in your own body were made up of? Meta AI's latest database might have an answer.

02 Nov 2022


'Smart RBCs' might be effective in addressing antibiotic resistance: Study

The rising increase in antibiotic resistance is a serious concern. Scientists at McMaster University in Canada have come up with a strategy that modifies red blood corpuscles (RBCs) to act as a vehicle for transporting antibiotics to the site of bacterial infection.

05 Aug 2022


Scientists create first-ever 'synthetic embryos' with brain and beating heart

In a major breakthrough, a group of Israeli scientists has managed to redefine the boundaries of biology with the world's first "synthetic embryos."

Scientists created a lifelike model of embryonic life: Details here

In a major development, a team of scientists claims to have created a model of early embryonic life in a lab.

26 Feb 2020


Scientists found first-ever 'animal' that doesn't need oxygen to live

Our basic understanding of life revolves around the fact that every multi-cellular organism, including human beings, needs oxygen to live.

23 Dec 2019


#CBSE2020: How to prepare for Class 10 board exams subject-wise?

A student's performance in CBSE Class 10 board exams is crucial as it decides which stream one should choose for a bright career.

28 May 2019


Kerala: Student-teacher team creates affordable sanitary-pads from world's worst water-weed

A student-teacher team from AKMHS School in Kerala's Kottoor has created low-cost sanitary napkins from water hyacinth, also called the world's worst water weed.