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What started out as a company’s internal tool of communication slowly went global. That sums up Slack’s journey till now. The team-messaging application was being used by Stewart Butterfield’s company Tiny Speck for internal communication purposes during the development of an online game. But probably after sensing its vast potential, Slack was launched in 2013. It shot to prominence immediately, with 8,000 signing up for its service in just 24 hours of the launch. Though Slack is primarily used for organizational communication, it also gets used as a community platform. Microsoft Teams, which commenced operations much later, is a direct competitor of Slack, and is reportedly performing much better than the latter. However, Butterfield, Slack’s CEO maintains that their engagement rate is much higher than Teams.

02 Sep 2022

Slack's new workflow automation features will make life easier

The competition among workplace apps is tighter than ever. Slack, in its bid to not lose ground, has announced the expansion of its Workflow Builder tool.

17 Jul 2022

World Emoji Day: How emojis are changing world of expression

Emojis have become a popular tool for expressing emotions at a time when face-to-face contact has declined and most interactions take place via texting.

12 Jul 2022

Now, you can react to WhatsApp message with any emoji

WhatsApp users who have been bothered by the limited number of emoji reactions on the platform can finally relax. You can now respond to a message with any emoji of your choice.

06 Jul 2022

Latest Tech News
Slack features: Top 5 tips and tricks you should know

Slack is a messaging platform meant for use in the workplace. It allows users to collaborate with their colleagues working both on-site as well as remotely.

16 Jun 2022

Microsoft Windows
Best Slack features and customizations you should try

Slack, a communication platform designed specifically for the workplace, has been a great boon to businesses during the pandemic.

21 Nov 2021

Facebook's emoji reactions and notifications spotted trickling down to WhatsApp

With the latest update on the beta channel, WhatsApp users on Android can now get a taste of the new message reaction notifications feature that has been in the pipeline for a few months now.

06 Feb 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: BuzzFeed finally gets Trump, and more

The fine journalists at BuzzFeed saw documents implicating former US President Donald Trump of many terrible things, but quickly deemed them too evil to be seen by their readers. So now we must take their word on the orange man being bad.

06 Feb 2021

Slack emails some users to reset password, wipe app data

Slack, the business communication platform, recently notified some of its users of a serious bug via email. Slack's Android app was accidentally logging users' credentials in plain texts and storing it in the fairly accessible app data directory.

02 Dec 2020

Salesforce is buying Slack for $28bn, its biggest acquisition yet Inc is buying workplace messaging app Slack Technologies Inc for a whopping $27.7 billion, making this acquisition its biggest ever.

08 Oct 2020

Slack is testing 'Video Stories' and many more features

After almost every mainstream social media service on the block, even work-focused companies are jumping on the bandwagon of 'Stories'.

06 Oct 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: Google defers 30% commission in India, and more

Last night, Google deferred the enforcement of its Play Store billing policy that requires certain app developers to pay a 30% commission to the tech giant.

31 Aug 2020

#BugAlert: Critical desktop hijack vulnerability detected in Slack; now fixed

Slack, one of the biggest players in the remote collaboration space, has fixed a major flaw in its service.

02 Apr 2020

Now, Slack users can call those on Microsoft Teams

In the wake of the COVID-19 situation, work communication apps Slack and Microsoft Teams have become the focal point for many businesses.

28 Mar 2020

Soon, Slack might let you call Microsoft Teams' users

As remote working continues to grow due to the coronavirus pandemic, work communication platforms Slack and Microsoft Teams are doing everything possible to give the best experience to their increasing user-base.

20 Mar 2020

Amid COVID-19 outbreak, Microsoft Teams rakes in 44 million DAUs

As professionals around the world continue to switch to working remotely, due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19, productivity platforms are reaping the benefits.

19 Mar 2020

How to appear 'active' on Slack while working from home

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, companies around the world have allowed their employees to work from home.

25 Sep 2019

Instagram is also getting a dark mode: Details here

After Slack, Gmail, and Google Photos, Instagram has joined the long list of services that are getting a dedicated dark mode.

14 Aug 2019

Finally, Facebook is getting its own dark mode: Details here

Following the footsteps of leading technology giants and social networks, Facebook has started working on a dedicated dark mode for its main app.

06 Aug 2019

Now, Google Assistant can read out WhatsApp messages for you

Google Assistant, the AI-backed digital helper from Google, is getting a minor but very useful capability - the ability to read out messages.

Soon, your Slack app will be faster than ever

Slack for desktop and web is getting a major update, one that doesn't bring any new features but revamps the entire infrastructure of the Slack experience.

28 Jun 2019

Slack messages are going twice, reason remains unknown

Over the last few hours, users of popular work collaboration and chat app Slack have reported a weird message repetition issue.

24 Jun 2019

Why Microsoft banned employees from using Slack, other software products

Microsoft appears to have banned certain software products for its employees.

23 Dec 2018

Slack issues apology after banning Iran visitors, expats: Details here

Popular co-working platform Slack has apologized for deactivating accounts of users, who either visited Iran or expatriated from the country.

08 Aug 2018

Workplace messaging service Slack is raising $400mn in new round

On the back of acquiring its rivals just a couple of weeks back, workplace messaging service Slack is reportedly raising more funding, this time around $400mn.

27 Jul 2018

Work messaging wars: Slack acquires rivals, wins the battle

In a surprise announcement, work messaging platform Slack has announced that it has acquired rival HipChat from enterprise software giant Atlassian.

01 Mar 2018

Google is the new Slack: Launches workplace communication tool

Google has globally launched Hangouts Chat, a workplace communication tool, as a core part of its G Suite offerings.

15 Jun 2017

San Francisco
Amazon in talks to acquire Slack?

Corporate messaging start-up Slack Technologies based in San Francisco has reportedly been receiving inquiries about a potential takeover from tech giants like