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The quarantine measures that followed the COVID-19 outbreak almost became synonymous with Zoom, a California-based video-chat app. Launched in 2011, the communications tech company received increased fame during the pandemic, with its app being downloaded 2.13mn times in March 2020. Despite its share market slump, the company’s stock price spiked more than double in just three months. However, it also came under the media lens and faced public ire because of security and privacy issues. Zoom has been founded by Eric Yuan, a Chinese-American billionaire businessman, an alumnus of Stanford Graduate School of Business. Video-telephony, online chat, and business telephone systems are some of the services being offered by it. In 2019, the company went for initial public offering, thus becoming a public enterprise.

10 Apr 2024

New York City

This NYC shop cashier works remotely from Philippines via Zoom

Sansan Chicken, a fried chicken shop in New York City, has adopted an unconventional staffing approach.

28 Feb 2024


Zoom to drop support for iOS 11, 12 next month

Zoom has declared that it will cease support for older iOS versions, specifically iOS 11 and 12, in its upcoming update in March.

30 Jan 2024


Zoom introduces avatar-based video calling for Vision Pro users

Zoom has announced its new app for Vision Pro, which will launch alongside Apple's new headset on February 2.

09 Oct 2023


Zoho Cliq takes on Slack and Zoom with new features

Tech company Zoho has announced updates to its communication and collaboration platform, Zoho Cliq, amid a 30% surge in users switching from Slack and Zoom.

04 Oct 2023

Google Docs

Zoom adds AI-powered document editing feature to rival Microsoft Teams

Zoom Video Communications Inc. is bringing a collaborative document editing feature, Zoom Docs, taking on rivals like Microsoft Teams and Alphabet's Google Docs.

Zoom's AI assistant uses ChatGPT to summarize missed meetings

Zoom has launched an "AI Companion," integrating artificial intelligence from ChatGPT's maker OpenAI as well as Meta.

Zoom fired its president Greg Tomb before completing a year

Popular video conferencing platform Zoom fired about 15% of its workforce a month ago. The company has now axed its president Greg Tomb.

08 Feb 2023


Zoom CEO Eric Yuan takes 98% salary-cut: Check his net-worth  

Zoom has announced its decision to axe 15% of its workforce or about 1,300 jobs, amid global economic uncertainties.

08 Feb 2023


Zoom fires 1,300 employees due to "uncertainty of global economy"

Companies are on a firing spree, and Zoom is no exception. The communications technology firm announced that it is axing roughly 15% of its global workforce or around 1,300 employees.

07 Jan 2023


Snap to shut down app that made Zoom calls fun

Snap Camera, the desktop app from Snap that lets users apply silly filters on video calls, will be shut down on January 25.

10 Nov 2022

Microsoft Office 365

Rivaling Google and Microsoft, Zoom releases Mail and Calendar clients

Zoom is known for its professional meeting platform. However, the company has been taking steps to build a complete hybrid work solution.

07 Dec 2021

New York City

Who is Vishal Garg, who fired 900 employees over Zoom?

Vishal Garg is all over the internet.

13 Aug 2021


Now, students will be less distracted on Zoom: Here's why

Amid the pandemic, the single most important company Zoom has now taken steps to ensure children attending classes online on its platform don't get distracted while the teacher can monitor the classroom.

01 Jul 2021


Zoom announces plans to acquire machine translation start-up Kites

Popular video calling platform Zoom has announced plans to acquire Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions GmbH, also known as Kites.

01 Jun 2021

Jammu And Kashmir

Six-year-old's video about 'too much' homework catches J&K LG's attention

A six-year-old girl's video message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi complaining of a huge burden of homework through online education triggered a policy change in Jammu and Kashmir to lighten the pressure on school kids.

18 May 2021


Microsoft Teams now available for everyone, offers free 24-hour calling

Following in the footsteps of other enterprise-grade video calling solutions that opened their doors to the masses amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft has launched a version of Teams for personal use today.

30 Apr 2021


Telegram promises to implement group video calling feature in May

After introducing one-on-one video calls, WhatsApp's rival messaging platform Telegram recently announced that it would get a group video calling feature in May.

29 Mar 2021


'No Zoom' Oscars: Academy mandates nominees' in-person attendance, faces backlash

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has apparently issued a mandate that there will be no video-conferencing facilities like Zoom available for the 93rd Oscars ceremony.

08 Mar 2021


Scientists bat for hosting virtual conferences even after COVID-19

Despite "Zoom fatigue" and the inability to simulate in-person networking with colleagues, scientists want conferences to be held virtually even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, citing ease of attending from anywhere and low carbon footprint among its many perks.

05 Mar 2021


WhatsApp releases voice and video calling feature for desktop client

WhatsApp has released the long-awaited voice and video calling feature for the app's desktop version. The feature doesn't yet support group calls, but it is optimized to work in both portrait and landscape orientations.

21 Feb 2021


Few tips to achieve the right look on Zoom meetings

Dressing waist up and learning to apply just about the right amount of makeup, in a minute, has become the latest necessity.

11 Feb 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: There's some Chinese in my Koo, and more

A French hacker with a penchant for embarrassing Indian software endeavors claims to have found data breaches in the Koo app.

11 Feb 2021


Here's how you can add facial effects on Zoom calls

Video conferencing app Zoom had added the Studio Effects beta feature in September 2020, however it has been garnering users' attention just lately.

09 Feb 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Apple pulls a Xiaomi with advertisements, and more

Apple had recently taken great pains to warn us about its evil Big Tech brethren and their evil advertisements. Looks like it forgot to heed its own warnings.

14 Nov 2020

Barry Allen

#ComicBytes: Who are the most powerful enemies of the Flash?

The Flash is an integral part of the DC Universe. But this responsibility comes with a set of villains.

20 Oct 2020


New Yorker's Jeffrey Toobin allegedly masturbates on Zoom call; suspended

The New Yorker magazine suspended its long-time contributor and chief legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, after he allegedly exposed himself on a Zoom call.

12 Sep 2020


#TechBytes: How to secure Zoom account with two-factor authentication

Zoom has had plenty of security issues, but among all of them, Zoom-bombing has been a persistent one.

24 Aug 2020


#OutageAlert: Zoom goes down, keeping users from starting/joining meetings

Following Gmail and Google Meet, video conferencing giant Zoom has also fallen victim to an outage.

20 Aug 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: Apple becomes a $2 trillion company, and more

A lot has happened in the world of technology since last night.

13 Aug 2020


#TechBytes: Handy new features announced for Google Meet classes

Google has announced a new set of features to make Google Meet, its famous virtual conferencing solution, more useful for educators.

30 Jul 2020


Zoom bug allowed breaking into private password-protected meetings

Even after all the promises, video conferencing giant Zoom keeps running into security issues.

26 Jul 2020


Messenger Rooms: How to use Facebook's new Zoom challenger

A few months ago, Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms as its own "casual" take on Zoom and Google Meet.

17 Jul 2020


Zoom bug allowed mimicking organizations; now fixed

Zoom video conferencing service has had plenty of trouble in keeping its platform safe from uninvited hackers and so-called 'Zoom-bombers'.

16 Jul 2020


NewsBytes Tech Briefing: Zoom's video-conference device, unified Gmail, and more

Along with the massive hack of high profile Twitter accounts, a lot has happened in the world of technology in the last 24 hours.

03 Jul 2020

Mukesh Ambani

JioMeet, Reliance's free Zoom rival, is now available in India

After a nearly three-month-long fundraising spree, Mukesh Ambani's telecom-to-digital entity Reliance Jio Platforms is expanding its footprint to step into the arena of video-conferencing.

22 May 2020


72-year-old man killed by son during Zoom call in US

A 72-year-old man was stabbed to death during a call on the video conferencing platform Zoom in New York, United States. The attacker is said to be the 72-year-old's own son.

12 May 2020


Hackers are using Zoom, Google Meet for phishing attacks

The spread of COVID-19 has surged the global demand for video-conferencing services like Zoom and Google Meet.

08 May 2020

South Africa

Hackers bombed South African Parliament session with porn, racial slurs

Like most of the world, South Africa is also under lockdown to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease.

26 Apr 2020


Messenger Rooms, Facebook's free service to take on Zoom

In a major move, social media giant Facebook has launched Messenger Rooms, a dedicated virtual meeting platform to take on the likes of Zoom and Google Meet.

23 Apr 2020


This tool can transcribe your Zoom meeting in real-time

From students to remote workers, everyone knows the pain of trying to take down notes while attending a virtual meeting.

22 Apr 2020

Elon Musk

Watch: AI-created Elon Musk Zoom-bombs virtual meeting

You may already know about deepfakes, the AI-generated clips that show one person's face or voice in another person's video.

22 Apr 2020


No! 'Namaste' is not Indian government's answer to Zoom

A few hours ago, multiple reports suggested that the Indian government has launched a video-conferencing service called 'Namaste' to help people replace Zoom, a virtual meeting app it recently declared 'unsafe'.

21 Apr 2020


Watch out! Hackers are bombing Zoom classes with porn

As India faces the COVID-19 lockdown, educators are rushing to use digital resources to ensure students keep learning even while being at home.

Now, New Yorkers can have 'video weddings' via Zoom

Given the whole COVID-19 situation, New York has officially started allowing wedding ceremonies to be conducted via video conference.

17 Apr 2020


Zoom v/s Google Meet: Which one is better?

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, more and more people are rushing to handle most of their jobs from the safety of their homes.

Indian government says Zoom is 'not safe' to use

Zoom, the video conferencing app that shot to fame before being embroiled in several privacy-related debacles, has been red-flagged by the Indian government.

14 Apr 2020


Five lakh Zoom accounts are being sold on dark web

Zoom, the video conferencing service that shot to fame in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and then became a center of multiple controversies, has been hit by another pressing issue.

14 Apr 2020


Zoom will let customers choose data centers for routing calls

It has become dichotomous for video-conferencing giant Zoom. On one hand, its user have sky-rocketed, but on the other, those users are fast losing confidence, given the shady security practices of the company.

12 Apr 2020


Microsoft Teams update brings Zoom-like custom background for video calls

Microsoft has rolled out an update for its Teams communication platform that introduces custom background support for video calls.

09 Apr 2020


Zoom creates 'security council' to fight data privacy concerns

In light of growing privacy-related concerns, popular video-conferencing service Zoom has announced a new 'information security council and advisory board'.

06 Apr 2020


Man 'walks in' on himself in Zoom meeting. How exactly?

With video calls on the rise, it is not totally uncommon to see people walk in on virtual meetings.

05 Apr 2020


More than 15,000 private Zoom meetings leaked online: Details here

Zoom, the video conferencing service that shot to fame in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, is drawing flak for leaking private meetings of its users.

04 Apr 2020


Rivaling Zoom, Skype releases 'Meet Now' calling feature

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, the need to be connected virtually has become even more pronounced. Latching on that, Microsoft has released a new 'Meet Now' feature for Skype that allows you to easily set up and share a conference call with no sign-ups or downloads.

03 Apr 2020


#TechBytes: How to get the most out of Zoom

In the wake of the novel coronavirus crisis, video conferencing service Zoom has become the talk of the town.

02 Apr 2020


Now, Slack users can call those on Microsoft Teams

In the wake of the COVID-19 situation, work communication apps Slack and Microsoft Teams have become the focal point for many businesses.

02 Apr 2020


Zoom sued for covertly sending user data to Facebook

Zoom, the video conferencing app that shot to fame after billions were put on lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19, has been sued for sharing user data without permission.